: Disconnecting in game on PBE? Look here!
summoner: sleazyhoon gamemode: AR URF champion: Riven Skin: Championship Riven 2016 Spells: Flash, Ignite Ward Skin: Default https://pastebin.com/v12dubCB
: ARURF+ feedback goes [here](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/ahnE7e1W-get-ready-for-arurf-coming-to-patch-92)
thank you I just posted by feedback!
: Get ready for ARURF+: coming to patch 9.2
I will breakdown from my experience of 40+ AR URF games and give you feedback; Marquee Gameplay Changes: Reroll Bench - We’ve brought ARAM’s reroll bench to ARURF+. When you use a reroll, the champion you previously had will be sent to the bench and be selectable by any of your teammates, giving everyone more flexibility in what champion they choose to play. ------------------------------------------------------- This is okay. No Complaints here, just let us reroll twice each game maybe even 3 times, some players forget they can reroll and offer champions for other players who aren't to comfortable with the champion they got. Champion Cannon - Just outside each fountain is a champion cannon that you can jump in and use to launch yourself great distances across the map. The cannon can help you get to the action in an instant, but aim carefully—enemies will get a warning that you’re dropping in! ------------------------------------------------------- I would prefer using a cannon that aims for a spot within ally tower range, and within base. Also making yourself invulnerable while being shot out of the cannon would be nice, I've taken damage while flying from a Rumble ult in my path. There are still some visual bugs but nothing to game breaking. I've seen people get stuck inside cannon but they can remedy it by using an ability or pressing b. Epic Monsters - Baron now spawns at 10 minutes and grants both Baron buff AND Rift Herald when slain. Elemental Dragons have been replaced with a special URF’d Elder Dragon (who spawns at 6 minutes), and grants Elder buff as well as a stack of every single elemental dragon’s buff when defeated. ------------------------------------------------------- Elder Dragon buff is absurdly broken especially 6 minutes in. Makes the games really snowbally, especially when you're trying to make the game less snowbally by nerfing champions, sharing gold in lane etc. Rift Herald isnt too broken but Elder Dragon buff 6 minutes in the game is just the worst idea. Better Cooperative Laning - When minions die you get a chunk of gold whether you last hit them or not. Now you’ll be able to buy items and have fun even when your lane partner has much more waveclear, or when you both go for that minion kill and no one gets it. ------------------------------------------------------- I'm okay with this, removes the need for a support item pretty good overall. Golden Spatula Club (1250 RP) - This is a new club membership that lasts for the duration of the event. Joining grants you: 1 random individual skin boost every game 1 additional reroll each game (max allowed is still 2) 3 new randomized champion finishers (The more people on your team that are members, the fancier your finishers will be!) Special minion taunts ------------------------------------------------------- This might come off as pay-to-win by allowing an extra reroll. I would suggest part of the Golden Spatula Club would be to include a special Champion Loading border if possible. Have everyone (not just Golden Spatula Club) plays get 2 rerolls per game, more BE after game, reward them even more when more members play together. 650 RP will be perfectly fine for a Silver Spatula Membership and 1350 for Gold Spatula Membership, Gold members will keep the membership indefinitely while silver is until the event ends. Other Improvements: Outlier Champion Balance - We’ve made balance changes to the top 10 most powerful and least powerful champions from the last run of ARURF to try to rein in the outliers a bit. Nerfs: Sona - HP 480 -> 460, HP Lvl 77 -> 50, Armor 3.3 -> 3, Damage - 10% Karthus - HP 528 -> 450, HP Lvl 87 -> 65, Damage -15% Wukong - AD Lvl 4 -> 3, Base AD 68 -> 63, HP Lvl 85 -> 70, Damage - 10% Rumble - HP Lvl 85 -> 65, HP 589 -> 550, Damage - 10% Ryze - Damage - 10% Jax - HP 592 -> 550, HP Lvl 85 -> 60 Fiora - HP Lvl 85 -> 60, AS Lvl 3.2 -> 2.5 Zed - HP 582 -> 550, HP Lvl 85 -> 60, Damage - 10% ------------------------------------------------------- The Zed nerfs were perfect, hes not too oppressive in lane anymore. Maybe decreasing his Shadow E slow a bit more. ------------------------------------------------------- Karthus does a lot of damage still but thats just Karthus. ------------------------------------------------------- Wukong is finally has some counterplay but what made him really broken was his kit, press W into range for E then Q and repeat. Reducing his W would have done the trick. ------------------------------------------------------- Rumble is really strong but still in a good spot as of the moment. His shield is what made him strong not so much his damage. Pray you have an Irelia to tear through his shield. ------------------------------------------------------- Ryze snare is insane, pray you have someone with better range than him. ------------------------------------------------------- Jax still pretty strong but this was a good nerf overall ------------------------------------------------------- Fiora nerfs were really good too ------------------------------------------------------- Suggest nerfs: Yi Q, Vladimir W, Teemo Q damage, Galio initial burst damage, Garen W. Buffs: Tahm Kench - MS 335 -> 340, HP 538 -> 600, HP/Lvl 102 -> 120, Damage +20% Kalista - AD/lvl 3.6 -> 7, Damage +20% Rek'Sai - Health 570->600, HPLvl 85->100, ADLvl 3.35->4.5, Arm 33->38, ASLvl 2->3 Katarina - HPlvl 92->105, MS 340->345 Ornn - Health 565->600, HPLvl 95-105, MS 335->340 Evelynn - MS 335->345, Damage +10% Zac - HP/lvl 95->105, Arm 33->38, Arm/lvl 3.5->4.5. MRlvl 1.25->1.75 ------------------------------------------------------- Most noticable buff was Kalista damage, lethality Kalista is insane powerful, press Q E, kill, reset. ------------------------------------------------------- Evelynn still too weak ------------------------------------------------------- increase Zac's early health regen or remove health cost, since other champion don't lose anything for spamming abilities. ------------------------------------------------------- Suggest buffing: Yasuo (drop E recast time), Udyr+health and ms, Braum (reduce concussive blows recast time by 1 second), Ivern+health+damage, Kayle, Kled, Leona +health, Nunu+damage, Shen+health, Skarner+health, Yorick is fairly weak when paired with someone with good minion clear, making his Ghouls hard to utilize. No Champions Disabled - Sona, Ryze, Karthus, and Teemo are all playable! (We’ll be keeping an eye on them as well while ARURF+ is enabled). ------------------------------------------------------- Suggest keeping an eye on Vlad as well. Early Surrender - When you end up in those truly hopeless games, you can now unanimously surrender at 8 minutes, or normal surrender at 10 minutes. ------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for this, but instead of having to sit through 8 minutes of agony, give more rerolls, less chance of people dodging and getting on their second account. I've seen people quit as early as 4 minutes in. Maybe for each player thats disconnected drop the surrender timer and cooldown by 1 minute Early Homeguard - Homeguard is enabled from the start of the match. ------------------------------------------------------- This is okay, I know Hecarim was viable for this reason with taking TP. Still with the Cannon on this map its almost useless. Bonus Tower Damage - Rip down enemy structures a bit faster with our newest tweak to URF’s Awesome Buff of Awesomeness. ------------------------------------------------------- This is okay too. Removed Teleport - Since other things like homeguard and the cannon make map movement much easier, we’ve disabled teleport to help everyone focus on combat-oriented Summoner Spells. ------------------------------------------------------- Bring Teleport back as a refillable item like corrupting pot when you back to base. Makes the game faster paced. Or make a teleporting booth instead of a cannon to remove the stun/knock up animation. Keep same range as normal cannon does, or reduce it to just under Ally turret. Please leave suggestions and reasoning
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: Sorry about that :D I posted that comment before I knew we needed to disable it. lol; But yeah! if you have any new feedback for the SFX, let me know! :3 :3
Cannon SFX does sound a bit better, I also really like the new color of the grass! If this game mode gets as much attention as nexus blitz did for cosmetics like the nexus blitz poro. I would suggest cosmetic flair for the cannons when shot from them and landing debris (SKT T1 Logo when landing, etc)
: We made a change to the sound that hopefully will make it less intrusive! If you play today, let me know if you notice any difference :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
is there an ETA on when AR URF will be re-released for testing? {{sticker:cass-cry}} edit: Its back on Live testing, will give feedback on Cannon FX
: reported bug already but Gragas in Nexus Blitz on Live servers has this issue where if he lands his E ability its cooldown is reduced by 4 seconds meaning you can instantly cast it again after hitting a champion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWngZ7HWfok&feature=youtu.be
just dont think Its healthy to release a gamemode into live servers. Please disable gragas and give live servers AR URF :) - everyone
: Nexus Blitz - Bug report Megathread
reported bug already but Gragas in Nexus Blitz on Live servers has this issue where if he lands his E ability its cooldown is reduced by 4 seconds meaning you can instantly cast it again after hitting a champion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWngZ7HWfok&feature=youtu.be
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: You need to be more selective in your pbe testers riot
People enter PBE with the mentality that they won't get reported, or banned from PBE. Reports do get through. And players do get banned. Suggest just muting and carrying on. Save screenshots and send in a player support ticket. A Rioter will gladly help you :)
: I would agree on most of this. I have seen games where the Dark Harvester was 1/2 of Most peoples Electrocute and then games where the DH was 2x. It shows that those that know how to use it gain and those that dont loose. Tho at 45+ minutes if they both have about the same kills they are doing about the same damage. Lethal Tempo on the other had is broken on Master Yi. Good Master Yi's have no counter other then 2-3 stuns with a fed DPSer. The Life Steal healing is just STUPID we are talking 1k healing per second. Now for the PBE accounts. I disagree with a Rank or Honor gate. But I do agree with a low reported for bad behavior main account and maybe so many Ranked games. PBE needs all swaths of skilled players. It also needs to clear out the bad behavior accounts. Ever since Riot opened up the PBE to other countries the trolls and afkers have gone way up sadly. I even learned to recognize the "FU" in a few languages I didnt know before.
All I have to say is when this hits live, its going to be really fun for skilled players. Eventually the toxicity will be weeded out, mines was just a suggestion and I do agree we do need all swaths of players. Especially with this patch thats focused on Runes, something accessible by all players.
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: the reason you want the requirements increased again is wayyyy different than the reason they reduced the requirements in the first place. You see, they need testers. Making it worse for everybody just so a group of people can't get in is just stupid, and counterproductive. This is a stupid change. You're here to test, not worry about how that one guy was mean to you. Just report/mute them and move on w/ your life. Yes, the recent level of toxicity is unreal, but it STILL doesn't matter nor does it warrant a change.
A lot of people seem to forget the purpose of the PBE, its about testing the patch before it goes live. I've gotten into many games with the intentions of testing things and I get flamed.. I tell them its PBE testing, I simply ask for cooperation but they don't understand or don't want too, they're simply too focused on winning. The current environment isn't healthy enough for testing and I only offered a suggestion to RIOT that people who are compliant are typically higher honor leveled. Riot has more toxic players in their PBE currently than people who want to test bugs... or look for bugs. It wouldn't make it worse, it would make it better for the PBE testers if the player/tester base had a more positive attitude. Having players who aren't willing to test is the most counterproductive thing I can imagine.
: OT: Riot-Rejected PBE Login Screen Patch 7.22
[](https://gyazo.com/c91e90cabfed2b8f1043dd374736f9a4) hope you guys like my proposition for a pbe login screen {{champion:121}} https://gyazo.com/c91e90cabfed2b8f1043dd374736f9a4
: Uhmm, well, i just don't get why people don't like the idea of being have to play champs they didn't played? On my live account i have gotten Nami on an ARAM game and couldn't reroll or trade her. Interestingly, i like her during that game, then i decided i should give her a try on the Rift, results were pretty decent. After digging on her lore and playing some more, i was heavily in love with her, now i have over 100k points on Nami, my very dear champ:) Why telling all that, cuz even us people don't like the idea doesn't mean it's a bad idea. And now, since we have lots of new players who didn't get every single champ on live(me being one of them) it might actually be useful to ask about their ideas. I got Azir on an ARAM game(PBE) with no experience with him, and now i think he is one pretty interesting champ to play(difficult as hell btw xd). So, as my feedback, it would be great to have it on live, at least for a limited amount of time as an event. I believe most people will find new mains or close-to-mains as i got Nami. So plz Banf, tell them to give it a try, at least as a limited event :)
Its very circumstantial, some players will have a great time trying new champions and some people will just not TRY at all with the champ they are given even thought thats the whole point of ARAM, its all random. To take away the random aspect pretty much makes it a whole new game. The same reason people like playing Poro King, you get to pick and ban champions, and its on Howling Abyss. Its hard to please a whole playerbase. So far the 2 reroll ARAM points per game is a god send by Riot, and its gotten positive feedback but there are a few bugs.
: So Urfwick skin doesn't need testing?
Im going to let you guys in on a secret, if theres a skin that you really want to test, I would suggest buying the champion and then using the "buy mystery skin" chest as it gives you no dupes. If you only own warwick, you will eventually get URFwick skin... There is a purchase limit for the mystery skin bonus but do what you gotta do.
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: I think most of us people contributing to the pbe in some way are fully aware that bugsplats are a common thing, I'm ok with someone being afk because of bugs but it's afkers ragequitting or running it down mid with mobi boots that are a super common thing right now also super toxic brazilians and latinamericans, I can perfectly understand both spanish and portuguese and they say some TRULY TRULY AWFUL STUFF, like tyler1 tier stuff
yeah a lot of foreign players have slipped through. Some are quite nice and I enjoy having them in my game. I believe they are as toxic as the average league player. I believe this is because when you signed up for PBE it wasn't NA exclusive. Maybe in the near future when Riot has the time and money they will invest into PBE servers for every region. This will help them find bugs more quickly almost exponentially faster. And Tyler1 is no longer toxic please don't disgrace Tyler1's reputation.
: Toxicity on PBE
Riot should increase the requirement to Honor Level 5, being able to maintain it, and be at least Gold V.
: Personally, so long as the teams aren't overly unbalanced in ARAM (one team is full melee and the other Lux, Varus. Velkoz, Sona, Blitz for example) then the game can still be fun, and there's always the chance the dc/afk rejoins. Remakes were initially added to ranked queues to avoid people losing LP and MMR due to someone not connecting to the game and subsequently losing that game. If someone doesn't doesn't connect during a normal game then if you and your team do not want to waste your time attempting to fight a 4v5 then you have the choice to open and allow the enemy team to win faster, much faster than waiting for the 15 minute surrender vote. If your team continues to play then that is them choosing to play the 4v5 and you should attempt to play through it too. In any case it's your choice as a team whether to "waste" 15 minutes or try and still win.
understandable but I think Riot just implemented a 2 Rerolls per game system, just incase you were given an all melee comp or you got kindred. I see your point but why open mid when I can just save 5 - 8 minutes of mid being pushed in when my team can just type /remake, and end it on a vote. Again just a suggestion, if Normals and Ranked has it why not other game modes?
: Its not because they 'reward you for using them correctly' they reward you for as Riot said, when they removed devourer and feral flare 'ignoring your team' and 'becoming the only star of the show' as well as 'encouraging a unfun playstyle for others on your team' being the one with feral flare, its a lot of fun to use, in fact its pretty much the only rune I have used, ive been using it on every champ I can think would be good with it just to see if it works, and let me tell you, killing people with litterally 1 Q from miss fortune, its fun as hell. Playing against that though? not fun. Playing with someone on your team that is doing that? Still not fun. When someone on your team is able to do this they spend their entire time trying to get stacks, and when they do finally have enough stacks you feel like an extra, just another body to take shots while they get to be the main character.
so kinda like an ADC.... they get to be the main character in a fight. I dont see the issue here. I have yet to be in a game where someone with Dark Harvest just completely wiped my team. I play with 5 man groups and randoms and we always strategize before we tackle someone one with dark harvest. They literally have to stack souls, you can use this to your advantage and hover over those souls to harass them. Just like any other stacking mechanic it has its weakness, and if you can't play around it find another strategy. If you want Dark Harvest to be nerfed so the souls disappear in a shorter amount of time that seems fair, maybe even make it that so if you ARE stacking the souls you are working overtime for the souls, for e.g. roaming even when it doesn't end in a kill for you stick around and claim the soul from the minion wave. It seems like it was made to reward aggressive play so maybe make it appear less common in minions.
: Mecha Kha'zix Chroma
You get 3 refunds on PBE, feel free to use them as you see necessary.
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