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: New Yasuo Skin
That is not a bug he is supposed to face down and the the right a bit when he uses his dance.
: Did u buy the bundle for the rune?
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: Hydra
I as well could not use hydra on the new rift
: Is this on the new Summoner's Rift?
yes in the new rift dragon and baron do not attack any champions allied or foe
: nidalee spear width
I am in 100% agreement the rest of nidalee's kit requires her to at least hit a spear for her cougar form to be used to its full potential the spears are almost laughably hard to hit especially on a champ who is actively trying to dodge. I believe the increase to 45 is just and will almost perfect her new kit.
: Runes Bug
But I have already purchased the max number of seals you can, and still I am unable to use any other seal that i purchase.
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: Team Builder Bugs!
The invite button dose not show up in the lobby. I have to right click the person in my friends list then select invite to game button. The button reapers when friends join lobby.
: Team Builder Bugs!
Wish you could specify what kind of bot lane you are looking for Marksman,or support.


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