: Does Shift+Enter still work?
Yes, it does, but alot players that plays on pbe ask me how to write to all chat because they removed the all chat buttom on the in game chat
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: Were you the one in game with me? If so I can link my post/the screenshot I have. Happy testing, -Donger {{champion:74}}
Oh, sorry for not replying, i'm really sorry, i think it was me. But can you link the post/the screenshot?
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: Can't log in
I waited more then 5 hours and now i finally got in!! If this happens everytime i want to log in, this is srly **** sick!!!
: ryze w cd bug
Yeah, i recently played ryze and i can tell that it's really messy because you think the w is up but it isn't. The bug one the w made me lose teamfights all the time. It's really something you guys should check into!
: Shaco's ap dmg on his e
so you think it's okey that shaco can one shot you in normal games and take 0 dmg?? it's that what you are saying, because if you think that why don't give back ahri's dmg and everyone else their dmg back, lets the assasins one shot you. You shouldn't one shot someone and take 0 dmg, his q lets him go away after he one shoted you.
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: Hey sinneeed, Looks like someone dimmed the lights >.> Thanks for the report - we'll look into it.
Oh, thank you, i didn't really like how it was, i'm glad that u guys are going to fix it! :D
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