: Unfortunately, players with internet connections DCing are still ruining the entire match for 4-9 other players in the game. Think about your own experiences with a leaver and being forced to play 4v5: do you feel better or is the game enjoyable because you know the player left due to a DC?
I agree with you on that. I've played on Skype with some buddies and one of us will lose internet connection and it feels frustrating to DC. It does stink and you pray you can reconnect, but I feel like I would be punished for something I can't control. I would love for Mediacom my internet company to get punished instead of my account haha. First world problems right?
: While trying to prevent people from leaving sounds like an issue, how is this system going to filter out people with internet connection problems. It would really stink if someone were to be punished just because their internet decided to go out one day. So my question is how strict are we talking about, how often does this need to happen to take effect, and is it going to take into account AFK reports to hopefully give more tolerance to people with poor connection.
I'm with you buddy. Every once in a while my internet will mess up and this scares me.
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