: Is possible to give her a LITTLE delay on the ult?! Like she throws her little peluche and when the peluche falls on the ground BOOM Tibbers appears (like 0.5/0.75 secs of delay, just enough to use a barrier or flashing away, a minimal counterplay ). Making this change will MAYBE give more room on her to makes some buffs or items that fit on her without the classic "omg Annie so OP no counter play", also this will give more healthiness to the game and to her playstyle. You still can stun with Q or W, but you need to be near and probably is not so easy to stun 4 people with a W to make them standing still waiting for the Tibbers, but if you manage to do something like this...you feel PRO xD Is just a question/opinion, i'm here to have some answers, nothing more! :) And sorry for some eventually grammar mistakes :D
I would like to add {{summoner:1}} is still a spell to take in lane vs Annie. Also range is a big thing on here and she is very predictable so there is some counter play just not a lot.
: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
I am curious to why you guys are not doing anything for mages agaist health stacking tanks? as well as I am afraid that ap mages will fall behind ad assassins and perma-pushers like mordekaiser (I know he's not ad) or Zed . Since mana regen is abysmal with this update how are you fixing mages with high mana costs like Diana? I also have a problem with the zhonya's active cooldown being nerfed, I have a feeling that AD assassins are going to obliterate mages over and over to the point where they won't have a huge influence on games. (maybe you can elaborate on zhonya's active.)


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