: tried kayle out on the practice tool, and I noticed that if you cast W on an ally out of range, the spell will just cast automatically and not heal the ally instead of having kayle walk into range so she can heal the ally. very strange, and probably not intended; would like it so she actually walks in range first so the ally can get the heal. edit: also seems like E aoe applies on hit effects (or at least red buff), but it doesn't crit (including the base auto), yet the passive waves are able to crit? seems weirdly unsynergistic with a crit variant of kayle
E is literally just an on hit effect for your next auto attack. Just like q for nasus and other similar skills.
: My suggestion would be to make her e last for 5 seconds or so. So sha can kinda still abuse range in a way kayle does now
What if they removed the passive part of e and then made it last like 3 attacks or something like that instead. Not sure of that makes it too strong or not as you get a blade of the rune king effect for the next three attacks at range. Early wouldn't be that bad but late game e would be terrifying damage wise.
: Kayle Gameplay Feedback + PBE changelogs
I know some of this have been said many times but it needs to be said. I love the ideology of kayle. She was the first character I unlocked on my first account long ago but I never play her because the game is currently too fast for her. As others have said her early game is so disgustingly bad now that there is no way you ever get to a point you can carry the game unless its bronze and everyone just let's you free farm. So.....(copy pasted from my reddit post) As everyone knows by now, early game kayle is less than a ranged minion and late game she is literally a god. Everyone is worried that one - her early game is too weak and two - her power spikes at 11 and 16 are too strong. So I suggest two changes. Suggestion One was suggested by someone else who I cannot remember but they still get the credit: Switch lvl 6 and lvl 11 passive assencions. This will make your autos ranged at lvl 6 and aoe at 11 which is a much smoother transition of power as the idea is that your autos become increasingly stronger the longer the game goes. Going from melee, to ranged, to ranged aoe after 5 attacks, going to ranged aoe true damage with permanent 50% as. Suggestion 2: add a reset farming mechanic to e. It's supposed to be an execute, so let it work very similar to annies little fire ball where a portion of mana and CD are refunded on kill. Or at least on minion kill. This will help her farm but not necessarily fight early levels. And if you miss a minion you suffer from full cd and mana consumption and now have to sit back or possibly die as you would have to farm as a melee till level 6. Increase the cooldown to compensate for the reset making it even more punishing if you miss the reset while trying to farm pre-level 6. So tell me what you guys think.


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