: Surrender
Yes please. Last time this mode was out my team was being spawn camped by a galio before ~12 min. Of course the enemy team wouldn't end, right. We got to endure almost 10 min of that bullshit. No one wants be, or should be, stuck in a shitty game unnecessarily, particularly if it's meant to be a fun thing.
: Taking way too long to login -,-
the PBE server is much smaller then any other server. With all the ppl flocking here to play URF (even though it comes on the live servers in like two weeks) a bunch of us can't even get on. I've been trying since yesterday.
: Very long login time
Yeah, i keep wanting to test out these new AP item changes, but the severs are so overloaded (b/c of urf, I'm guessing) that I haven't been able to get past the login q since yesterday. :/
: League of Legends Client Crashing But Still up
I have the same issue. Doesn't matter if I launch it through Steam or not.
: 5 DJ sona problems
1: The toggle is mapped to Ctrl+5. if you have your laugh/dance/w/e mapped to a key different then the default, I suggest moving her toggle to Ctrl+4 (if you can move that toggle, i do hope so). 3: I agree with this point: this is a problem I have with any of the synth voices in game (battlecast comes to mind). 5: Using any of the emotes will generally interrupt what you are doing, save recalling.
: [DJ Sona Feedback] Any chance of matching animations to the tempo of her music?
I was just about to make a post about this. EDIT: UGH it deleted the rest of my post. her head bop in particular sticks out: It is in line with Kinetic, can work with Concussive, but is sorely out of line with Ethereal. It's jarring to play the latter because of it. Right now the most complete "mode" is Kinetic.
: DJ Sona proporitions need a bit touching up / Facemask mention
I totally agree with the mask; if you're going to go down the "sexy android EDI" path just fucking do it. Just go full object thing on us, perfect excuse, really. *cough* sorry cynicism carrying through, but I think you're on point with this post. I'm fine with her proportions until her hips start tapering to her knees (I headcanon her as pretty curvy), that's a really common problem with many of the fem champs' models that needs to be fixed and stopped. Filling out her mask would be a great idea imho. Gives into a visual theme of voicelessness and needing to communicate through other means: sign, gestures, body language, that big ass face mask, telepathy, ect. + would give the skin a better, complete look overall.
: PBE - the empty server
Honestly? I don't see the point anymore. I came here to give feedback on the new champs and skins, bugs when I see them, but I only feel like the bugs are being listened to. After quite a few people gave thought out and respectful criticism for Atlantean Syndra and I don't think Riot did anything with it nor actually listened to it. It's hard not to feel jaded after that. And really? I don't have to play pbe to get these updates, surrender@20 is there if I want to see things ahead of time and I don't have to waste my time yelling into the vacuum that is this forum because my focus is going to continue to be on character design (it's what i want to do with my life, why wouldn't I focus it?) and it doesn't seem like there's a point to that right now. Anyway, this is my reasoning behind not being active on the server, I'm a little salty and I doubt it applies to anyone else, but there you are.
: Yeah, it's a picky subject. Back in the beginning, probably around season 2, the art team was doing consistent splash arts with the same techniques, same texturing, and it looked really good as a whole collection, splashes like Fiora, Rengar, Darius. The new skins that came with Hecarim's release, onward up until Ziggs were classy and very well-done. I'm gonna say, middle or end of season 3 and onwards, Riot started doing the re-works and doing all sorts of bullshit changes. All the good artists were moved to different departments I'm guessing, or they left the company, and now everything plain sucks. Remember Morgana's old splash art? And look at the new one they gave her. It's hilarious that someone actually got paid to make that, let alone said that it needed to be changed. As it stands, it's almost like the splash art team is being run by two people; one guy who actually does his best to stick to the older style, like Warring Kingdom's Xin Zhao, and one guy that makes everything fru-fru and shiny, and spends 90% of his time doing skin highlighting (making everything bubbly and shiny and happy) than actually making the champs look good and proportionate; Sivir's Snowdown skin is a perfect example of that two-bit production. As for the skins themselves, they started getting dumber and dumber around Elise's release. So between the splashes and the actual skins, I don't know who's worse. Which **sucks**, because I was really looking forward to Syndra's third skin, just like 80% of the PBE testers were. I'll say it again: the current art team does whatever the hell they want, and it's pretty bullshit. Spend your money on food instead of a crap skin like this. You could probably get away with a steak and a baguette for the price of Atlantean Syndra. Nerf the current art team, buff some new talent.
I've only been playing since October, so all of these changes happened before I started playing and I've only been exposed to the newer artist really. This does not mean I approve. It really grates me that, like you said, someone is actually getting paid to make things like Morg's current splash or Snowstorm Sivir's. Seems like they're trying to make the art pretty for the larger fanbase but they ended up losing actual quality. I even saved RP specifically for this skin when it first came out on pbe because I had high hopes for it and was so excited but I *really *regret it at this point, I'm going to spend it on older skins unless they do a pretty significant overhaul. They don't seem to be worried about putting something good or even slightly dignified out. I've been hearing the excuse that syndra has a small amount of fans so less people will care, like that justifies refusing to make something worthwhile and then disregarding feedback. Taking your advice and not spending anymore money on this sounds like a good plan.
: Please, stop saying that majority doesn't like it, because that's not true. This skin is just not worth (except particles) 1350 RP at the moment, that's all.
Apologies, I'm only operating off what little feedback I've seen here and more often then not it's asking for more work to be done on this skin. I've only seen on thread saying how they think it's prefect and ready for live, the rest are like this one.
: [Feedback] Atlantean Syndra is not up to par.
I'm pretty sure I've already shouted my feedback into a void but I agree with you, completley. She needs to be taken back into the workshop, imo. At this point I feel pretty slighted and riled up because Riot doesn't seem to be listening to the majority of us who don't like where this skin is. I'm pretty disappointed with the splash arts at the moment as well, but that's a whole different discussion.
: I don't understand why there's a PBE if Riot isn't going to take their players, or in this case customers seriously anyway. The art team has no discipline. It's understandable to ignore a few dudes who don't like a specific thing about the game, but to ignore THAT many people who are pleading for a skin to NOT be extremely disappointing, stating MANY times over that the skin isn't creative enough? Pretty poor in taste. I just logged in to see the "changes" made to the Syndra skin after being taken down for two weeks, and literally nothing changed. This goes to show that skin designers spend more time drinking coffee and playing ping-pong in the office than actually doing their job. TWO weeks, and what, you alter some coloring? Pretty mediocre. If the art team wants to continue to produce garbage and ignore the people who genuinely WANT to buy their skins, let them. All of the talented artists left Riot a long time ago.
I'm inclined not to ruin this comment with a reply BUT I completely agree with you (except the artists leaving riot a long time ago, i haven't been here that long so i don't know) and I can't believe they aren't doing better with the higher percentage of feedback being negative (at least i feel like it's mostly negative). Honestly, I feel a little jilted with this skin as a Syndra fan... compared to other skins that are coming out right now and seems like a rip for 1350 RP.
: u have solid points there pal.. too bad riot is probably not going to change anything now. THey scrapped it and this is like their final version as it seems. sad panda is sad.
Yeah :/ I'm shouting into a void at this point, i think. It's sad, i was really looking forward to this skin.
: i am just gonna stick with my justicar syndra. People need to realise that a new skin isnt supposed to outclass an old skin. It depends on the likes of each person. Riot despite all the feedback that got from ppl decided not to do something about the punny ultimate sound which is a complete letdown for me. So yeah, this is it, some people like it other not.
I understand that, and I'm not expecting it to. However, I want it to at least live up to the standards of the previous skins, at this point it's not. I don't want this skin to end up in the same category as Amethyst Ashe: great concept, poor execution and I want to weep when I see it.
: She's supposed to live underwater. Armor, or even any clothing that isn't very tight to the skin, significantly slows you down while you're underwater. Not to mention that it's freaking uncomfortable. Syndra, a mobile non-physical fighter with huge range,would wear as little mobility-restricting clothing as she could. Unlike her basic skin (my second least favorite behind Miss Fortune and her noodle arms), the Atlantean skin makes sense. There's no ridiculous, heavy, miniskirt in the process of falling off, or a metal chestpiece that's does the job of push-up bra better than the job of actual freaking armor. Syndra's basic skin is full of things that make no sense and are there only to make her look pretty. Her Atlantean skin is more minimalist than our culture usually thinks is appropriate, but it makes sense for the situation.
Oh my god, I could go on about the shitty female armor in this game, because most of it is not only impractical but dumb looking. (boobplate, minskirts, heels, ect) So, if seems like we're talking about practicality here so: Before I start I would like to say that high moblity battle wear doesn't mean *wearing less*; it means wearing light weight armor/clothes that can be easily moved around in. Wearing something that exposes vital organs and arteries is never, **never **a good idea. Her outfit is actually rather poor for moblity, atm. If we're talking about movement underwater she would need to be wearing something *much *more streamlined: Her headpeice would need to be removed or minimized significantly, her skirt with the flappy bit would also need to be removed in favor of something sleeker, something would need to be done with her hair lest it get caught on things or get in the way. Overall she would need to be in a wetsuit or something of the like. Have you seen Fizz's Atlatean skin? He is wearing *armor*. But syndra? She gets borderline lingere. I'm not asking for her to be in full plate or a super ornate outfit, I'm asking for her not to be sexulized for no reason and given shitty reasons for said sexulization.
: I'm not sure I understand what you're asking for. Care to expand? I just wish they would do something about the skin tone (blue is really odd). If it were human coloured skin the contrast with her clothing would work much better and the entire skin would end up looking much cleaner, or rather less strange. Anything beyond that such as not covering her face with a helmet again would be a bonus.
I'm asking for non-lingerie joke armor/clothes for a totally badass mage (her current design looks silly atm); to move away from further adding to the whole "*pervasive trends of how media depicts women almost exclusively in objectifying ways and offers no alternative to this objectification*" thing. Sorry for not making that clearer I've been a little foggy this afternoon. I think I agree with you on the skin. I love blue but I feel like it's an overload of blue hues, adding some contrasting/different colors would be great. I think they're trying to make her fit her set 'silhouette' (large head piece that covers her face, long side skirts.) Though, it could be like Kayle and say her helmet is a set part of her and then remove it for nearly all of her skins? idk.
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: Try a custom game with Nami and try ^^ I don't have fire anyway, so it should be fine. If for some weird reason it isn't (which is raaaaaaare), repair your client ^^
Well, it's not happening anymore (yay), so i guess it was just a once in 100 games bug. thank you!
: My Short Feedback: She is to wet :p
That joke is already old.
: [Sound Effects][Feedback]-Atlantean Syndra
I feel the same way about the sounds, it feels/sounds so soft for what you're doing and how much damage you'll do. Sounds that reflect the *power *of the ocean: waves crashing on rocks, the deep roll of water under the surface. Syndra's a proverbial storm; tuning into the water element should reflect that in sound... and otherwise.
: [Planned 4.5 or 4.6] Summoner Spell and Enchantment Changes
I really like all of these changes. Was a little iffy about the heal until I tried it out myself: we end up with a bit more of a burst heal and is great for laning phase sustain. I can't wait to take it on Raka and have people hate me *even more*. The speed boost on heal is a fantastic idea and works phenomenally in tight spots. Overall, I think this will make Heal viable in game! <3 The boot changes are my favorite part of this. The homeguard needed this change, the alacrity will help my Zyra build, I hope I see furor more often now (particularly on ADCs), and the captian will be easier to get on my supports and even be more useful. Hopefully, we'll see more enhancement types with these changes!
: Atlantean Syndra [feedback]
Visual section updated. > Not a fan of the green color change atm. Mostly in terms of the gold/metal bits. They end up looking pretty washed out, even if they look better with the green then the orginal color. Overall, I do like the previous coloring more. The 3/19 coloring seems to have more variation to in terms of color, while the 3/20 one seems to have a green film over it. (this being said, i do like the 3/20 coloring, i just happen to like the previous one a little bit more.) > > It also makes the male stripper thong/Kill la Kill thing you've got on her (that was praying wasn't what i thought it was) much more obvious and causes more side eye then I think i'm actually capable of. I think i would end up being okay with the boob window if she just didn't have the man-shlong-holder... or whatever you want to call it.
: Were those squares that looked like the Ignite summoner spell?? In that case it was some weird once-in-100-games bug. Something went wrong when the game was loaded and some particles have been changed to the Ignite (or sometimes Flash) summoner spell. Next game it will be normal water again ^^
I think so yeah. I really hope so, because that was by far the most distracting thing ever.
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: Team Builder is coming back to the PBE select times from 2/14 until 2/21!
I'm still wondering how premades and draft type would work with this system. Will premades even be available to join the queue with, or is it for creating groups only? I''m guessing if this is introduced for draft each team captain would pick their bans and the system would pick out teammates and an enemy team that jives with it? I could see a lot less variation in bans at this point, and a lot of repeat bans (Kassadin scare, even though I've never seen a good Kass haha) or a hard time finding groups due to the same ban being chosen over and over again.
: [BOTS] Updated Bots Feedback Thread
I've noticed that bots are starting to destroy my wards if I place them within their tower range and they can be seen. I've yet to test this with pinks but if this is intended it would make me and other players place our wards a little intelligently while in bot game (if they even bother.) I've also noticed a lot of aggro issues around turrets still. Particularly just outside of bot turret at the cliff between the river and the tri bush. Most noticeably a Jax bot paced there while I whittle down his health as Nami, he only ran when my lane partner came from the river (I still ended up killing him.) Bots are also continually running under enemy turrets, giving us really easy kills and gold. Example: I'm low health and I have a Shyvana and Jarvan in my lane, my jungler comes in and together, we bait them into the jungle when we go back to my turret. They followed and as soon as we hit the turret range they mindlessly run through the middle of the lane and my turret to get back to their side, handing me a double kill. Fiddlesticks has done the same thing with his ult. And Shyvana has done this at top repeatedly. Caitlyn has a habit of pausing her auto attacks at the outer bot tower when someone is coming through the tri-bush, waiting for them.
: 4.3 Itemization Update [Update - 2/19/2014]
I have not been using the Boots of lucidity for CDR, the items I get on supports give me more then enough CDR. Instead of those I get roaming boots. I thought initially thought the movement nerf to the Boots of Mobility was stupid, after playing with it the lowered cost allowed me to roam better earlier and it didn't effect my play nearly as much as I thought it would. I would still like a small base moment boost from upgrading (maybe a +5) but even if it weren't to happen I would still be happy with this change. The gold income items were another thing I was iffy about but again, I really liked the changes when I started playing. Having the stored charges for the spellthief's edge is great for when my jungler comes in for ganks or when we decided to push lanes, I get more gold then before, it pays off even more if we're successful, and I end up seeing much more impact from my item then the current live version.
: Anyone know their stuff on Vel'Koz? (What to max first/build first) Poll included
I too max W first. I've been building Chalice -> Rabadons -> Athene's for the cooldown -> Liandrys/void staff. Not really that different from my other blaster lists. Some boots in there sometime. Though honestly, I haven't been running out of mana fast enough for me to need a chalice until I start ulting.
: new to pbe trouble
This should help you: http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/site-feedback/031P2FJX-updated-faq-public-beta-environment
: Vel'Koz should be female.
Sorry for the second comment, but I figured I should comment on topic as well. I think having Vel'Koz be female or possibly non-gendered would be *awesome*. I was pretty let down when I saw they had gendered Vel to male. I'm pretty much in the same boat with you.
: Personally I feel we have too many female champions to begin with. So let a few male champions get in the game. They have worked so hard for Vel'koz as it is. Would be kinda silly after posting all about Vel'koz now to just change it.
"I feel we have too many female champions to begin with" That's a joke right? I mean male champs outnumber female champs 2:1. Not to mention there are no female void champs, as far as I know.
: New in-progress skin: Heartseeker Ashe (Up for testing!)
So, far my only qualm with this skin is that from below the bust down, it ends up looking like a recolor; i think it's due to the cape and skirt, which are the same as her vanilla model. However, I will say that i LOVE the color scheme for her. The purples enforce her royal status and reds compliment the purples. The bow looks great as well, but I'm a fan of pointy things on bows. I've heard a few people complain about her hair, but I like it. A lot. And I don't... think i'm going to comment on the splash art. Overall, I really like the in game model and particle effects, the colors on her work really well though it struck me as a recolor upon first trying it. However, I think it's still one of her better skins in game, close to the caliber of Woad Ashe (personal taste, it's the only skin of hers I really like.)
: [Suggestion] Add ward counter for total amount of wards placed
I actually really like this idea, it would let me have an in game idea of how I'm doing with wards (not to mention the rest of my team) rather then having to use wardscore. Though, I'm pretty sure the numbers for my mmr level would be pretty dismal overall.
: The Team Builder
Well, I'm pretty sure the PBE server is pretty small and can barley handle the amount it has now (considering how many connection issues occur). Not to mention everyone and their mothers wants top. I found support gigs within 5 min (sometimes 3 within 5 min because the captain kept leaving), gave up top queue after ~10. but really, 7 min on PBE is pretty common no matter what queue you're in imho. I draw or pet my dogs while I wait. (edit) running into the same people all the time is also kinda cool i think, that only really happens in smaller communities.
: Too much IP to get RP
I think I'm in the same boat, still haven't gotten my weekly stipend even though I only have 25RP with nothing left to buy but RP only things so... Feels like i should have horded my RP a little bit. I really think that the RP and IP should be given separately (program wise), then together. Like, instead of UserNameRP < 20000 AND UserNameIP < 80000 or die| AddedRP = 20000-UserNameRP AND AddedIP = 80000-UserNameIP| More, UserNameRP < 20000| AddedRP = 20000 - UserNameRP| UserNameIP < 80000| AddedIP = 80000-UserNameIP ...or something. Boolean logic rather then nested, I think? Yeah, i'm probably just pulling shit out of my ass, my code was never great and i have no idea how complicated the actual operation is. Regardless, pretty sure it's on Riot to do anything about it.
: Glad to see this was reported and is being fixed. Just wrecked him mid as Kat and all he could do was sit and charge spell =/
I had the same experience as Ahri. It was kinda funny until he let me destroy him while he was rooted in his ult :/
: {Skin Idea} YEAR OF THE HORSE (Hecarim)
I think you underestimate how long it takes to make whole new skins :/. (coding, modeling, splash art, not to mention actually coming up with the skin idea) While I'll be a little disappointed if there's isn't a new skin for Hecarim this year I'm not going to ask for a whole new skin in 15 days.
: There was an overload spike at a certain point. Maybe you are mentioning that. I have no clue what really happened... It could be a malicious DoS... But that's just me speculating, though.
It was at about the mid point of testing the second day, so it might have been a spike. I came into this fully expecting issues with the severs though.
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: Team Builder nearly perfect but...
I can see the changing champions during the lobby being abused quite easily. I main support and I don't generally play supports like Thresh and Blitz (i don't even have them), and I get a lot flack for not doing so to the point where queues have been dodged. While it would be really easy to search for another group, negative experiences like that are very... discouraging. As it stands now, I'm going to play whom I want and no one can bitch about it because my champ was already selected by the team captain. (for me it's mostly about taking a lot of the anxiety out of queuing up, which the TB does atm.) I completely understand where that comes from though, wanting to create better lanes, or realizing that *you have no tank* and someone is willing to change (though the latter would be wholly the team captain's fault). In the end, getting good captain who has a decent understanding of a balanced team and well synergizing lanes is ace. I'm guessing it will be a lot easier to do this in the live environment where there are waaay more people. I completely agree with your second point, it would sure be nice to be able to tool around the client while you're waiting without having the music on all the time.
: It seems to be nearly ready to go live, actually. Last time I tried it, I was unable to find unknown bugs but still... I didn't test all its features.
The feature seems pretty polished, there really are just a few things missing imho before it could go live and be successful. The only real problem I came across was the consistent dc's during loading screen or in the lobby itself. Though that could very well be blamed on the small server, I don't claim to know about servers and how they work, I just know a lot of people had problems actually getting into games. I'm sure they'll have another test window or two, and I really hope I'm still in rotation for them.
: There's no such thing as duos with TB. You start as a leader and invite ppl then get solos or you go solo and you are placed inside a team.
Oooh, okay. I don't really have any friends on PBE to test out with so, you know, curious; thank you for letting me know. I'm curious to know how it *would *work though, if the TB is to go live (which I'm really hoping it does at this point.)
: maximum number of runes reached... but not all runes unlocked
Yeeeeeahh, I'm still melting runes because i did the *same damn thing*.
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: [Suggestion] Hexakill surrender
I totally agree. In every game I've played of Hexakill one of the teams ends up dominating and stomping all over the face of the other. *That's* not really enjoyable or fun, though the game mode can be.
: Actually it's from his Q, it's a placeholder effect that shwos the debuff on the champion.
Oh, that solves that then. Thank you!
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: [Champion Select] - Black Screen
This happens to me every time someone dodges. :/ I'm pretty sure that's what's happening, anyway. Everytime it does, I have to restart my client. This becomes a real issue in PvP games, as there's a dodger at least 50% of the time.
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