: AR Poroking ruins the fun
I agree! If I wanted play with random champs at Howling Abyss, I'd just play ARAM - there at least I'd have summoner's spells. And since Riot have been abandoned the alternative modes (RIP Ascension), it's kinda annoying that we only have the Summoner's Rift mode to actually PICK our champions. Sometimes we just want a quick and fun game, without having to compromise too much but with the possibility of choosing the champs we will play.
: Aurelion sol is way to strong and needs a nerf in TFT
I guess ASOL should be tier 5 instead tier 4. There are many comps that maybe would have a chance if they were completed, like Glacial, Noble, or even Imperial. But you don't even have a chance to get there because ASOL it's all over the decks way too earlier than Anivia, Swain, or Kayle. I was winning undefeated with a comp very random but strong (ninja + knight + yordle + gunslinger) until the second place bought an ASOL. I went from 100 to 0 against a guy who was with 30 of life. On the other hand, when I tried ASOL + wild + shapeshifter comp, it was ridiculous, no one could do anything against me, and all matches were predictable with 0 strategy. That said, being a champ so powerful, with one of the greatest buffs (resistant to magic damage), a change on ASOL tier really should be considered.


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