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: [Bug] Xin Zhao's W Passive and Sated Devourer
From what I heard, his w passive proc does "60/70/80/90/100% additional damage." With sated, your auto attacks are like "Auto Auto Phantom Auto Auto Phantom..." If the triggering proc is the phantom hit(which does 0 damage), it does 0 additional damage. You have to hit something that doesnt proc the phantom hit(towers or wards) to desync.
: Champion Mastery - Level 6 & 7
I think the most important question is, what does unlocking champion mastery level caps 6 and 7 do for you? If I get lv 6 or 7, do I get new Champ Mastery emote or anything??
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: lucian and pool party renekton = same lag and lulu walks like flying on the ground and lee sin have island with tree behind him XD and kassadin can became invisible
Pool party graves would become a diving board too. It is pretty hilarious.
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: > I will likely never get a good read on the portion of people that don't like a change. Please don't use this as a reason to ignore the feedback, I'd much rather see a less popular seeming rework that preserves a champions strengths and core play style than one that gets a lot of likes but homogenizes them, Quinn is one of the more unique ADC-type champions and I don't want to see that disappear. Also just so you know I might keep commenting continuously until I get some sort of feedback just because I am kind of freaking out about these changes right now, it feels like a punch to the stomach right now because none of these sound like Quinn.
I don't see how the new change is homogenizing the ADCs. Which other ADC has a mapwise movement ability at ZERO cd? With the new change, she will be able to roam, rotate and gank other lanes much more frequently. This is unique among all other ADCs. The change seems to nerf the dueling potential of quinn but without seeing the numbers, it is really hard to say how much this is nerfed. But this is the cost of significantly buffing the other feature of quinn, namely her global presence with her ult.
: Upcoming Pathfinding Changes
Just curious if there is any update. Are these changes going to be implemented on live soon?
: > The changes on PBE in testing are to make it less dependent on latency. We tweaked the cast range of Conquering Sands (Q) to be more consistent during Shifting Sands (E). Could you elaborate the tweak or the change here? The move seems sick, true shuriman shuffle
Yeah, I don't understand this post. It stated there is a change but didn't state what the change is and why the combo is less dependent on latency now...
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: So what exactly do you want Mordekaiser to build?
Dude, just ignore the recommended items... I personally think that rylai is a must on morde. Your max shield scales with hp and a funny thing is that his ghost is counted as spell, so if you clone a ranged champion and you have rylai, his ghost's auto will do 40% slow and this works for dragon too, who will do on hit AOE 40% slow, rylai slow also helps you stick to enemy to get 3 autos
: [Mordekaiser] When Q active, Morde deals no damage to inhib or nexus
Weird. I played 2 games on pbe as morde. In both games, my autos still did damage even after using q. It didn't deal the bonus magic damage but it did deal the base damage.
: Now in testing: The Player Bug Report tool
Can we use it to report bugs on the live server?
: Already strong champions that are buffed with these changes: Rumble Cass Vlad Kog Ekko Champs to look out for with these changes: Velkoz Swain Ahri Karma Anivia Honourable Mentions: Mordekaiser Karthus Malzahar Corki Singed [EDIT] Teemo Zyra - Specifically didn't add Zyra because in mid lane she's not really viable, and as support she's only good in solo Q. Deserves to be on the list though.
No ryze? He already has an high ban rate in competitive. ROA has more ap and mana, aa has more ap. Nashor tooth got buffed and Kayle's e also received a minor buff. I feel like kayle will see more play, maybe even in the jungle with the new devourer. Nashor+liandry may also be a new viable build path.
: I feel like Martyr's Gambit would push Amumu/Malphite/Mundo over the top though. Rammus needs some tweaks before he can be meta again. For now he'll stay "fairly viable".
Yea, I was thinking about the same thing. I wonder how damage reduction is calculated. Is the damage calculated using the armor/mr of the guy who has the item? The description of Mirage Blade's active is unclear too. And teleport boot enchantment seems fairly broken(if there is no range limit and has similar cd as the summoner spell).
: hes sort of like zyra......u can do alot of damage by getting AP or you can play for the utility. if the challanger veigar does no damage, and hes providing alot of utility, then hes a great support (and very skillful to reliably drop his stun). I don't see how being a great support = broken.
Zyra does damage, has a snare, slow, a knock up and her plants give vision. She has lots of utility. Veigar support doesnt do damage (with that build during mid/late game) but is still viable with ONLY ONE ABILITY. I dare you to name one champion that is viable with only one ability. Right now just too much power is put on one single ability.
: [Experimental WIP - 3/3] Mandrake Ward
> We already have trinkets for early game protection. It seems this item is intended as a counter to very specific stealth champions like shaco, eve. But it seems way too strong defensively(5 min for only 50g). imo the most important information revealed by wards in early game is the jungler's position. Often time you can predict whether they are heading towards by just where they are. If they are invading or trying to gank, they probably have relatively high hp anyway. Perhaps. If it's common to ward the river entrance with a mandrake, suddenly, just passing by bottom lane to spook people becomes a viable option that doesn't give away your health and items. Only ganking or invading at high health is one of those things caused by the fact that if you are seen - they have full access to your health - so it's impossible to 'fake' an invade. > I was thinking, maybe give it a number of charges, each time it detects an enemy, a charge is used and it expired after all charges are used. Destroying the ward by walking in a circle is a behavior I'd like to avoid. > Btw if the enemy is revealed by the mandrake ward, does he get notified? No. > also does it have to be used in a brush? You have to place it into a brush - you do not have to be in the brush itself - but you have to be in range to put it in there.
: Cho's Q actually is quite easy to dodge. But unlike Cho's Q, Veigar's event horizon doesn't do anything if you stand in the center so even if you can't get out in time, you're still safe from dark matter.
Veigar's stun lasts 2.5s on targets without tenacity. It is an extremely strong cc. It is not supposed to be easy to land(right now if you master the range, it is almost a point-and-click stun. There are no other 1k range, aoe, no cast time, 2.5s stun hard cc in the game). If the problem is that event horizon is hard to land, we should fix event horizon instead. Please read what other people said before you replied, I already suggested two approaches that can make his w more reliable. Ofc there may be other solutions too.
: no it's not, in 0,75 sec a normal champ can move himself for over 300 units. Considering that the edges of Event orizion are really small, it's almost impossible to land. If you consider that now a lot of champ has dash/gap closer, the utility brought in a one vs one is almost none. In addition to that, if you do not land your stun, how could you possibly land the w (1,25 second s of delay). 0,75 is not a proper nerf, it's a HUGE nerf.
By your argument, chogath's q is impossible to land cuz it has a even smaller aoe. Also read what I said, I did agree that the delay of W should be reduced. Alternatively, maybe they can make it so that if someone passes thru the wall before .75s, they are slowed by 90% for 1s or something. Any way, his E NEEDS to be nerfed cuz it has very little counterplay.
: PLease, 0.75 on his E is an omicide. I main him since I started this game and this change will kill his gameplay against high mobility assassins like Zed, Riven or Fizz. You are killing him, please change this or he will be completely unplayable. I have no problems with other change but the E, it's too high. Low it or he will be the next Gragas... *edit. Grammar
Honestly veig's E on live server is pretty broken. It is an over 1k range, long duration, aoe stun that cant be dodged if casted correctly. There is a challenger veigar support main who builds barely any ap, does almost no damage mid/late game but still carries games by just landing stun. Giving E a delay seems reasonable. A 0.75s delay is just slightly longer than chogath's Q delay(0.625) but veig's E range is alot bigger. Remember that veig's Q now has much longer range so you can poke at a safer range. If anything, reduce the delay of W. The new E is fine.
: Introducing the new LeaverBuster -- a new system for aggressively tackling Leavers and AFKs
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: That's why PBE exists. We must find and report bugs, and give our feedback about the content :3 That's normal!
I dont expect the content on pbe is free of bug. Maybe i should change the title to "Sion's ability particle effects are missing"
: Sion seems to be very buggy on pbe
It also feels weird that you cant move while you are charging his q, unlike other similar abilities like varus q or vi q. And the passive doesnt seem to be useful early game, even when i have creeps to lifesteal from, he still died in a few seconds.
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: hay this is not a bug, its made that already says it creates an "uncontrollable" voidling, and it also mentions somewhere that it will attack the enemy with his E on, read man.
they used to attack whoever malz attacks
: Ranked Restrictions
you can use my account to test. i have only one ranked game tho. does it matter?
: [Planned 4.10] Item Changes (Attack Damage / Attack Speed / Warden's Mail / Support Itemization)
Locket of the Iron Solari: Unique Active will now use a recipient's level to calculate shield strength if the recipient's level is higher than the item owner's level. Does the active apply to only one ally target now?
: It does, he will have to stack it up again for the next stun on the same target. The stacks last for 5 seconds right now.
It says " Auto attacks reduce Crystal Slash's cooldown by .5s (doubled against Champions)". Does it mean that his auto no longer reduces the cd of his other abilities? Also does his q still give him bonus attack speed, or just bonus movespeed? It seems like he does a lot less damage than before, in exchange he only gets a short stun. The stun is okay late game when fights last longer and you can proc more than once but early game a 0.5s stun that requires stacking up isnt that useful.(why champions like braum can have a 1.25s stun at level 1 that is much more easy to trigger)
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: Master Yi's Q vs Leblanc's chains.
he is just untargetable not invulnerable(zhonya)
: Hey dude thanks for the report, we figured out what is was. It'll persist over the weekend but should be fixed Monday! :)
Havent tried him on pbe yet but i saw the preview video on reignofgaming. imo the shadow looks too similar to zed. it is quite confusing and may give the owner of this skin an unfair advantage
: Nocturne needs a rework.
Nocturne has a semi global gap closer and a movespeed buff, he also has an attack speed buff from his w... He is a viable jungler in soloq and has been used in LCS recently as a counter pick to pantheon. With the nerfs to all the popular junglers like vi, elise, leesin, wu and pantheon(soon), nocturne will be more viable. Also he has high ad steriod so he scales well with attack speed. The recent change to attack speed quint and the new feral flare is a buff to nocturne.
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: Id like to talk about this changes and about the changes proposed previously. This changes seem fine, and needed, but id actualy prefer to have a static 5 secon cooddown reducion when dashing to champions, and shift some of that power to something like "you gain 50% of the shield when dashing to allied minions". This would help toplane lee a lot IMHO. The previously proposed changes invested too much power on Lees' passive and gave him a HUGE AS steroid. Buffing his passive for latter levels is a really good idea, and id love it, but ivesting so muchs power in autoattacks does not feel at all like the classic and loved Lee playstyle. By buffing it from 40 to 70-80% attack speed, instead of 100%, would make room to grant Lee's abilitys more power, and his AS steroid would match some of the AS steroids that other bruisers posses, (i had in mind something like 40/53/66/80% in levels 1 6 11 and 16). His Q change was really good, tones down his realygame while giving him great mid and lategame, since its the skill you level up first, i agre with this change and would like to see it done. Proposed changes to damage type and damage values to his E are no good. This ability shoudl not recieve any changes( im fine with the slow changes). Dragons rage base damage should get reduced, i agree with that considering the buff to his passive, but his 2.0 bonus ad scaling should stay, this makes assasin Lee still good.
I agree that the damage type of e shouldnt be changed. One fun thing about playing top lee is that you can choose to level up the skill you need according to situation. The magic damage of e allows you to counter armor stacking enemies in lane.
: So since you are considering what kind of changes to make, I thought I might drop in with a suggestion. Riotnome brought up an interesting way to nerf some of lee sin's ancillary power without really touching what makes him strong. Basically, his idea would be to remove the true vision from his e, and the attack speed reduction from his e. Why does lee need two sources of true vision? The PBE aoe true vision is basically a huge "fu-- you" to wukong, akali, and other stealth champs, and makes him too much of a hard counter to them. Unlike landing q, landing e takes no skill and you've basically negated their defensive mechanism. He explains the attack speed reduction change better than I do:"When your attack is slowed, you want to run. When your move is slowed, you want to attack." It, along with his ridiculous self sustain with w is what makes him so strong vs attack speed fighters like jax. If the e no longer reduced attack speed, opponents would at least feel like they had the chance of beating him. As I mentioned in that thread, I don't think the uproar was caused by lee sin getting nerfed. After all, he's been nerfed multiple times and there has been no uproar. I think it's the fact that it seemingly came out of the blue and then seemed to be extensive changes. I think the ugly word "rework" had a lot to do with the bad reception (I should mention that nome said in his post that he's not in charge of balance and that he would support any changes made).
I feel that removing true sight completely is a bit drastic. Maybe reduce it from 4s to 1~2s, so it roughly tells you which direction the enemy goes but you cannot just stick to him. Removing the attack speed debuff from e wont change his early jungle too much, since you are not looking to fight leesin when you are ganked, but this will hurt lane leesin alot. Leesin already gets outscaled by jax at like lv 6. This also hurts the peeling ability of leesin late game. Most jungle lee in competitive play already builds tank and does not deal much damage late game. I like the idea of increasing the cd of w if it is casted on ward. Tbh I think the only op thing about leesin is his incredible mobility for kiting/chasing.
: [4.5] The Changes to the Lee Sin Changes
The tooltip of safeguard is wrong. It says "no reduction if cast on self"
: [Hopefully 4.5] Gragas Rework Feedback Thread
I think a cool idea to add more interaction to Drunken Rage with other skills would be to add a Drunkenness stack. Basically make DR have a lower cd and duration, but each time you use DR, you will get a stack of Drunkenness. The more drunken you are, the more tanky you are and more damage your abilities will deal. However if you have say 5 stacks of drunkeness, you will stun yourself, and after the stun duration ends, you are in a state of hangover where you will lose some of your stats and/or you are slowed. Your drunken stacks are lost if you stop using DR for a while. Or you may even lose one stack if you body slam into the enemies or something. Personally I feel that Barrel Roll doesnt fit in the theme of gragas. Why does a drunken guy can remotely detonate a barrel at any time he wants? It would make more sense if it is a projectile that explodes on the first target it hits or at its target position if it does not hit anything. Well but I expect many people will disagree with this change as this removes its function as a zoning tool.
: Some Rengar bugs
Yeah Q not proccing on tower seems a huge nerf. I am not sure if it is intended. Also the vision range granted by his ult seems to be bugged. Sometimes I cannot see the enemy even if he is in 4000 range.
: Rengar E
An unrelated bug, it happened once to me, for some reason, i had full fury, but my e was on cd but I could use q or w. I thought full ferocity abilities do not share cd with the normal version.
: What if Ghost had a slow resistance?
Ghost is definitely not rarely used. Olaf, singed, tryn, hecarim pretty much always take ghost.
: Why insult?
I dont think there is tribunal for pbe. Riot probably handle reports on pbe by themselves
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: People in games are repeatedly crashing
My client didnt crash but almost everyone in my last game had lag or dc problem. My friends also have lag in their games.
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: Shaco can pass through the wall of drake ?!
: Well tbh replays could be simply saved client side just like LoL Replay does. So no need to save them at all on any riot server. Alternative if they really want to upload them it should have a seperate server entirely for replays so gameservers are not affected by the load of files getting uploaded. But thats just my opinion about it
I think they said they want it to be possible to watch your friends' replays
: I don't understand how the replay option works?
not sure if it is bugged or disabled. it said "cannot watch this replay. this was a private game..." but it was a normal game.
: [Team Builder][Bug] No game in match history.
it just takes a while to load, happens sometimes
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