: General thoughts on the new Gangplank Kit
Personally, i would add some mana cost to the barrel; Anyone elso noticed the combo Iceborn gauntlet+Barrel? When they explode they stack the {{item:3025}} passive to all the explosion range. This is huge in tf.
: one change I really don't like in Gangplank update
noooo i want to execute minions again! ç_ç
: Saw this as well when I was spectating an ARAM game today.
Specifically with Mecha Malph or another skin?
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: tahm kench small idea
WIth his ultimate he has a infinite potential in stealing baron/dragon :v
: so?? this has no sense anyway.....the list included Poppy and Ryze....then they did Zliean..then Ashe..then Ryze...now Gangplank..... Poppy is there for a long time as i said. it's not only in this period that they have this event.
Ashe, Zilean and Ryze rework was very little compared to Poppy, and the Gangplank and Miss fortune thing fit better with the whole event. And if we have to argue, i'm still waiting Yorick and Warwick :P
: Had a Bilgewater game last night. Got GP even though they said he was disabled. I'm liking the rework so far but in ARAM the silver serpent coins are impossible to gain to the number of an upgrade, I only got up to 200-250.
Well, it is normal, just like with Bard it is impossible to collect enough bells.
: it's not about GP but please answer https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202294884-Champion-Update-Schedule Poppy has been there for a long long time,you keep adding champions,rework them and keep Poppy untouched. there is no sense to make a list if you keep modifying priority of reworks. I can understand if you make some minor visual updeate like MF,but why gangplank before Poppy?
: Gangplank Feedback Thread
Special forces Gangplank: * The two-handed Parrley of the old ones was very unique and cool, and truly in a martial style. * The kukri shape is kinda weird to me, especially the curve of the blade that didn't follow the handle. (Like this one, http://www.swordsantiqueweapons.com/images/s164.jpg) Spooky gangplank * Fire doesn't fit well with the theme of the skin, i know it is a 520 rp, but some kind of white glow would be better, but i know it's difficult to set up a flovour yet functional choice. Sailor Gangplank * I used to dislike the old modern pistol, but mainly because it was very squared, the touch of modernity was very ok to me. Maybe with a modern revolver?
: > 3) Special forces Gp; His old two-handed shots was awesome; His kukri look strange, the curve of the blade should be follow the handle, now it looks like is about to brake to me :( The fire on the blade looks off in this model. I wonder if a red-hot/heated blade would look better and still read clearly that his passive is up.
Yep, i'm really not that into the fire blade, and with the kukri is not the best.
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: ~Add a bit more utility for bard~
Bard's E need a lot of intelligence. Used properly, it is awesome, used only to try to run away, it isn't. But yes, Bard is the hardest supp i've played in a while, mainly because is a pure utility one, not tanky and with a kinda terrible ap scaling. I play him with {{summoner:4}} +{{summoner:14}} , to have some damage potential to secure a kill.
: [Ashe E] - Ashe´s E gives in my opinion to much Vision
Surely, despite all her crit stuff, i agree that his E is the real buff, compare to the other spell who grant vision in the game, it is insane for Baron/Dragon control; Also if {{champion:22}} position is smart, you can reveal a lot of stuff around the map while the bird is flying. Probably with a slightly shorter cd and no shots stack would be better.
: I think he is really overdue for a complete visual update. He looks old-ish and his spells don't look "**HOT!**" His abilities seem to be dealing damage but don't look like they do. It's so deceitful. XD{{champion:63}} {{summoner:14}} {{item:3151}}
Indeed, only his ulti is kinda ok, but i can't see it most of the times xD He need a particles update like rumble flamethrower that looks awesome.
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: I like the change... the edge looks sharper now.
To me looks like a plastic machete, not as nearly deadly like the first one. First think i tought when this skin appears on pbe was " O my god, those knives looks awesome!"
: Please Revert the Daggers on Wild Card Shaco
Agree. Pure red dagger is way more awesome, and the straight blade on the new one looks like a plastic kinfe the one may bring to a happy hour, not in a fight.


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