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: NuNu ult bug
I believe this is intentional? amumu ult is a snare and a disarm. nunu ult is a channeled spell. I think only inturrupts and silences stop channeled abilities like nunu ult.
: Fighter Items on PBE for 8.12
Wait, something that reduces damage per hit 😨 *MY CABBAGES* *throws Syndra ult*
: I tried it with Kai'Sa(in theory and practice tool she can W>E>auto 2 times and proc her passive, which is good, sort of..leading into that). I feel like the rune doesn't really have much of a place personally. If you're using a three hit passive, or some passive similar, you'll wanna get those 3 hits, and then back out with Hail of Blades because you no longer have a keystone. With ADCs especially, fleet footwork offers so much more kiting to ADCs that they practically need it at this point compared to 50-100% attack speed for their first 3 attacks. These champions with these types of passives generally want to keep getting their passive off over and over rather than one time and then backing out, because the enemy will have sustained back up usually during that time(via fleet footwork in the case of Kai'Sa/Vayne). Lethal Tempo seems much more suitable for their types of playstyles if they were to NOT pick up Fleet Footwork. As for Darius, maybe that would be good for him, I don't play him(I don't really play ADCs either but I know enough about Vayne and I've tested it on Kai'Sa to understand that this rune won't be as good for them as you'd expect, especially considering Vayne's passive is one you especially want to keep pumping out. Kai'Sa CAN be good with this, but the kiting lost from Fleet Footwork makes it too hard to back out from a fight after you go in, and considering you can only use this one time in a fight, it's not worth taking over the other). The champions in theory who would want to use it likely wouldn't because they could only get one fast passive proc off and then they'd no longer have a keystone, whereas with lethal tempo or fleet footwork they could stay in fights much longer while also being able to back out. The rune doesn't offer a way to get back out after proccing the 3 hits, so you're kind of stuck committing. I feel like, at the VERY LEAST, it needs to reset automatically if you kill someone, so that you can use it on the next person and sort of snowball it.
I think that you make a very clear statement on what adcs want from keystones and how they are better serviced by other things, I’d like to make a case for others, for example graves enjoys this keystone since his usually heavy ad builds don’t license him much wiggle room with attack speed, two autos and an e for another auto become a much more compelling opener with this keystone, whereas the other keystones don’t offer this flavor of attack pattern
: Some of these changes are targeted at making the Animation Cancelling experience more consistent, thus easier to learn. Making Riven easier to play is probably a disservice to Riven players. Making her ability trigger more consistently and as expected is the first step to smoothing the learning curve. For the record, Riven is one of the few champions in the game that have intentionally scripted animation cancels.
Just wondering, who has specifically scripted animation cancels, sound like its a bit... Complicated from an engineering perspective, is there a dev blog coming out sometime on ability scripting by chance? Also, when it comes to emergent gameplay like shurima shuffle, ward hopping, unintended animation cancels what drives keeping it as a part of the kit, and embracing it, vs fixing it, vs leaving it be? Like Syndra can e then q, it's a crazy strong combo, since you get that extra cc and ability to aim a fraction of a second later, but a bit fuzzy to pull off, highly ping reliant, and likely unintended. It seems like its best to embrace it and balance around it, but it broke azir in comp, given he has a few too many tools in teamfights, and he's in a sour place, and lee is doing okay not but was really crazy for a while after insec plays became common. Riven I think deserves this, since it feels really like your skill didn't matter if your ping is too high. How have other wierd unexpected emergent play patterns been handled?
: I played on the PBE a min ago and so far so good. There was a moment when Hecarim ulti me when i was i Alpha Strike and it killed me, not sure tho i was low around 50-100 HP, DOT may have killed me. Unfortunately my LoLReplay was outdated and did not record the game. ~~Can we except Master Yi buffs or changes, especially when Assassins rework hit live. As i heard pink ward no longer reveal stealth which mean Master Yi will suffer from this, since champions like Akali will go stealth for the whole Highlander duration and nothing can be done. Even right now he feel someone weak who rely on RNG, either your team has to do well or you lose. According to EUW, his win rate in 46.31% with over 350 000 games played this month. ~~ Once again thank you for working on the Alpha Strike bugs.
As a champion that lacks aoe yi would suffer against Akali, however; so will targeted spell users, most adc, and champions with an auto attack. But with proper team play I'm sure you'll make it work out in the end and murder a ninja anyway ╰༼ ∗ ಡ ▾ ಡ ∗ ༽╯
: It's always actually. Just need to know where to aim and at what time ;)
I mean if lux can ult backwards by flashing in a direction at the last frame of her ult channel, and yi can't be hit, then you may as well call it delta strike, because that's a lot of change. (つ•̀ᴥ•́)つ*:・゚✧
: Do bugfixes count as buffs? I'm curious to see how these changes affect him, and I'm sure the balance team is as well.
The bug fixes to Syndra waaaaaay back, those were buffs. made her combo, how should I put it... Useable? bug fixes are fixes to bugs, but, sometimes, (if you were there for the day rumble was sneaky bug fixed and dealt WAY more damage with his q, that, was a buff too) it can be a nerf, like for example vayne's silver bolts has no damage cap VS monsters or something, that's a bug, and fixing it reduces her power. and honestly for the most part, unless a bug changes how a character plays in a meaningful way, you don't need do a compensatory buff/nerf. Like if anivia passive cd displays wrong, that's not really a difference in power, but in clarity, so fixing it is pretty close to net neutral. ༼∩ •́ ヮ •̀ ༽⊃━☆゚. * ・ 。゚ BUG ZAPPER
: Ah, I see--from what I've come to understand (and I certainly could be wrong!) skill floor and skill ceiling are inherent to the champion, independent from the person playing. A skill floor from that perspective would be the minimum skill needed to play the champion well enough to have success with them. A skill ceiling would then be the maximum benefit you could get from skill, no matter how experienced/skilled you are. If I understand correctly, your definition would have skill floor be the results you get without any prior skill/experience in a champion, and skill ceiling would be the results from getting to a maximum skill with a champion (I'm not sure how much skill that would need to be for your definition). Is that right? Sorry for having to ask, I didn't sleep well so my mind is trying to drift on me.
skill floor/ceiling are typically defined in that skill floor is the minimum skill required to have baseline effectiveness, and a skill cap/ceiling is the maximum amount of additional effectiveness that skill will grant you. All of that in perhaps a more elegant phrasing is, skill floor is how much skill you have to have to be effective, skill ceiling is the point at which more skill won't gain you additional effectiveness, thus, you become skill capped. perhaps even easier to say, you must have 100 skill to play this champion and matter, and additional skill beyond 400 skill does not matter
: And Riot is ignoring this post as well.
#hopefulOp I'm pretty sure rito is trudging through the forum posts, they tend to look more than touch, especially when it's a sensitive topic like touching Syndra's balls
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: > [{quoted}](name=TotallyNotChosen,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=JyjxYby5,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-04-11T20:31:09.233+0000) > > Also currently ingame with Singed. It seems he can't stack tear with his q? Is that a bug? It's always been that way, actually. We can't really stack it because there's no mana costs :(
: [URF Bug Fixes] Azir/Kindred/Lux/Zac fixes should be in!
So, this is not urf specific bug but as syndra I was able to q after casting e, and it launched the q, which is aberrant behavior, me thinks. Think it had to do with the most edge case thing as it's only happened twice, I think it might have to do with auto attacking. Not sure how but I feel it.


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