: [TEMP] Rek'Sai Feedback + Known Issues Temporary Post
If her tunnel exit is partially in a small wall, it will allow her to jump over it (ex. the wolf camp wall), also if her tunnel is past halfway through the wall it will elongate allowing her to travel through larger walls.
: Sion Champion Update on the PBE!
Great rework. My only complaints are the turn speed on his ult seems a bit slow, making it hard to use outside of mid lane. Also the camera seems a bit buggy and goes to freecam occasionally. Also would it be possible to give his Q the nunu ult mechanic where if the channel is interrupted it casts instead of cancels because it is already easy to dodge.
: Auto Attack Graphical Glitch
I have seen the same bug with nocturne and rengar's aa as well.
: It's intended, otherwise we'd see a grey placeholder and strong showing the default skin is way more stylish-er. Select the second default skin, that's the actual new skin
But both the fizz and rengar have the gray box, also all it does is make it confusing as to which is which
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: [Vel-Koz] Wide Hit Box
Are you sure it wasn't ash, her ult has always had a bit of an off hitbox
: Missing icons of summoner spells
Happened to me and everyone else in a normal 5v5 as well
: Heimerdinger is on PBE! Please post bugs/feedback here!
Occasionally when Heimerdinger dies instead of doing a death animation he goes into the regular idle animation like he was alive, this is true for at least the dead heimerdinger's perspective the other players didnt notice it.
: Heimerdinger is on PBE! Please post bugs/feedback here!
Just a question but, shouldn't all of Heimerdingers skins be made available for 1 IP in order to test or did they not change.
: Vel'Koz E Suggestion
I agree it would be a nice QoL change because the range for the knock back is very unclear at the moment
: Kha'Zix's E
Kha'zix is very strong right now and achieves his role as an assassin very well, this change would only serve to make him op
: Magic Resist Item
There is a reason for less magic resist items, ap champs are generally burst, meaning if you survive against the combo there screwed until their spells are back. AD champs on the other hand have more consistant/sustained damage do to powerful AA's, which means they can generally output more damage over time. This combined with AD's ability to rapidly destroy objectives makes it a stronger stat. This is why it has to be harder to build against AP than AD in order for AP to be viable. Also this form is for discussing changes on the current PBE client, suggestions like this generally belong on the general forms.
: Undo button bug (I think)
Yeah, I have seen this bug a few times as well
: PBE Patcher issue
Try unzipping the original file to another area that sometimes can fix it
: Skip Waiting for Stats Problem
Yeah, you have to wait for the stat screen to appear, dont know whats wrong
: @Riot Takes forever to download PBE
: Thoughts on Viktor
I think riot has already said they are looking into his passive, other than that i think he is in a fine postion
: Hello my Problemm
Did you properly unzip the file, that can sometimes cause it.
: team builder kicks
I think kick marks for them quiting as well
: Vel'Koz and Fizz...
Yes fizz can Vel'Koz's W missing is a known bug And you should be able to buy the battlecast skin, don't have any idea why you cant
: Battlecast Vel'koz needs work
I agree his normal skin is so much better, except he doesn't have any unique interactions on his normal which is kind of weird
: Vel'Koz's Ult - A bit off...
I don't know how well it would work, but I would defiantly love to try it out and see how it feels.
: [Vel'Koz] Yasuo's windwall doesn't block Vel'Koz's Ultimate
Vel'Koz's ult is not a projectile. It doesn't have a missile speed or an origin point, it applies instant aoe damage along a line, like a lux ult. Therefore in order for Yasou's windwall to work it would probably require a complete reprogramming of Vel'Koz's ult. This would also make Yasou a hard counter to Vel'Koz, which would seem to be against riot's design philosophy. Therefore it should remain as it is.
: Different splash art vel koz
Thats a stand in, that will be replaced by the official splash riot posted
: Vel'Koz Ulti VS Yasuo Wind Wall
Vel'koz ult isnt a projectile just like xerath's arcano pulse(q), therefore yasou's wind wall doesn't block it. I dont see why you think this is wrong.
: {Game Crashes} Probably the New PBE update
happened to me and my entire team as well, at the very begining of the game and right after the end
: Team Builders should not allow solo captains
It was like this in last weeks test, but they chose to remove it because not enough people on pbe have friends to invite, so it created ridiculous queue times, do to the lack of groups. And i mean hours of time in queue never finding a group. So no this change doesnt really work, on pbe at least
: [Suggestions] Xerath Ultimate Brainstorm
Its to late now, he is being released live in 4.2, unfortunatly
: Team Builder Feedback
The reason normal is removed is because they want you playing team builder so they can test it. That's the point of PBE
: [TEST REQUEST] Vision Mini-Map Bugs
I doesn't seem to work. I still end up getting the bug a few times a game.
: Team Builder will be coming back on Monday (2/3) and Tuesday (2/4) from 1:00 to 5:00 PM PST!
I have been completely unable to test team builder due to the test time running out before i get into a team. I have spent around four hours total in queue across both days but never made it into a team so I'm not really sure whats wrong
: For those of you who think xerath sucks
I dont think many people are saying he is weak, they are saying they have problems with his redesign
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: [Team Builder] - Should be optional
I'm pretty sure it will be, its only not optional on pbe because of the need to consolidate the small player base so it can be tested properly.
: Team Builder Bugs - 2/3, 2/4, 2/10
I give up trying to play, been in a queue for an hour and a half, there are either not enough players or somethings not working.
: I think the current version feels good for Xerath 1v1, it can take some skill to land if the enemy can juke it well enough. It can feel a little bit strong in teamfights and skirmishes for his enemies, because it does not give much time to react, and Xerath can contribute heavily even if he is nowhere near where the fight is happening. Overall I like it while playing as Xerath, but think there could be more counterplay involved. Maybe it would help if enemies saw his ult range indicator expanding (like Elise's Rappel?)
I already does show his ult range indicator expanding.
: New Audio Engine on PBE!
I have noticed that yasou's wind sound effect seems to linger even after he walks away


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