: Blood Moon Kalista
Sorry, I couldn't find a better picture lol
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: My take on Gnar
I agree i really wish they would make his transformations like shyvana's. But then it reduces the game play mechanics of needing to plan what you do in order to be small or large as certain moments
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arcade Miss Fortune!
: [Visual Bug] Debonair Vi
: Skins splash small update coming to PBE
Yay~ Nidalee doesn't have a but ugly face anymore lol
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: [BUG] When using a pot, selling, or undoing something it says "purchased !" in chat.
Same thing when moving positions of items in the selection window.
: PBE Bug Megathread - Patcher and Client Landing Page Visual Update
So far, I love it. One thing. Add the ability to use the scroll wheel when looking at the free champs.
: [Vladimir] - Crimson Pact stacks with itself + wrong life total calculation
: So I found some **weird red dots** appearing under the purple side mid turret when looking from specific camera angles. The dots are lined up and only visible if the cursor is hovering over the turret itself. If the turret is destroyed the dots won't appear anymore. EDIT: You need to zoom in a bit to see them on the first images. 1. http://imgur.com/bbyfW20 ; shows some dots at a normal camera angle 2. http://imgur.com/1txlLfT ; similar angle but no dots 3. http://imgur.com/JCdEoCS ; zoomed in shows full line of dots independent from angle 4. http://imgur.com/FBjRBHi ; same as 4. through the fog of war 5. http://imgur.com/M2SLYP0 ; turret destroyed, cursor hovers over turret ruin, no dots. **Again:** Only appears when hovering over the turret (you can tell from the top left corner that I do hover over turret, fraps just didn't include my actual cursor). Dots do not appear anymore after the tower is being destroyed. I did not find any more dots on other turrets. Using Windows 7. JayAgeDee
The red dots are from the turrets selection border and they seem to be peeping threw the underlay of the map. Not a big deal but i wish someone at Riot would at least acknowledge that they know they're there lol
: PBE Twitter
: Intro Bots Enabled on PBE
(Haven't played intro bots yet) But try emphasizing the fact that if you attack and enemy champion under turret that you will be attacked by turret. Most new people don't understand this fact.
: > Perhaps, since Match History is completely on the website now, you can now click to view your match history from the main hub/front page of the client, while an Owned Skins viewer takes the place of the Match History in the players' profile? It could be organized alphabetically or by champion. thats only if we want the new match history because personally i dislike it right now
I absolutely LOVE the new match history. But Riot needs to make it an in-client window and not a webpage. AND add the regular match history back in, because sometimes you just want to know your score without having to read and open a full stats window.
: power chord has 50% bonus damage instead of 100% With and average champion's level of 7 for the lane phase (abilities 2 2 2 1) you are getting 50+10(from ulti)+0.25Ap bonus damage after using Q in exchange of: -50% Power chord damage -3s CD -Permanent Duration of the Aura giving always 8AD and 8AP -700 range on the aura SUSTAIN it's better after level 3. It's worse at 1 and it's the same at level 2 when our ally has 50% HP So it will heal better in Team Fights (but it's not a significant heal for late game) but not better in lane SPEED do you realize that active now is only for Sona and not for the ally? you must hit him with your 300 range aura and again you can't give permanent speed buff. just the active
I agree with most of what you;re saying, but it also forces sona to be alot more mobile and more involved with the fight. And it makes her need to think more carefully about WHEN she uses her abilities. Not just spamming them to gain stacks of her powerchord. Furthermore, her "permanent" speed buff was really really dumb. Forcing her to re-cast it and needing to be close to her adc or ally is a HUGE improvement of gameplay mechanics.
: The irony in that is ranked is also the place where many people troll or afk.
no, the irony is that if I remember correctly you are Challenger ranked in PBE
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Aatrox and Mecha Malphite!
The new Aatrox skin is wonderful. There's only one issue I have with it, which is hard to explain. his legs, I don't like his legs. haha As odd of a response as it is, they look too block-y. I know it's suppose to be "Mecha" but they look like sticks. Just my piece :)
: I could have waited a day to fix the script.. but I wanted you guys to have the chance to hit the PBE on the weekend. SO.. MANUALLY DONE IT IS!
: [Resolved] PBE Level 30 Auto Level Up Failing!
<3 masteries sound wonderful, bump to 30 :D?


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