: Why zoe E is so unreliable?
I feel like an allied champion should be able to wake you up as well, I also think her sleep should last just a little longer, maybe a second or 2 longer.
: Pretty sure Zoe is still broken
Not a bug, definitely server lag because of all the people.
: Strange clock when tabbing and items on Zoe stream
this was in the playtester lan server. They test new items. and no, they arent going to tell us what they were.
: New to PBE
every weekday at approximately 12 pm Pacific they do a new patch and they usually take about 2 hours
: I might even try her as a form of adc... her base stats aren't that bad and she relies heavily on her AAs anyway :D {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
the only type of adc i could see her being is an adc like Ezreal, heavily relint on her Q
: I don't think she's viable as Jungler at all, but then again, Nightblue3 is probably going to prove me wrong lol
her sleep spell work on monsters so she might be viable, that why i used the key word "might". A lot of times, new champs have a secondary role that riot didn't really design the champ to be good at that they just end up being good at.
: wich lane is zoe ?
Maintenance is happening in 10 minutes and she is designed to be a mid lane burst mage, but might be able to be played in other roles like jg or sup Edit: Seems that maintenance isn't for another 30 minutes, so my bad on that one.
: [Gameplay] Champion's chat names display polymorph if not seen since polymorphed.
: Adaptive Stats vs Dark Seal
Upvoting this to bring attention to this thread. If adaptive doesn't account for dark seal stack AP, then they should look into it and try to see what they can do.
: When will Zoe be available again?
They are going to do maintenance in 30 minutes, when that is done, she will be up
: The Problem with Zoe's W
Why would you want to take away one of her few weaknesses? Are you hoping for an absolutely broken champ? They intentionally want you to have to use the summoner spell so you have consequences for what you pick up. Her w is all about risk/reward. Just because you mess up and pick up cleanse instead of flash doesn't mean you should be able to completely negate that mess up. Every ability should have consequences to using them poorly.
: you're unable too?
i just tried again and it let me
: I can't login into the PBE Client.
maybe they shut down the server and are patch and just forgot to tell us?
: Doubt
They use concept art as the splash art for the first few days after a new champ is released. Should have seen Camille's splash arts on release, literally the most hilarious splash I have ever seen.
: ***
Ok, that statement was way over the line to say on a post like this.
: riot , time to close the PBE sign ups and increase the requirements.
I personally think that if someone does anything that would normally result in a chat restriction or suspension, they should be perma'd on PBE. I know I am new to the PBE, but ive even noticed how toxic it is compared to my games on the regular servers and being able to play on PBE should be a privilege and being toxic should take away that privilege.


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