: Bring back solo Q rank
While this IS an obvious issue, it is not related to the PBE and should be posted on the live boards. There ARE rioters that look on the live boards, its just less obvious. Please be mindful of this in the future
: New Yasuo Passive
honestly, i dont feel like that is where the problem lies. as a yasuo main i feel like the fact that he gets 2x crit ALL the time is essential for the kit. however, i do feel a nerf would make sense, judging from the new masteries. The best way to deal with this IMO is to not reduce the crit itself, but the benefit you get from the crit. for example, the crit could do 180% dmg instead of 190%, or on hit effects are 3/4 as potent.
: So what we're actually doing now is that RH buff gives nearby minions 40% more Attack Speed. However, RH's buff is immediately overwritten by Baron buff, so they can't coexist.
alright, thanks for elaborating!
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: Smaller 5.22 Marksmen Changes PBE Feedback Thread
for ashe you said for her q, "Can no longer be cast at less than 5 stacks", but you cannot get stacks by attacking the turret. Many people used her q to kill the turret faster, but now if u didnt get 5 stacks b4 hand u not only will not get the q extra dmg, but cant even activate for the attack speed on turrets, making her a worse sieger. Is this an intended change?
: Rift Herald PBE Feedback Thread
You said that the buff "Enhances nearby minions offensive power, same as Baron buff", so what happens if you, say, take the RH at 19:00 and take baron at 20:00. Now we have both buffs for one champ. does the minion baron buff stack or not?
: This should be posted on the live boards.
amy, that icon that u are using? its always looked like a mouse in a suit to me
: Project Skins (Add-ons)
that would be nice, but adding an effect like that, which is that huge, could make all the skins to ultimate skins status, and it hasnt been long enough to add a new one, let alone 6
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Yi
I dont have much feedback, but here goes: Ok, so first of all, great job with EVERYTHIGN that has to do with the projet skins. theyre all amazing, have a great feel to it, and thanks to yi's new quotes, i think im detecting a bit of lore on the skins :3. however, i feel like yi's aa is a bit clunky. while the e augment feels good, in his regular auto attack, it looks like i cant see yi's sword much while hes attacking. making it visible will make it alot easier to realize u finisheed the animation, and it would also help micro his passive thanks!
: If Riot would put all constructive feedback to sticky, it would be even easier to find those threads. But hosting a board isn't one of Riot's strengths.
surely they could just make a new thread like they do with the skins, and put it at the top of the boards?
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: Sated devourer is like Feral flare 2.0
Honestly the effect sated devourer does right now is exactly what riot wanted when they made the original devourer, albeit WAY overpowered. however, this is one of the first patches it is live, and the specifics of the effect was an experiment, so im sure it will be nurfed soon. the question is, what part of it can be nerfed? this is a big problem imo cause it seems like nerfing any of the real problems would be bad. if you changed the on hit effect to happen once every three attacks, it would go straight to be downright terrible. Maybe you could make it take a longer time to stack up, say 40 or 45 stacks, but that would just make the lategame even more monstrous, its too much scaling. nerfing the stats isnt goning to help, as that isnt the main reason its good right now. so this might take a few patches for riot to figure out. until then, either ban shyv and yi in ranked or play them
: Please post suggestions on the Live Boards :') In all reality, though, PBE is not meant for new ideas. You'll be able to reach more people (and the correct Riot teams) on the Live boards, not here. PBE is purely meant for bug reports and feedback on new content *currently* on PBE.
: Bad server =/= small & buggy. PBE is actually a good server, because Riot needs to test everything here. And they need to make sure it's not bugged, otherwise all the other regions are ducked. Yes ducked. Ping is a problem you get when not living close to the server. FPS is a whole other subject entirely.
actually, its the opposite. The pbe isnt a very dedicated server BECAUSE its ONLY for testing. also, riot has their own testing server before its released to the pbe
: You may want to change what you say in the first post. Unless that's what you meant. On PBE, I have (at most) 40–120 ping. On live, I have from 80–1600 ping (not exaggerating here, its gone higher). I can live with 60–200 ping, but when my computer shuts itself off when I'm trying to play and check my grades, I think that one; I need better wifi and a better computer and two; that server placement should be done by next year. Been a year so far, they've supposedly finished the first phase, now we wait for the second.
honestly, if u dont live close to california, your ping is to be expected. as i stated before, the pbe server is VERY small, and not to mention buggy, witch also might affect your frames
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: Can Runes be reduced or even set to 1ip?
this is a good point. sometimes there ARE times when suboptimal runes are prefered, however i dont know if riot wants us to find whats good with *x new champion* or what part of him/her is buggy
: [Chat Window] Messages being sent before pressing enter while in game
: That is hardly the issue
it might be, it might not, but it is true that thats why u lag
: On the Minimap is only your K/D/A, and I am still unable to see skill points as well as several others. In Tab as of now you can't see barely any information at all
on the minimap is also the cs. also, if u havent seen the first patch of the new HUD, it is there. theres a bug with it now. anyting people point out is NOT there is INTENDED to be there, but khazix is a feisty one
: Thank you for your feedback :D, When I say "I have to squint to see info" many things are compressed to the point where its hard, such as finding where my MS was a difficult task in the beginning, time is small compared to what it used to be, and the fonts more dulled out compared to what they used to be, I hope this explanation helps you understand better! {{summoner:2}}
thanks for clarifying. i see what ur saying, very good point.
: FPS 50% lower than in live servers
this is just because the pbe is a very bad server, ping wise
: What information, as of now you can't see K/D/A, Skill points, etc. at all? Its an opinion, but your opinion is wrong as of now
Kda is on the minimap, and skill points are seen
: Idea for a Lucian buff
it is true that ardent blaze right now isnt very useful, as it has abismal damage and has a very small movement speed boost, so this would be a good buff. however, i feel lucian is fairly strong right now, so to compensate, maybe remove the dmg all together on his ardent blaze, to use it as a marking tool, and add a bit more dmg to q for a balance( maybe +.1 ad ratio)
: [Chat] - No "ALL" button on chat anymore?
Nice catch. Most of us just use /all and shift+enter, so we prob wouldnt have noticed that.
: Remove this god awful HUD before I die from cancer.
Ok, this post will leave a lot of controversy, so ill give my two cents 1. first big point i agree with is that there should be an option to keep the old HUD for those that dont like it, like the old music. Personally i keep the old music on live and new on PBE for a sense that stuff on the pbe is newer. 2. It is true that many returning players will be confused by these changes, so it would help that for the first five games or so of an account having this new change enabled, that they are allerted that they can change the HUD back if they want too, and there is steps on how to. 3. I dont understand what you mean by "There is no scoring" and "I have to squint to see info". I and others can see all the information fairly easily, so either you need glasses, or you should take a screenshot of that and post it on the forums as that is a HUGE bug. (edit) OK I SEE WHAT UR SAYING ABOUT THE CS AND SCORES AND ABILITIES AND STUFF. i just played a game. so....thasts just a big bug 4. It is true that the update isnt really "necessary", but that brings me back to point 1. 5. Ive heard many complaints that it is an "eyesore" but it seems that, as humans are wired to not like change, they were just not used to it. after i messaged those people back after several games they said that they got used to it and they actually do like it better. However, the compressed part is a valid point, and it would be helpful to be able to customize it by being able to move parts, resize indivual parts of the HUD, etc. so it is easier to play for an individual 6. Alright, the idea of seeing the stats without hitting a button is something that almost EVERYONE agrees with, and is totally true, so i doubt Riot isnt planning on implementing this on PBE in a few patches. Remember, this is only 2 patches old, and will probably come out in preseason 6. Finally, I just have a summary. Remember last year when people complained about the new SR? well, people grew to love it better than the old one, though we do still have nostalgia. It will likely be the same for here. Remember this is the PBE, and things are subject to change, and this is NOT being completely removed. im sure in the end it will become something we all enjoy. Im out {{summoner:4}}
: It was available for some time, but then it got taken off. It isn't selectable in champion select either, so don't worry about missing out on it—no one else is able to use it either. :]
what do u mean by taken off? do u mean its being tweaked and will be put back, or is it completely gone
: Riot plz Make The New ITEMS permanent and available in Summoner's Rift
I agree with all those points. Besides, there are so many new items that obviously had a lot of time spent on them, seems like a waste to get rid of them after the event :/
: Miss Fortune feedback thread!
I played with her and an Mf on the enemy team, and her image in the minimap for both had a black border around them instead of a red or blue color. Because of this, i often ran into the enemy mf thinkin it was on my team xD
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: My guess is that since it's not coming out in patch 5.13, which is released next week, riot saw no reason to put it in the store since they are not testing it anyway.
i considered that but i saw some other youtubers using it, so i wasnt sure if that was the reason. so i decided to post this
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: Yeah, that's the issue with icons - they are essentially a new language which needs to be learned. Where as you can't turn off reading, it just sort of happens. I'm interested in whether it's something you think you can get used to over time. Or maybe some icons are easier to understand than others?
I could personally get used to the icons, but i have another problem with the stats. you know how u can click the stat button and half the stats, which are the most vital ones, turn on for the rest of the game unless u turn it off? Personally, I'd rather this function A: carry from game to game (say u leave it on one game, and dont turn it off, next game its also on). this is because its rather annoying i have to turn it on every game and i feel like it would be an easy fix, or B: just have the first half always on as a default. Same general reason as A. thanks
: New HUD Feedback
I really think that although it takes a bit to get used to, the new HUD is much better then the old. however their are some things that coudl be changed: 1: Timer on ult cd's would be nice 2: would like to have some of the stats( ad, ap, as, etc.) back on the HUD as a default 3:maybe you could make a bunch of the things, like the items and character portraits, completely customizable, in the idea that we can move them around? thanks for reading
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: Preseason 2015 Experimental Jungle Changes
: Experimental preseason 2015 changes hitting the PBE over the next few days
i have an idea! check this out: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/tZQoZmGO-map-idea ik its a bit different but why not give it a shot?
: Hey MrDoomydoom! Can you give us a few more details about your system? TY!
i have an acer computer model aspire X1430 with 4 gigs of RAM, a 64 bit operating system and a AMD E-450 APU with radeon hd graphics (1.65 gigahertz) processor.
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: Sion Login Screen Bugs & Feedback
great music and animation! i play on a slightly below average computer and terms of speed and it was having semifrequent lag spikes. maybe you can fix this?
: it would be awesome if the 16 teams logos could orbit around the cup :O
i agree but i think that there could also be the icons of the new champs this season?
: For your purposes of introducing new family members, probably the biggest difference is that this is a normal queue and so you can play alongside those new players.
speaking of showing these to friends, i know im not supposed to do this so i wanna make sure it is ok before i do it. may i show the intro bots to my friend? hes terrible at the game but this might make him get better awareness of his health. thanks! (if i cant dont worry i wont until i have permission from a riot member
: Intro Bots Enabled on PBE
i think that these intro bots are to easy. even if you are a new player, the bots are too easy to kill and the turret shots do much too little damage. this gives players the illusion when they start playing non-intro bots, "yea, i can turret-dive that katarina" when really they are at 300 health with u at 150 and generally they will be smarter than intro bots, even if they are new players too. yes, the intro bots should definitely be a tad bit easier, but not too much to give the illusion. also, maybe the bots could make speech bubbles when your'e doing something wrong like, "Hey! did you forget to buy your items at the shop?" or "i do a lot of damage under my tower, u shouldnt go in like that again." thank you for reading my thoughts


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