: I'm jumping on your answer for asking something more general for him! On a general direction, what have been finaly decided for aatrox? He's a sort of skirmishers diver, or more a diver with the idea to be a drain tank?
haven't made any kind of decision on that as far as long-term plans go. in the shorter term, we'll be supporting "fighter patterns" that are at home in the space champions like irelia live in.
: Does Aatrox need to have Blood Rush activated in order to revive? Or is the revive just another part of the passive as well?
yes, in order to revive you need to have the revive off of cooldown _and_ you need to be in the 'blood rush' state. the revive cooldown has been lowered a bit in light of the additional condition.
: Does his ult still fill his blood well based on number of champions hit?
yup! ult is unchanged, and works pretty well with the rest of the changes.
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: Riot can we have the equations for the healing for akali's passive
these are all subject to change of course, but here's what went out in the initial pbe update. healing bases (+70% bonus ad): 1. 10 2. 13 3. 16 4. 19 5. 22 6. 25 7. 30 8. 35 9. 40 10. 45 11. 50 12. 60 13. 70 14. 80 15. 90 16. 100 17. 115 18. 130 damage bases (+45% ap): 1. 14 2. 16 3. 18 4. 20 5. 22 6. 24 7. 26 8. 28 9. 30 10. 33 11. 36 12. 39 13. 42 14. 45 15. 50 16. 55 17. 60 18. 70
: The Akali changes seems like overall nerfs to put her in the gutter until you fully rework her. I know you probably wouldn't admit that, but that's how these changes feel. making champions less attractive until is not a bandage for a champions greater issues. I feel like it would have been better to just leave Akali until her full rework.
the goal here is quite the opposite. while this isn't a full rework and won't fix every gameplay issue she has, the goal is that these changes will allow akali to be played/enjoyed more than she is currently without the looming fear of being quickly nerfed if she threatens to become a common pick. if you believe that these changes won't be hitting that mark, i'm curious to know what specific things you feel are contributing to the notion of us 'guttering' her.
: Thank you! Was it your idea to re-introduce the old passive activation sounds? Nostalgia from rune requirements on passive is strong here. I love it. I'm assuming it's weaker than the current passive over a long fight in-exchange for much more noticeable effect in the short term?
haha, yes! i missed that old sound, so i was pretty happy about bringing back in again. in terms of how strong it is in longer fights, the general idea is that the 'stat check' version is worse (_i.e._, when you just auto them over and over) but will end up being a dps gain for 'in and out' fights when akali plays around her passive cooldown through things like hiding in her shroud or using zhonya's active. so, sometimes better and sometimes worse, but hopefully it's better in the scenarios that feel more ninja-like and overall feels cooler.
: About the flat amount of health restored: Don't you think it being a flat amount will lead the heal to be either underwhelming or overwhelming?
flat as in 'not relative to her health' -- it has a bonus ad ratio: > [{quoted}](name=ricklessabandon,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=auEY7jEU,comment-id=0006000100000000,timestamp=2016-10-18T22:09:32.396+0000) > > they're subject to change (need to do a lot of testing and tuning still i imagine) but the ratios for right now are: > > * Heal :: 10 ~ 130 based on character level, +70% bonus AD > * Damage :: 14 ~ 70 based on character level, +45% AP for the damage
: Do you know the ratios of her updated passive? Secondly, the bonus magic damage doesn't affect towers anymore. Is this intended?
they're subject to change (need to do a lot of testing and tuning still i imagine) but the ratios for right now are: * Heal :: 10 ~ 130 based on character level, +70% bonus AD * Damage :: 14 ~ 70 based on character level, +45% AP for the damage edit: and yes, it's currently intended to ignore towers.
: Akali main here with two questions: - What is your aim with the change to Akali's shroud? (The dash, I mean) - Any details on the reworked passive?
1) it's to help with deception. essentially, when the cast completes akali could be _anywhere_ within the shroud (assuming her movement hasn't been disabled), so it should have opponents guessing from the very first moment. 2) it's now functionally a twin strike passive with a relatively short cooldown. each strike has a different effect, and brings more moment-to-moment meaning to the visual effects for the passive than the old 'hand glows' did previously.
: Soraka Alignment HUD bug
ah, yeah. i'll have to think about the best way to handle this. currently the buff doesn't actually increase regen stats, but instead does 'micro heals' over the duration. this means that the resource bars don't update as you might expect (at least right now) but it also means that effects like ardent censer and windspeaker's blessing are constantly refreshed while an ally is affected by alignment. thanks for point it out—i'll think this over a bit and try to figure out which interaction is preferable.
: Diana's passive bug with new devourer enchant.
working as intended—once she has the item she can activate her passive every 2 basic attacks instead of every 3.
: Love the item name :'] So it's like the AP version of Statikk Shiv huh? Does it also take the same time, regarding gaining charges?
it's a bit different since one of the triggers is spell casts instead of basic attacks, so the cadence depends more on which champion you're playing. i believe the tuning in the first iteration that should hit pbe gives 20 stacks per spell cast, and gives a little bit less from moving than statikk shiv does.
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: Hey, I'm a bit unclear as to how the updated azure stacks work. Is it +1 True Damage per stack of Azure? Is the scaling 2% per max mana per stack of azure? I'm really confused. :(
**tl;dr** - any activation past the first would only give you more attack speed. ah, okay. so the way it works is that you get 10 true damage no matter what, and then there's a bonus amount you get if any number of azure stacks are active (and the bonus amount is the same # as the bonus from awe). to give an example, let's say you have 2000 mana. here's what the stat line would look like: >+25 attack damage (from the item's base ad) +40 attack damage (from awe) +10 true damage on hit or valid spell if you activate it, you pay 60 mana for 10 stacks of azure. that would get you the following: >+40 true damage on hit or valid spell (from having stacks; value = awe's bonus) +10% attack speed (from the 10 stacks) if you activate it a second time, you pay an additional 120 mana for an additional 20 stacks (30 total now). the stats you give for this particular activation are: >+20% attack speed (from the 20 stacks) note that you don't gain any extra true damage from this activation. it's just attack speed. does that clear it up a bit?
: I dont know if you guys fixed this but about two days ago i want to say i was playing {{champion:53}} and i bought {{item:3070}} and i did not gain any mana and when i brought {{item:3048}} it was already completely filled.
yeah, whenever the item goes out to pbe for the 4.13 patch, it should be all fixed. the way we tried to get the item to pbe during the 4.12 cycle was experimental and didn't work out cleanly at all (especially for tooltips) so i'll be going back to the old method we know works! :3
: Dont know if this was just a one time bug or not, but i feel like it was report worthy. Was playing Pantheon with the dragon slayer skin and got this as the tool tip for the passive on the tear. (See attachment)
yeah, another developer was working on some item refactoring at the same time i submitted the tear changes. everything was sorted out shortly after, but the pbe build that went out had the mixed up version :< this will be corrected in the next pbe update.
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: So what are AP midlaners that do not benefit from AD or building tank supposed to build for MR now? I realize that the MR on Athene's may have not been it's core intention, but it was the ONLY viable option for MR on some AP midlaners (Abyssal and Merc treads do not incorporate well into many AP mid builds). For example, what MR item should we build now as Brand, Anivia, Ziggs, Lux, Syndra, etc?
speaking very broadly, 'mages' have traditionally looked to generic defenses instead of specific defenses (*i.e.*, they buy health and 'damage prevention effects' like the actives on zhonya's hourglass and seraph's embrace, as well as the passives on banshee's veil). it's typically much more difficult to get a mage's armor or magic resist to 'fighter' levels, which is more or less the intent right now. to answer your hypothetical, if i needed more defense as brand, anivia, ziggs, lux, *et al*, i would likely buy chalice of harmony or a ruby crystal + giant's belt (or negatron cloak) to eventually upgrade into items that character wants. athene's, rylai's, and liandy's can all be fine. even just a cowl can be great since banshee's veil is really good for long range champions like the ones you mentioned.
: Are you going to add something with spell vamp since there are only 2 items and the choices are very limited for Ap champions that use or need spell vamp.
spell vamp is something i'd like to look at in the future for sure. i don't know yet if that means we need to add/rework spell vamp items once that's done, but as a stat it's not in a great enough place currently to be made widely available in the item shop. not sure when we'd be able to put in time for this, but given our current 'to do' list i don't think it'll be anytime soon™.
: How come changes for items are starting to lean towards not increasing when you "upgrade" or convert the item fully? e.g. Athene's - it now doesn't go up in MR after upgrading from the base Chalice; for Locket, the stats don't really improve either after the basic stats from the component. In my opinion, having items be like this makes it feel less satisfying to finish an item, as finishing an item should feel impactful and/or "powerful," for lack of a better word.
it's not really a shift in direction or anything—we look at items on a case-by-case basis when it comes to what you get for paying the combine cost for items. in the case of athene's, we wanted to keep the 'aggro' flavor of the item so your 900g will still double the ability power and cdr you had from codex as well as give you a new mana regeneration passive based on killing champions. the item was never really supposed to read as an 'anti-mage' item, so a significant magic resist increase (while very, very useful) just makes athene's adoption a bit ubiquitous. it somewhat naturally follows that if athene's is crowding out other mp5+cdr items we should chip away at the stats that aren't core to the item's original identity. all that said, there will likely always be a mix of item combine costs that are purely functional (*i.e.*, it just frees up an item slot) and some that are significant power spikes (*i.e.*, zhonya's, youmuu's, etc).
: [Planned 4.10] Item Changes (Attack Damage / Attack Speed / Warden's Mail / Support Itemization)
i just updated the post to reflect some upcoming changes to athene's, locket, idol, and morellonomicon. i'll be around for a bit making sure everything gets in correctly for the next pbe update, so feel free to ask if you have questions~
: Miss Fortune Make it Rain new timer out of sync with sound
good catch! didn't see this until now--will follow up on this during the week.
: Can this be a sticky discussion again? :) I also noticed that there is 2 MF speed buff icons. One with numbers of bonus movement speed and one without.
oops! didn't notice that—should be fixed now!
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: ah! thanks for catching the ashe tooltip issue—i'll make a note to fix that up before the weekend.
just put in a fix for this. should be corrected in the next push to the pbe.
: [Bugs] Ashe, the store, and the new sound system.
ah! thanks for catching the ashe tooltip issue—i'll make a note to fix that up before the weekend.
: [Bug][Minor][Visual] Popstar Ahri's Spirit Rush Indicator not yet updated
yup, this should be good now. i believe the newest patch resolved this. let me know if you notice any other issues with it.
: very minor bug ahri's q damage
if it's off by 1, it's most likely that you're doing fractional damage—i believe the rounding rules for tooltips can be slightly different than combat text which sometimes causes a discrepancy (of 1) between the two numbers. you're always dealing the correct amount of damage though. i can double-check and ask around all the same. thanks for the report!
: It's just a matter of opinion, but I think if a name change were inevitable, as it seems to be, then I'm no more attached to Shurima's Reverie than anything else. Will Spellthief’s Edge > Frostfang > Frost Queen’s Claim get the same flavor text treatment as was discussed earlier for Shurima's Reverie? That is, with something in reference to Kage. Will the new Ancient Coin > Nomad’s Medallion > Talisman of Ascension be getting it, for that matter?
not sure on the flavor text. we don't currently have any plans for doing so with the freljord line (which is the set i worked most directly with), and historically we haven't done much of it, so i think by default we wouldn't. not sure on the shurima line (or talisman specifically) as i wasn't part of any of those discussions.
: Any context on why Shard of True Ice was changed? Seems a little unnecessary since it was already lore themed, though I guess it's a little less generic sounding now.
it was mostly due to it being part of a very specific item line—there's a clear progression now, and being the final 'evolution' it made sense to give it an appropriately tiered name. also, as you mentioned, the item name wasn't very specific. being a shard of true ice is cool but neutral—the current direction (which includes gameplay and should show in the new icons) is that these items are more aggressive, so that was taken into consideration.
: Ahri Orb of Deception True DMG Bug
i've got a fix for this along with a couple other bug fixes and cleanup. hopefully i'll have time to get them checked in before the next pbe update! thanks for the report!
: Morgana changes
thanks for the feedback! hopefully these make morgana feel even better than she does on live. i didn't have much extra time this patch to look further into other changes like this, so later down the road i hope we can do another pass and see if she needs anything else. :3
: [Ahri/Bug] Ahri essence theft tooltip different from the passive
ah, thanks for this—i'll fix the tooltip for the buff right now. :3
: [Minor/In-Game GFX] Fiddlesticks Auto attacks
are you still getting this issue? i just checked a recent internal build and things look fine, so i wanted to verify that this was fixed for you as well.
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: Ofcourse they didn't forget him. Riot is just busy with a lot of trouble in the live servers. They have priorities, and at the moment Renekton isn't one. It's making sure the live client are ok, so then can go to the next step. Please have patience. The PBE patch got reverted to the same one as on the live servers, to make sure they can get the live servers to normal. Then the rest will come. Renekton too ^^
we haven't forgotten about renekton, or this skin—the skin was way ahead of schedule back when he was first added to the pbe which is why he hasn't been finished/released yet. i don't think he's planned for release for a while either, so he's still going to be in a 'beta' state for a bit. also, while the live servers are most certainly a huge priority for us, the skins team doesn't directly work on server issues so the two aren't related in this case. :3


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