: New Akali Feedback
I don't know about the other skills but was the W suppose to make Akali stop taking turret hits after she kills someone under turret?
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: System error
It seems it was solved.
: Critical error has occurred and the process must be terminated.
It seems to have been solved, but I will wait until today finish so to see if it will show up late at night as it has always done.
: Received this error despite resetting my computer, repairing the client, and re-downloading the PBE. My live game still works fine, so it probably has to do with today's patch.
It was when it started for me, after I updated the client. The other servers are ok.
: Yeah same as me i just got this same message and had to create a dump for it.Had to be afk all game smdh{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: It's still not working I tried and I even restarted my machine and nothing....
: I don't have that problem, but crashing problem is global :/
It's just so weird...I did the most standard things to solve it but nothing o.o'
: Is it working now? People are in the PBE Playing as we speak. I don't know if it's fixed or not
Here it's not. I heard from a Rioter, that it might be a problem of interaction between programs (league and another) one has, but I have no idea which program could that be here. :T
: I was thinking of just reinstalling the PBE altogether but that would not be necessary, since everyone else is affected. Must be a error in the code somewhere when they released the newest patch for the new skins and such.
Probably, the error (to not be able to connect to any matches anymore) just started for me after the last update. Before it would freeze my computer and I would just turn the computer off and back on and it would work normally.
: Getting the same problem I can't even connect back into my game it's stuck on "reconnect"
: Hopefully a rioteer can get back to us on this issue, unless they are not aware of this at all.
True, because a lot of people seem to be having this problem too! Like...last game I was with my duo, he literally connected only with other 2 people. The whole game was just the three of them. It isn't normal. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Oh fck, i don't know what' the problem then, u tried the full repair? :T
full repair? ç.ç I just followed some guy's instructions in the EU server but it didn't help either {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: I deleted Avira, that's what i thought.
I tried to do that with Avast (and deleted it), the error continued to happen tho :T
: System error
Last match I tried to connect to, just only 3 people got in and played the game. Everybody else was AFK/trying to connect I guess.
: You cannot login? Or you can't get into the game?
Last match I've tried to connect, just three people connected to the game, and it was URF.
: You cannot login? Or you can't get into the game?
Just logging in gives me the error message, but when I try to enter into matches the error shows up again and I can't enter.
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