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: HATE just from the first sentence alone
Guess I got hit by a Kog'Maw main. Carry on fellow PBE people.
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: Taric mana costs
I'll admit, his heal isn't *that* strong. That's why it was put down to 60/70/80/90/100 on live. I'd like it to remain at least that much if possible. You can't really spam his heal like you can with Alister. And waiting the 3 stacks only gives a heal equal to what it is on live. Its not stronger, nor does it do much more. If they raised the amount of of heal based off bonus health from 1.5 to maybe 1/2/3/4/5 per 100 bonus health then maybe yeah, I would accept the higher mana cost. I mean, getting 5000 health, I can heal and ally for 15% of that (750 heal). That is, after getting to late game and getting tons of health, also getting his Q up to max level, and having an ally near you (or has the W passive on them also giving half the heal to minions). Or have it so that if an ally has the W on them, the Q is doubled. They also took away Taric's self heal which was stronger than healing him and an ally which should be a compensation for *more power* to the heal him and others.
: Most of his abilities are almost carbon copies of what they were before, they're just presented in interesting packages now.
But, Reptiore once said that in a discussion on Taric that he wouldn't be turned directly into a tank, but into a support/tank (or a support that can tank). His new kit follows a tankier feeling such as how Poppy and Sion feel after their reworks into tanks. I've played Taric (when he was thought to be weak back in season 4) and know that he felt tanky then, but I understood why he was put into as a support/fighter since his ultimate was giving bonus damage and his W reduced armor. Now, it feels like he is more tanky than he once was, but not as obvious as Tahm Kench or Braum (since all of Braum's are CC with a armor and MR bonus put in, and Tahm Kench's are more for sustain and game changing abilities). True, his abilities are just carbon copies, but they have been enhanced and made so that Taric can be more of a tank than he once was.
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: Ascension, and why is it not fun
There are downs and ups in this game. The up is that you are forced to confront one another. The down is that most people like to assassinate from a bush (jungle, gank, whatever you would normally do in Summoner's Rift) but its harder now that you are in a cramped space. Ascension was the only mode to give a worth-while icon (which I somehow got) and love to show. But only a few could get it due to the difficulty. It shows I did play Ascension a good few times and know the gist of it. Its not a terrible mode, but I like Showdown better.
: 100% agree. The other akali skin changes are a big improvement, but I bought Crimson Akali for the splash art as well - and I'll be super disappointed to see it get a downgrade.
(I compared Amumu's regular splash to a Japanese version of his Vancouver splash. Its still hard for me to tell the differences off the bat.)
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: [Game connection] - Cannot Connect after lobby
Thank goodness its not just Macs. Now Riot will do something.
: It's tough to give an estimated time because we sometimes go a bit later or earlier if we're trying to get certain things onto the PBE that day. If you hop on after lunchtime (around 1PM PST), the PBE will probably be up by then. Just keep an eye out for the maintenance ticker to pop up. Once that goes up, you can be pretty sure that we will have the new PBE deploy out in the next couple of hours.
Please keep the warning alert up for Macs. I thought that since the alert was gone, so was the problem. I know that you said around 1PM (or around 3PM where I am) but the alert should still be there. It made me feel sad that I still can't play games with Aurelion Sol, yet. :'(
: Hextech Crafting for those who have all champions (idea)
Whoa, hold the phone. 10,000 IP points from 100 games? You only get about 80IP from each game, so that times 100 actually equals (around) 8,000IP. If I did, on average wins, get 100 IP per win, I would finally have all the champions right now on live. only 63 games? Doing about 5 games a day, would allow me to only need to play for at most 13 days. Since games can last up to 20 minutes, I wish that I could get 100 IP instead of about 70. Also, why not allow people to rent things with IP? or (I don't know) gift IP to friends?
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: Are we ever going to adress Janna and her 55% winrate with 25% pickrate FOR MORE THAN A YEAR?
I'm not going to lie, that is a dumb reason to nerf a champion. If it wasn't obvious before, there really aren't many supports to chose from, and most get their kits nerfed to unneeded states because they can "go elsewhere". Janna, on the other hand, can go elsewhere, but its not that simple. The thing is, she is possibly one of the more easy to get use to supports. I mean, in alphabetical order, Bard needs to stack chimes all game to gain his power, Blitzcrank only brings in a possible kill but doesn't keep his heal his team nor provide team boosts, Braum's stuns are what you focus but he isn't able to save everyone, Leona only can secure one or a few champs but cannot save allies through boosts, Lulu fairs very close to Janna but people barely use her (at least in support roles from what I see on the Boards), Nami also comes very close and could beat Janna but she costs 6300 and few people would buy her over Janna, almost no one (anymore) plays Nunu support but he is a great game changer, Sona's been nerfed to a sad state and deals more damage than she she gives to allies, Soraka use to be better than Janna but now most have to worry about her W sucking her mana and health dry, Tahm Kench has great game changes but can only get one ally out of battle and gives no boosts, Taric (right now) does give great boosts but he is a chore to master (unlike in the tank meta where he gained popularity) and will get changes soon, Thresh has great power and can help secure lots of kills but doesn't give the variety of abilities Janna has (but they are very effective and actually show that he is almost just as good a support as her), and Zilean has a fantastic kit that I've seen goes on pair with Janna's and could use some more popularity because it is very strong. Also, her Q and R have received lots of nerfs... I also forgot that her passive got some nerfs too.
: Gangplank nerfs are too big impact for his gameplay
Unlike many others, I liked GP's new kit and how it works right now... so this nerf makes me mad. Its too big, and biased. He's a fighter and they're basically nerfing things that don't even need nerfs (maybe even buffs in those areas). Nerfing his Serpents he needs to upgrade his ult (once I might add) and nerfing the amount of barrels he can hold (those things can act as double edged swords, Rito). Then they buff Katarina so that she has more power. She's resourceless (and the fact she doesn't need much to any extra CD lowered) so this makes me mad to think a point and click ability can not only get a buff from reduced damage to hitting more than one target but a buff to bonus damage to hitting someone hit.
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: cant buy champs still get charged IP
They are asking us to buy chests... click on the ! icon and they tell you to test them. I got 5 champs so far from the chests.
: Getting Champion Shards While Owning All Champions
These chests are suppose to make things at the very least a little easier on players, and even reward some. For those that own a lot already and want to just get wards, icons, and skins, its like a lottery box where you sometimes get that one thing you don't care about.
: actually they should add RP to every player for about uh every 1 week like before they start selling champions/skins for 1 IP.
I don't get how many people fail to realize that they can just use IP here. Its kind of funny.
: For me it says that the champion has been unlocked, but when it refreshes the shop, I can still unlock the champ, and the champ is not available on my profile page. In addition all the champions I had previously unlocked are now locked and all my mastery points have been reset.
I believe they want us to use the new system by using the chests and keys... but its kind of flawed when you need to own a champ to get mastery, meaning all S ranking scenarios are meaningless. It took me a while, but I was able to get 5 champs from the mystery chests... it took about 30 minutes of constant use. Got Galio, then Vladimir, then Rammus, then Anavia, and finally Jinx. You get TONS of skins shards, and if you don't own the champion... it doesn't count you owning the skin so it will still randomly generate the skin again (but you can use this to again generate a new permanent skin. These were a few things that intrigued me... ON THE NOTE OF A ANSWER: your mastery isn't lost. My played champs, such as Bard, Evelynn, and Gangplank, still have mastery under them even though I don't own them at this point. I'm going to work with the 5 I have now to try and see how solo does and further any findings. ALSO: Ultimate skins are also possible to be received. I should had saved the Ezreal one I received to tell how much is needed to unlock... but it also brings up another issue, why can't we unlock skins with Cosmetic Essence?
: Do you just not read lore or something? The places you matched them with are crazy
What? First, Aatrox is (yes) a Darkin. I'm not at all sure where that blood thirsting creature originated but if he were to live anywhere, it would either be Noxus (but that would cause a war to break out) so I thought of Mt Targon and how there's constant wars and thought he'd fit better there with lores not being tainted. Annie's family originated, if **I read her lore** correctly, from Noxus. Her family was banished after a tried uprising. Bard is hard to give a home, but since Soraka (who is just like Bard) lives in Ionia, he can live somewhere too, right? I thought of Shurima because of the video. Its more than likely Ionia but I just think that he'd be more free in Shurima. There's a lot happening in Ionia (Shen vs Zed, tons of distorted places and many champs waiting for a fight like Master Yi, Wu Kong, Udyr... I just wanted to put him somewhere a little more open and also calm.) Brand use to be a pirate taken over by the fire he'd found. Besides, where is he suppose to go? The only other option is Shurima. Fiddlesticks came **directly** from the Institute of War's lore. Now he's just a Scarecrow brought to life. Isn't that a horror trope? Something the Shadow Isle's is full of? Or we can put him in Zaun. For Gnar, you should had at least made this one a exception. I mean, Kennen, Poppy, and even Amumu say they have lived in Brandle City. Gnar was supposedly took in by Heimerdinger. Or at the very least accepted by his own kind. I thought Riot did away with other world lores. Its why Nasus, and Renekton got lore changes and also why Taric is more than likely getting one. (Even so, he lives in Demacia.) Even so, **where do you think Malphite is suppose to live**? If Ahri was transformed from a fox into a human and she lives in Ionia, why not say that Nidalee who changes from cougar to human (and back) is also from Ionia? Nocturne was birthed from nightmares, that I know, but where is he suppose to stay? Honestly, the Shadow Isles seemed like a great place until I remembered that he likes to haunt dreams and Zaun seemed like a place that would be easy enough. For Rengar, I'm guessing. He lives in a forest. Its that vague. Ryze... I don't know. Only Ionia allows you to really do something this dangerous. Other countries put up restrictions. (Even Shurima had restrictions.) A jester. Shaco is a jester. Why not come from a kingdom? Both Demacia and Noxus are great contenders. I chose Demacia because... it seemed to perfect. All they have are just and good people. Lucian destroys evil spirits, Vayne hunts down monsters, Garen fights for his country, Galio protects to make up his fail to his creator, Poppy searches for a owner for her father's hammer, Taric uses his power to help others, Quinn and Valor fight for Demacia, Lux wants to be like her big brother, Jarvan is a king that fights, Shyvana wants to be like other humans and helps Jarvan, and Xin Zhao fights for glory. Shaco can be that darker side of Demacia. Tahm Kench's lore comes from Bilgewater. I'm also adding Nami to this. She was even free during the Bilgewater event (meaning she is supposedly living near there). And Zyra, I don't actually know. She could even live in Noxus or Zaun for all I know. Besides, I don't get why I had to explain myself. These were personal thoughts on the matter and I wanted to help/have some fun. Don't get sassy and treat me like the idiot here. I may not know everything, but these champs come from stories that can be easily changed with just a pencil, some paper, and a Riot employee to acknowledge it.
: Like how Jinx is from Zaun and not piltover
Or how Rengar lives in a forest... so, is that Ionia? hm {{champion:266}} Mt Targon (loves to fight) {{champion:1}} Noxus {{champion:432}} Shurima (can also be Ionia) {{champion:63}} Bildgewater {{champion:9}} Shadow Isles {{champion:150}} Brandle City {{champion:54}} Shurima (or Mt Targon) {{champion:76}} Ionia {{champion:56}} Zaun (or Shadow Isles) {{champion:107}} Ionia {{champion:13}} Ionia {{champion:35}} Demacia (or Noxus) {{champion:223}} Bilgewater {{champion:143}} Ionia
: There are a many steps in the development process for all games, but usually the process goes something like this: 1. Dev builds. Also known as pre-alpha, this is where the game is constantly in flux. Sometimes 1/2 the game or more gets changed during this time. 2. Alpha. This is a closed, regulated environment where almost everything is up in the air. The game or program may change it's goals and programming at any time, and testers are asked to constantly give feedback as to how they think every little thing is going. Bugs will usually run rampant here, but things are very fluid and bugs will be hotfixed quickly. 3. Closed Beta. Less fluid like than Alpha, this is a period where bugs are ironed out with a set number of users, the more fine tuned parts of the game/program are solidified here. 4. Open Beta. A period where the game/program is opened to anyone that wants in on it. This is where a majority of fine tuning and balancing takes place - bugs are ironed out and everything is made pretty for release. 5. Release Hope this helped clarify a few points.
ah, so... that's a lot of work. 0_0 how does Riot survive? well, obviously this one of many reasons but this is a lot of work. So basically, the Dev is like "lets do this" and they skim over it, take some time, send it to someone else who touches it, sends it back and they send it to the Alphas for a check up. The alpha's look at it and also show the bugs that are in it. They give critiques and such until it sent to a closed Beta. There, they fine out a majority of the seen bugs from Alpha that are the most noticeable. The open Beta (us or I think its us because I have no clue now) is where a wider community finds out things that may had been unseen and have things pointed out by people who might know the champ or such very well and allow it to be improved before releasing it. Releasing it to a public that is still getting use to a game that constantly changes over time... Its weird. Not many games are like League. Changing into something more over time. Growing. Expanding. Its just... weird.
: KINDRED isnt melee or ranged
For the last time, its **them**. **They** are Kindred. If you are talking about Lamb, just say Lamb, and the same goes for Wolf.
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: Lyte posted it so I'm hoping it's the new Draft **crosses fingers** rew what are you hoping for? -LostFr0st
Well, my top 3 would be: Illaoi Sandbox Mode Ao Shin finally in development
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: > If we don't like this. And we find it weak. Are you willing to say "we messed up" and find a different avenue of fixing her. There will always be people that don't like changes, so I will likely never get a good read on the portion of people that don't like a change. If it's weak or something's off about it, however, we would address that, yes.
I really like most of the changes you do but you are making a bad move, bro. Its not that Quinn needs ability changes moreover that she just needed some minor fixes like some of the other champs. Quinn, at least to me, is still considered new because she is still 6300. All of the other champs you fixed up are 4800 or less. I'd say that the change should be put on hold because it does kill a very liked aspect of her. Personally, I like Valor and wanted a option to be Valor rather than Quinn in-game. Now that you've **killed** Valor, and even nerfed Quinn, I don't even feel like picking her up anymore. Just revert the changes for now because I don't want your good reputation to be hurt. (But seriously, such a nerf to her R... less damage? no abilities? no AA? just because its 0 mana? And yet you still nerfed her Q to not have a blind? I'd rather a blind that % *missing* health damage...)
: Fun fact, Zilean has a 100% total AD ratio. Oh his basic attack. {{champion:26}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3078}}
Fun fact, TwistedFate still isn't stated to have a Secondary option as a Marksman.
: Yeah, this is a big change for the character. We're hoping the new visuals on the spell let it make sense.
From what I've read above, I'm not the only one who will miss Valor. Its not that all changes should come with risks but this one just scares me. Don't get me wrong, I like the fact that Quinn is getting looked at but for me as a individual, I just thought that Valor could use touch-ups to his kit. Quinn seems to be very viable now, and though the passive change doesn't necessarily scare me, the ultimate nerf sure does. You not only took away a lot of safety when as valor but you also took away damage from the damage. The blind also was nice, and here me out, because there are so many times I'm against a Jinx, or Draven, or someone with raw damage and a lot of AS that I'm not able to beat without it. These are just some of my concerns at the moment, because Quinn doesn't need any power converts in my opinion....
: The plan is currently for Tag Team to not be available until level 6.
I feel bad though. It feels like Valor was shot down or something. Though the ability itself is powerful, I'm a little sad Valor can't even do any basic attacks.
: > While W is active, Kog'Maw attacks twice as fast, and his Attack Speed cap is doubled to 5 attacks per second. While W is active, basic attacks deal reduced physical damage, but apply on-hit effects at full effect. During this time, Kog'Maw attacks so fast that attack-moving efficiently becomes incredibly difficult, so choose a time when you don't need to move much, and go to town. Kog'maw seems to be taking a sort of Xerath approach, but as a marksmen. I approve, but I wonder if the range increase is staying the same, is being changed, or is completely being removed.
If there is no range boost, this might be either hard or just a moment in front of turret time to use.
: PBE Unavailable (But no talk of maintence or ANYTHING from the alert spot)
I just want another version of the Illaoi voice. I'm one of those few who just thinks its too deep. (Then again, my mother... *and the lady across the street.........*)
: She gains stacks if you attack an enemy champion with basic attacks only. Minions and monsters don't apply to those stacks.
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: DISCLAIMER: Instead of playing the normal Jungle Kindred, I decided to take them mid with an ADC build. The build went as follows; Blade of the Ruined King, Trinity Force, Runaan's, Infinity Edge, BloodThirster and Berserker Greaves. This is not taking into consideration player skill; this is purely based on how Kindred as a champion works in a lane. **My initial thoughts on Kindred in-lane (Ignore this if you want, just based on my first experience):** As with most junglers put into a lane, the levels 1-6 are rather terrible, naturally. You can get off some great poke on an unsuspecting mid laner with their E, however, it is easily countered by the fact that Kindred have low movement speed so you cannot easily chase them down to finish the stacks. The Q makes for easy farming, though is underwhelming when fighting against the enemy laner. The attack range and attack speed are on a nice ratio; high-ish attack speed and low-ish attack range, which balances out their trading ability nicely. W is barely useful at early levels, as it is easy to get greedy with using your Q to push. Levels 6 through 11 are a completely different story. Your chance of dying is massively reduced due to the ultimate; you also have your Q to dodge skillshots laterally, and your E has a spike in usefulness against melee champions in skirmishes. The pick potential is great with their E, so roaming is a must. Assuming you have Blade of the Ruined King at this point, you will very clearly notice your ability to fight is massively improved. However, it is important to take into consideration that most ADCs and supports/mages out-range and out-burst Kindred, so you must play them like you would play the average ADC; safely kiting around the back. After the fun mid-game, you fall off _heavily_ late game. ADCs begin to have high levels of sustain and critical chance, mages have lower cooldowns and tanks become difficult to finish off. Not all is lost, as you still have your ultimate which is an incredibly powerful tool for keeping your team alive, which in turn makes it hard for your enemies to burst you down if you are prepared. At full build, you will still have a great amount of damage, being able to proc Trinity Force with your W + Q and kiting with the Phage part of it and Blade of the Ruined King, but you are simply outclassed by many others. Overall, I would not recommend this champion outside of top and jungle. The outplay potential is there for the ADC and mid roles, but outside of that, Kindred just does not scale like most champions do in those roles. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that Kindred is underpowered. **Changes I would make:** Passive - Mark of the Kindred 1. _Bonus damage should be changed to 1% per Hunted monster kill, and 2% per champion, capped at 15%. It does not feel as rewarding as it should be, as a passive that is built around rewarding good picks, roaming and ganking. To counteract armour pen stacking, it could be dealt as magical damage, similar to how Darius' passive used to. _ 2. _Lower cooldown, from 4 minutes down to 3 minutes. Kindred does not feel like a tank/fighter, and should focus purely on getting those bonuses early._ Q - Dance of Arrows 1. _Damage up from 60/90/120/150/180 (+.2 total AD) to 70/105/140/175/210 (+.3 total AD). It doesn't feel like the damage does anything at all late game, even against squishies._ 2. _Another effect to it, as it seems boring. Perhaps Kindred gains bonus movement speed after every dash, stacking up to 3 times (+10/15/20/25/30 per jump, up to 30/45/60/75/90), which would improve their kiting ability significantly against late game tanks and fighters._ W - Wolf's Frenzy 1. _Health stolen should be relative to damage done since the last time it was proc'd; up from whatever it is now to 2/4/6/8/10% of damage done to minions and monsters since last time. As an example, clearing red camp (healing a flat 20 at first use, after taking the first hit of the camp) then attacking the next camp would mean Kindred heals and deals approximately 120 at level 1 or 2. This change would allow Kindred to stay in the jungle and lane for a while longer and being able to focus on stacking Mark of the Kindred. Relative to the Q change giving movement speed, it would make the player feel compelled to use their Q and W as a means of damage rather than just auto attacking, so that they don't just get a whole lot of low heals._ 2. _To help with the above change, the passive part stacks slower but can only proc when either Dance of Arrows hits an enemy minion or monster or if they are auto attacked. This would open up the option for enemies to get Kindred away from monsters and minions, similar to how Swain is more powerful when surrounded in a wave/in the jungle._ E - Mounting Dread 1. _Slow changed to 50/55/60/65/70% from 70% at all ranks. It is slightly overwhelming, but this change wouldn't remove it's utility. It just makes sure that Kindred's laning phase stays bad, but their ganks stay good. See below._ 2. _Slow duration changed to 2/1.75/1.5/1.25/1 second(s) from 1 second at all ranks. Works in tandem with the above change to keep jungle Kindred happy and laning Kindred balanced._ R - Lamb's Respite 1. _Cooldown lowered to 130/115/100 from 150/130/110. This is a great ultimate, a really great one. It's usefulness is out of this world, but should be used to help Kindred and his allies dive towers early to reassure those passive bonuses. Not huge, but those 20 seconds shaved off could save a life or two early._ ================================================================== The designers of this champion should really pat themselves on the back, Kindred brings something new to the table that is both fun and effective, being almost like a hybrid between Bard, Kalista and Vayne, but still keeping them from being overpowered. I'm especially looking forward to what pro players do with them.
I can see exactly where you are coming from, but the fact remains that it is just the second day. Sure, even I view her as weak, but I did the same for Bard (and they are still fun, none the less). I'd rather their Q deal more in the AD ratio; as in, **go up to 40% total AD from 20%**. It's a large buff but I'd like to see this more than anything else. The passive is fine, the W is great and amazing, and the E is perfect. Not to mention the fact their R is also fantastic and also a easy counter (for both Kindred and opponents).
: PBE boards are not meant for these kinds of discussions; it's what the live boards are here for.
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: Morde W oversight
or {{champion:20}}
: The fact that there is no going back once you E in is very important, it's what makes him fair. He is already very hard to catch, he is one of the safest ADC's. They like that game play and I agree, if he could E in and E out he would be to powerful and not fun to play against. Even more for AP Ezreal. From how you speak about this change you seam to have no godly idea how broken this would be on AP Ezreal. And changing numbers does change game play. Think about how much of a difference mere number changes did to Kass. Ezreal is a caster ADC. He has powerful spells compared to other ADC's and a lot of burst. Adding a ratio on shift adds burst without adding to his already powerful poke. Right now his game play problem is not that he is at risk after a shift, it's that he simply does not deal as much damage as other ADC's in a rather tanky environment filled with lots of(new I might add) options for tanks to start fights. Back in S3 when he was rampant it was an assassin meta where poke and safety was much more important than raw damage output. Adding a ratio to shift is a good plan, it reinforces his already solid and fun game play. My only worry is I don't know if .5 on shift will be enough, but I also have not seen it in game. Edit: A VU on Pulse Fire would also be nice, but hey we Ezreal players are getting a buff, so better than nothing.
I agree with you. It's like asking for Twisted Fate to have his ultimate back on his E and allow him to be able to teleport every 20 seconds if he wants. Ezreal already gets a second off every time his Q hits a enemy, meaning at least 5 seconds off a 19 to 11 second cool down. Its already said to be OP for Lucian to have his E be free yet all it does is dash and proc his passive.
: Even with his changes, he has the lowest win rate of the juggernauts.
Did you happen to look at his ADC win rate? Last I heard it was the highest. I don't understand either but in a duo lane, he's a lot stronger than a solo.
: Third Q is 270% AD not ap, the AP is 180%. Also like someone else said, you **can't** hit your q on turrets. >Didn't you nerf Veigar's R to just deal 100% of his AP and 30% of the enemies AP? No it's 80% still from enemy. How do you even play this game effectively? You clearly have no knowledge of scaling and changes done to champions.
**You can't get these things right on the first rant.** (Tying to joke here.) But I still estimated it (with the help of LoL wiki) to see his total damage. Level 1 champ, Level 1 ability: Q total damage is 28 (Base) + 175% AD (or since he has 61 at start its 107 AD) + 140% AP (no AP) = 145 **Bonus Damage** So, 61 x 3 = 183 + 145 = 328 Total Damage at Level 1 with no added items (His last Q deals a Total of 138 damage.) I really think this could be better balanced. Even if Mordekaiser is using health, items made to give back health and give bonus health make the cost seem insignificant. His Q at Level 5 (Mordekaiser at Level 18): His Q deals a **total damage** of 260 (Base) + 390% AD (he has around 150 AD by this time with no added items so 585 AD) + no AP but still 260% = 845 Bonus Damage 150 x 3 = 450 + 845 = 1295 Total Damage (his last Q deals 180 + 405 AD = 585 + 150 = 735 Total Damage) Now, imagine if he had items... I can't honestly think of any champion that can deal a total of that kind of damage. Even Riven's Q stops at a max of 270 (+180% AD) in Total Damage and Zilean can only deal up to 600 (+120% AP) damage if he uses a Q+W+Q and lands both Q's. I don't think that Mordekaiser should be given so much damage on his Q when he still has E poke and a ultimate that takes (or can take over) 35% of the enemies health (and automatically takes 17.5% (or more) just casting it). Even his W isn't useless as its passive allows easy leveling and gives back health and stuff. I'm just worried this might get out of hand.
: I just personally don't think it's broken or OP, it's just circumstantial. I'm voicing my opinion, just like you, and even with what you're saying in mind, I still don't think it's that bad. But you created a thread, so I guess if more people agree with you you'll see more support. Don't take it personally! Also, I gave it a -1 because I don't agree. I'm not going to give it a +1 if I don't agree. You can't honestly tell me that isn't a valid reason for a downvote :P
Fine, give your -1. There's nothing I can do to stop it. BUT You honestly don't see how this is either over powered or just a little broken? His ultimate already gives a dragon (which everyone agrees is OP) passively and deals 35% of the enemies health (17 and a half at first which is still a lot) and if they die they are your slave for a long period of time. Not only that, its not that it isn't hard but no other champ deals a total of 260 (base damage) + 390% of his total AD + 260% of his AP **in bonus damage** so he also deals his normal base damage. If Mordekaiser has 100 base AD and at least 200 AP, he then deals a automatic 1210 damage in total damage. As bonus damage goes, no champion ever deals this much unless their name is Draven and they send out 4 hits and catch each axe (at max level) yet at least this ability doesn't work on turrets and doesn't also scale AP. (Neither does Poppy's Q and it only works once.) Honestly, there are so many things about his bonus damage that could be nerfed and you think he's so balanced.
: It's easy to get the 3rd hit in. Use q on minions twice, flash q on enemy champion.
Not what I'm talking about...
: Simple! Just don't let him get to late game, or make sure he doesn't get any gold ;) Apart from that, I don't know what to tell you. I actually quite like it though, it's hard to get in those two-three hits sieging, so it's not that bad unless he splits, then he's easy to pick off (depending on how fed/farmed and stuff)
Okay, I want you do know something. This game is slowly going down a steep hill of disappointment. We're here on the Beta Environment to discuss what we see should change to benefit the players on the Live Client. I see that {{champion:82}} is too strong and needs a change. I asked for a balance. You -1 my Thread with a invalid reason that's already got an exploit. I tell you the exploit. You give me a **dumb** reason that has a 50/50% chance of going that way. I even have someone below saying how to get close with a third Q.
: I think the whole thing is that it's hard for a slow, tanky bruiser to actually even get 3 hits in, especially late game where it counts. For that to happen on an enemy champ, there has to be some mad teamwork (cc, stuns, so on) Go have a few games with him and you'll see :)
D;' Sorry, I'm trying to look at this statement correctly. Are we even talking about the same thing here? I'm talking about a bonus damage that can instantly destroy turrets in two hits in late game. And your talking about Mordekaiser hitting champions. Which in itself seems unlikely until you realize that they made this recently: {{item:3742}} And then there's the fact that only a unskilled Mordekaiser would leave his support until he gets fed.
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