: Can we get mini-notes with every PBE update?
www.surrenderat20.net/search/label/PBE/ Does one for every update.
: can't connect to summoner's rift but can conenct to other maps
: Client crashes right after champion select ends
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: Elise's "Q" can go over walls.
Its like this on live server as well. If shes in range of her Q it can go over wall she just wont go to it. Though her spiderlings will sometimes fly to the target.
: You should close LOLReplay. It makes bugsplat and crashes with PBE right now.
Finally someone gives a possible solution after this issue being ignored for days.
: [Connection Issues] Champion select ends then game crashes and refuses to reconnect
Same issue, this issue appers randomly and can happen every time or only once every two three games.
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