: @Riot About Vel'koz Mana costs
very true, if Vel'koz has the blue, he can harass the complete crap out of you, even if you are under the turret, and clear waves in less the two secs. augmenting his mana costs on his abilities or even his cooldowns will definitely help the opposing enemy and will be a fairer match up
: Custom game Bug.
that didn't happen to me, but i still randomly crashed in the middle of a bot game, i hadn't had any problems reconnecting tho
: i already fixed it. It was open on background
im happy for you then
: I think it could be very useful because if you have the opportunities and you know the time limit it encourages you to get the kills and make it more competitive
then it's psychological, not physical
: [Suggestion]Multikill Timer
it is a good idea in itself, but i don't see the point of knowing when u'll get a triple, quad, penta,it's not as if it was helping you kill them faster
: [Hearthseeker-Ashe] Rare W Bug
had a W bug were all the arrows were shot. but like half a second later, another arrow just goes flying completely out of range on the right side, it was a custom game btw
: i don't have i have
try deleting the most recent version
: PBE won't open
y'a tried looking on the web? Originally Posted by Mister Tiddles View Post - Go to this folder in your PBE directory: LOLPBE\RADS\projects\lol_air_client\releases\0.0.0 .142\ - Delete releasemanifest and S_OK - Go into the deploy folder in that same directory - In there, delete the lib, logs, META-INF, and mod folders - Also delete LolClient.exe, LolClient.swf, and locale.properties - Repatch http://forums.euw.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=787082 hope it helped
: Random champion vision
saw this a lot too. i was jungling, and i came to my wraiths and looked up at my red on the map too see if it respawned, and, on the mini map, for about half a second, i see the enemy udyr popping at my red, then teleporting in my mid lane, but he wasnt even there, this is extremely confusing and hope u can fix this
: PBE won't open
what do you mean? like the logo "league of Legends" just stays there when you open the launcher, or after you press "play"?
: Feedback on Heartseeker Ashe
the e on ashe, could be great if it exploded in a big pink heart, but still reveals the same area (of course), otherwise, the skin is great, but, as said above, the q could have some, pink, love, effects, but that's just my opinion,
: [Suggestion] Poro snack
yeah, that's a good idea, because we'll see more poros exploding, and it's great to see twenty little poros following you xD


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