: 2 is not a bug; players who have been devoured by TK can still take damage. DOT and Malzahar's ultimate are the primary methods of damaging an individual who has been devoured by TK, albeit this must be applied prior to the devouring. 1 functions how it does on live.
: Sandstorm would be really reaaaally awsome Okay, lets collect more ideas: Sandstorm for shadow prince Light gray/purple lightning (more sparks than usual) shield for overlord
The good thing is that he will receive a skin quite soon I think. I really really hope that they do DRAGONTRAINER MALZAHAR :D Imagine him in clothing similar to Tristana's and Lulu's and instead of voidlings having cute little dragons like the one that trist is carrying! I can't think of any other champion that a dragon trainer skin could be more ideal for :)))
: Oh, i meant to change that to: "while malza is in stasis, his voidlings become immune to damage"
That would not be balanced (at least Zhonya's gives some time to the enemy to deal with the voidlings). However what I suggest is giving some AoE dmg mitigation to the voidlings (spells like pantheon's E, morg W etc are devastating against malz - especially ad)
: And while they're at it, they can change his abilities to gold color :)
Yeah, I think that shadow prince Malzahar could get an update to something similar to Sandstorm Ekko (matches Malzahar's champ fantasy aswell)
: I noticed that too, I figured that djinn and Shadow prince look almost the same in passive. I wonder if they change that
I suggest what Yumihari said: > They should at least make his passive not change his overall color scheme to purple on the different colored skins. A golden bubble on shadow prince, or a sandstorm one (like sandstorm ekko's particles) will make this skin really cool.
: MYMU - Malzahar Discussion
I am sure that it has been mentioned elsewere but currently Snow Day Malzahar at least spawns "eggs" (they look like morgana black shields) on the ground where his voidlings die. They remain in place for the whole game which can lead into a messy map full of needless particles.
: So hes a Voidling commander now, aint he? I have an idea on how to make him a little less basic in build and playstyle: Passive: Context: 6 Seconds are a little bit ridiculous. * Increased CD at higher levels: (23-->10) from (23-->6) W: * Malzahar now gains "charges" every 10 seconds or for every 5 minons he kills. If he presses w, 1 voidling/charge will be released at the same time. (He can always press w, but will only get 1 voidling if cast with 0 stacks) * Voidlings now profit from all stats/buffs Malzahar receives: -Ad (solved) -Ap (solved) -Health (Voidlings will get a percentage amount of Malzahars additional Health) -Movement Speed (Voidlings get +10ms for tier1 boots, +20ms for tier2 boots) -RedBuff (Voidlings slow and apply 1/2 red buff in magic damage (it wont stack)) -BlueBuff (Will steal Mana from enemy champions if hit) -CritChance: Will increase physical damage similiar to ashe's passive -Armor and Mr (Nothing here, as it would be too op) -BaronBuff (Voidlings recieve the same buff a laneminion would receive except tankiness) -Golembuff (you know what I mean) (will work with Voidlings) -Attack Speed (Increase voidlings attack speed by a nerfed ratio (eg. 50% AS from stinger-->Voidlings attack 17,5% faster) -Special item interactions: Ludens echo: Voidlings will add one charge per Autoattack Nashors tooth: increases Ap Scaling on Voidling magic damage by a balanced amount Ohmwrecker: voidlings receive movementspeed while being near to structures Hydras: Tiny version of the Aoe around voidlings autoattacks Jungleitems: -New Devourer (madreds?): Minions deal 2% max hp against Minions/Monsters -Sunfire thingy (god i need to learn itemnames): Voidlings now have stackable sunfire auras (like 5 magic damage/sec) -ap ludens echo jungle-thing: Look at ludens echo interaction Lich bane: Voidlings can proc the on-hit Wits end: Flat magic damage increase for Voidlings and will apply the mr steal part Zhonyas hourglass: Voidlings will be in stasis too * Buff of Jungler: Smiting big Jungle-Monsters will grant 5 Stacks of voidling-charges and empower his voidlings upon cast (Timewindow to cast empowered voidlings: 10 Seconds). Empowered Voidlings live twice as long and have more hp than normal ones. E: Context: Malzahars identity was to melt people with space a*ds and not a deathtag for voidlings as it is right now. Simple and easy, his ratios are increased * Scaling buffed to 0.7 from 0.6 R: Context: His %Aoe is plainout useless. There is no scenario where his %aoe would do something bigger than damaging his main target. Changes: * Old W removed from ult part, base damage restored (low base damage, dont worry) but has no scaling. * New passive: Voidlings deal (1%/2%/3%+1%/100AP/50AD) max Hp per autoattack My intentions with these changes summarized: Pro: * Make building Ap worth again (scaling on e and % damage from Ult passive) * Let Ad Malzahar benefit from before useless stats (Like lifesteal or crit) * Make his Voidlings more reliable and strategic flexible (Hardpush lane or save for encounter) * Regaining the ability to shred tanks properly for Ap and Ad Malzahar * Make each item choice individual and make an impact Cons: * Utterly missing out a lot of damage without Voidlings * Special interactions are too long for a tooltip * Interactions require knowledge and ingame math /high learning curve * We might see some korean asshat that will find a way to abuse the empowered minions * Extremely item dependant (if he gets behind, he will have a hard time coming back)
> Zhonyas hourglass: Voidlings will be in stasis too I don't agree with this one for obvious reasons (feels nice when you are in stasis and the voidlings keep on dealing damage)
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: Malzahars passive is extremely ugly on all other skins but Snowday and Base
I want to add that the rest of the skins don't really look different when they have the passive up. (had people asking me why I didn't have a skin, when I was using shadow prince or overlord). The bubble animation overshadows their different elements.
: [OFA] Illaoi Awkward Tentacle Interaction
I want to note that all the tentacles, regardless of which Illaoi spawned them, react to the dance emote.
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