: Rakan & Xayah Bug Thread
xayah.....there is a weird interaction with her and runnans specifically runanns and her w. ive not only seen game play but in practive mode got a runaans and her w with runanns seems like it puts out more feathers than it definetly should Not entirely certain but it definetly looks like it does.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Super Galaxy Fizz!
When I was playing the new fizz skin I saw the black boxes but also no new anything no particles nothing THINGS I SAW: black boxes as someone already mentioned and his sick recall animation AND his cool super galaxy suit. THINGS I DIDNT(WAS SUPPOSED TO?): No little tracking line/animation on his ult from fizz to the intended target(I saw the shark pop out of the ground) But could never tell I landed it at all. no splash down particles on he E ability and of course w particles or any particles on q either. Btw high five to whomever created this skin.
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: Shen Bug Report Thread
his spirit sword how long can the distance between you and the spirit sword be...I definetly think it shouldn't be a whole 5 screens or so away. I notice it will follow to a certain extent until called via q just wondering if it is supposed to follow you without pressing q and if so how long the range on that is or should be?
: Poppy Update Feedback Thread
Ive played in games with the new poppy and her chin seems a little too pointy in comparison to her splash art and her cheeks are not chubby like in her splash art as well. Is that how her head is supposed to be shaped or is her splash art not right? IN short her in game model seems off in comparison to the splash art.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Marauder Alistar & Marauder Olaf!
Alistar when he taunts or rubs his horns he isn't rubbing his horns he is rubbing air can that be fixed so his hand is rubbing or touching his horn on the maurauder skin
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Lucian!
his "sena" gun sometime doesn't go off or the effect particle doesn't I can still tell he is shooting it
: Ekko Bug Report Thread
HI yesterday I was playing ekko.......Great job btw riot great job. But there were times when I used his Q and I didn't see the device at all and times I did see it( I saw the effects of when it hit enemies but not the actual thing he is supposed to throw out)............. I wish I had a screen cap of it. Anyway long story short Couldn't see his q sometimes when I used it but I saw the effects on enemies but not the device(MAY have something to do with my ping that game but just thought I would report it anyways)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sandstorm Ekko
so is his name final caus I feel like is should be called guardian of the sands echo or risen echo like all the other sand themed skins.
: Ekko Bug Report Thread
I found a bug no one apparently has been able to long in since the pbe finished updating yesterday afternoon soooooo for people that just wanna play on the pbe and not just ekko we apparently have to wait days until the pbe is open again cause the longer we wait the higher the wait time goes. this seems to happen (TO me at least) a lot I dunno if its the size of the server or what? And sorry to intrude on the ekko bug thread but I speak on behalf of everyone that cant get on and try stuff out since no one seems to be logging off at all.
: Can't log in
been waiting forever how about for people who don't wanna play ekko right now but wanna just play on the testing server rito plz
: From the way they nerfed her, I think their trying to nerf her early ganks during the time window where tanky junglers like sion are in downtime farming to 6.
I think your right but then again I got a bad feeling vi may be a big beneficiary of the new tank jungle items. as weird as that may seem cause the triforce gives her a lot of power without having to get the ad jungle enchantment
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: [TEMP] Rek'Sai Feedback + Known Issues Temporary Post
Everyone complains about lack of cc but its fine jungler items more than make up for that(being a jungle main myself its how I compensate especially when im on olaf or skarner on live servers). I do think you should have maybe 2 charges of your ult available for use instead of it just being a one time use if you don't change it its fine as is. Pros: 1. amount of cc is fine already on her plz don't add any on her 2. great design and kit 3. Overall appearance is great. Cons: 1. When burrowed she sticks to far out of the ground for my taste. With actual sharks you only see their fin and some skin around it not half there body when submerged in water. make it look as though she is well in the ground but she would look more menacing as just the fin and some skin not fin and half her upper body 2. 2 charges of her ult available for use before that goes on cooldown. 3. for champions like her use an energy of sorts and have ap and ad maybe more mixed damage items plz cause I definetly feel as though you should or can be able to make good use of both her ap and ad scaling abilities regardless of how well they scale at all points throughout the game.
: My thoughts on her kit: * Different Mechanic with the burrowing. It's not as menacing (There isn't enough differential between the 2 forms) I would like to see when she goes underground you can only see the tail thingy and when you click on it THEN the health bar and all her items and jazz will come up. And she doesn't show up on the minimap. Its almost as effective as stealth but a good support yours moving the camera around will definitely see her coming down the river. * More CC! Her ganks are very lackluster. Hard to pull them off without some sort of setup so she, in the current state, will not be as viable as let's say Warwick. I love her idea but she needs more than a mediocre knockup! There is almost no reason why you would want to pick Rek over WW with tele. Gap closer guaranteed suppression? vs. what with rek? a knock up? I think the easiest fix without changing moves and what they do would be making her tunnel creation as fast as a dash speed. Now she has a gap closer and an almost guaranteed knock up :) Maybe also throw a slow on her burrowed q in a way kind of similar towards Kha'zix's W. * Her Ult is very nice and somewhat unique but what I would change to make her MORE unique and add an interesting mechanic would be as she travels at the ridiculous speed to her tunnel, everyone she hits on her way gets knocked up. This could be comboed in a number of ways. For example: Rek is in the blue side red jungle and a 4v5 team fight breaks out in the mid lane. She doesn't a tunnel near by but she does have one in the top laner. She could ult to this at the correct time and knock up the whole team (think ezreal ult cross map). Another way, In a 5v5 team fight this time, she could pull of a fancy play is she could position herself in a way with a cross map tunnel so that when she ults up somewhere she also knocks up the team leading to a Yasuo ult or some sort of wombo combo then putting Rek in the perfect position to let's say split push the top lane, or steal the enemies red buff. This is what I got so far. Let me know what you think and critique me. I've been a PBE tester for a few months now and this is my first legit critique post :)
her ganks are fine too much cc available for junglers especially with all the items junglers have now. Burrowing is pretty menacing dunno why you think its not even though she does stick out of the ground too much for my taste
: Gonna repost my thoughts I put on another forum: Initial thoughts: Well you need to build Devourer on her. Her ganks kinda suck (especially early) so you need either a lot of damage in lanes or a lot of cc because in the early game she seriously lacks both of those. Her damage gets better as the game goes on. I think Hydra is a mandatory damage item and that's it. You can go tanky from then on. Her cc just straight up blows. Like... her clear is pretty rough so you'll probably get Trailblazer but you could make a serious case for Stalker's Blade just to get Chilling Smite. You should give her burrowed Q a slow or something because she doesn't bring nearly as much damage as someone like Nocturne and arguably has less cc and a worse clear. Will need to run CDR in runes and masteries because otherwise the ult cooldown is still 2 minutes at rank 3... three minutes at rank 1. Her ult is fun when it's up. Making tunnels is fun too and you can create some pretty interesting gank paths with them. The health regen in burrowed form is not great. It's like 25 health at level 1 or 2 which is pretty shitty honestly, and that's if you have full fury. The burrowed Q kinda blows. It does magic damage and all it does is reveal. It's a pretty poor skill. If you gave it AD scaling and made it a slow it would be ok. I think overall she's pretty undertuned right now, but I need to play more to be definite about it.
Her cc is fine clear is fine dunno why everyone complains there is plenty of cc especially with all the jungle items we have now. burrowed Q is fine no problem with it don't need hydra , botrk works fine. Again people jax is a lot like this in terms of damage mixed get over it.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pickpocket Twitch and Safecracker Evelynn!
Also venom cask isnt showing up for his new skin( when you activate it and throw it nothing is shown being thrown) the slow is applyin for me but apparently not for everyone. the chunk of cheese isnt appearing for me either
: Preseason 2015: Experimental objective and item changes
Crystalline bracer does that add to your total health regen like{{item:3069}} or{{item:3065}} does im still not sure how the righteous wings or crystalline bracer work exactly
: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands
Would be nice to test azir if there wasnt but one que up(team builder).
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: Yes, you're intended to be able to use the Little Gnar form bouncing E as you transform into Mega Gnar. Big plays baby. Also, yes the boulder is supposed to splash.
Okay thanks for the claity on that. I feel like the boulder doesnt splash all the time even though you just said it does or is supposed to. When I throw it at champions during the game or minions right in front of the champion it doesnt seem like it deals splash damage to minions or the champ like it is supposed to. Also I feel as though Mega gnar formis up for a little too long.
: I'm going to say it's intended. One, it has its own unique icon when you use it mid-transform. Two, it's awesome.
I know it has a unique Icon as it tells you that this is for engaging with mega gnar. I feel as though your not supposed to bounce cause your tehnically big gnar when your transforming
: Gnar gameplay and balance feedback
while he is transforming in to big gnar and you use e while in the process of transforming or your full tantrum bar . Are you supposed to bounce off minions,champs etc...etc , while transforming into big gnar cause I thouht big gnar wasnt supposed to be able to do that. Does his rock toss do splash damage.....is it supposed to cause there are times where I feel like it does splash damage if it hits a target and other times it doesnt do splash damage.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arcade Miss Fortune!
Can you fix the shop from bugging the heck out plz it happenes alot especially when new champs/skins seem to come out or a new pbe patch some times. sure its only for like a half day or something but c'mon cant test/play/have fun with the new cool stuff you guys put out if the store is broken all the time.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback: Jungle Timers!
Out of curiosity with the new summoners rift updat as well as the jungle. Will the buffs{{champion:20}} gets from consuming certain jungle minions be different or will they be just getting a name change?
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
Is it supposed to be like this cause I dont think im supposed to be half in half out of the wall.
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
first things first wow new rift looks great Maybe another 5v5 map would be cool too. anyway I was playing {{champion:238}} on the blue side went over to help with the junglers blue buff. Stood behind the buff/on the other side of the wall behind blue buff. and I was standing half in half out of the wall. Im not sure that was supposed to happen.I sometimes walking even through it not through tothe other side but through it
: New Champion Suggestion?
so its trundle with out the w and e
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: Patch 4.5 - Itemization Changes
I like the removal of mana regen from Wota. It helps makes the item feel appropriate for ap champs like vlad again. also I dont understand how an item with no ap(forbidden idol) and feindish codex add up to a{{item:3165}} which has 75 ap. I can understand where the mana regen is coming from but the ap doesnt make sense. with other items like {{item:3089}} you can sit there and make sense of the item cause you know where the ap comes from cause the numbers add up. But with the new{{item:3165}}, the recipe for it feels odd. At least with the kage's(when it was in the game) you could at least see how all that could combine to make the completed {{item:3165}} .
: [4.5] Pantheon Changes
I dunno the changes to w andhis ult are "okay" for now but I recently faced one and with a w,e,q combo was just about killing pepole just with those 3 abilities at lvl 5. Im notsure if buffing the living daylight out of pantheon was the purpose(if it was good job). But like khazix he seems a little too powerful atm.
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: Since, we're talking about spellvamp here, are you guys going to retune Gunblade? It gives spellvamp but its kinda selfish to make it only balanced around Akali, as she is the only champion that is too reliant on it to function as a champion. Perhaps you can add/tweak more spellvamp item options to AP melees like Morde so they're not constrained by WoTA only.
gunblade isnt an akali only thing I would think it would work well on kayle,ww(maybe cause of the high ap ratio on on his q), Twisted fate,Jax its a good item for champsthat have ap and ad spells/attacks etc...etc
: Don't like the removal of Mana Regen from WotA. Basically, Spellvamp works by converting your secondary resource (mana) into your primary resource (health). Therefore, it is stronger on champions not strongly restricted in their secondary resource (energy, health, no secondary resource). Hence, Spellvamp can be cheaper for mana users than non-mana users without being "broken" (Vlad, I look at you). So, why not fill up this cost difference by having WotA give mana sustain? Current (live) WotA prices 20% Spellvamp at 550 gold for mana-users and 910 gold for non-mana users. The item is gold efficient even without the mana regeneration. This PBE WotA, if Spellvamp has the same value (determined from Hextech Revolver), still prices the Spellvamp at 550 gold, the CdR at 317 gold and the AP at 1600 gold, leaving the item always slightly cost-inefficient. So, why not retain some mana regen on it, making it a more attractive purchase on mana users (due to the basic premise of Spellvamp).
I see your point but besides a very few people ive seen or heard(im guessing you included), get {{item:3152}} on mana champs and I think thats what they may be getting at here. Not like 20% spell vamp and mana regen werent nice but how often did you see a mid laner getting it I get it for vlad,and a few others I cant really think of atm.
: Maim and wriggles lantern
Thats what I was getting at it definetly takes a while to aquire but once aquired it is a good item for ad junglers.
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: See if adjusting the interface size in the options helps, it helped for me anyway
thank you ill try that
: This is a known bug, and has been around for a while. It's unknown when replay will be back.
okay thank you i thought it there was something I didnt do or download
: Heimerdinger is on PBE! Please post bugs/feedback here!
riot the new heim vu is relly good you out did yourselves. hurry up with the sion rework plz really intrested in what you have in store for him.
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: new varus skin
I just played against one it is good but I like it for some reason
: Heimerdinger is on PBE! Please post bugs/feedback here!
is heims splash art staying the same cause he no longer looks like that. Sooooo
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