: Ludens Echo on 3VS
Great find, welcome to PBE :)
: The Pulsfire Ezreal right?
> [{quoted}](name=Void Princess,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=M3Ri23NZ,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-03-20T12:00:52.572+0000) > > Blue team champions and skins used: > Vayne (Heartseeker) > **Ezreal (Pulsefire)** > Amumu (Surprise party) > Aatrox (Justicar) > Yasuo (High noon) Yes it is Pulsefire Ezreal
: ZZ'Rot Portal could be the basis for a new champ
Just saying, there is a forum topic thats champion ideas. Yup. Doubt Riot will even look at this cause thats where it belongs.
: the more I thought about it, the more I thought that champ ones should be earned and Damacia, Pentakill, Arcade ones could be bought.
Yeah I always wanted a Pentakill skin for every champ that you could only earn if you got a penta with that champ in ranked.
: Addendum: the individual champion ones you can earn rather than purchase by choosing that champion so many times in champion select.
Now THAT would be awesome.
: Purchasable Banners Idea
Not a bad idea, but I couldnt see anyone wanting to buy a banner, but then again I didnt think anyone would buy the mecha summoner icon...
: RP in PBE
Every new thing that needs to be tested can be bought for 1 ip. I still have a lot of rp left. If you spent all of your rp then thats your fault. Riot made a post about it when this new system came out.
: > Sion's W is same as bloodthirster's shield. This makes it hard to see if W can still be activated to explode or not. Perhaps there is a situation where a player would like to activate shield in a last second. > So I took the time out to get some picks on this and yes it is confusing. > > So there is Sion with BT: http://imgur.com/UZIWuo8 > > Sion with BT and early shield: http://imgur.com/1IAkZeG > You can see the small shield in the big shield. > > And finally Sion with full shield: http://imgur.com/s6UR5d1 > You cant see BT at all. > > I have no good solution for this visual problem, but I hope that Riot can find one. WAIT....................................cant you use this to your advantage so the enemy doesnt readily KNOW when your shield is going to explode?
you can still see when it reaches its full charge and sion can manually explode it early. The enemy cant see your BT shield, but neither can you.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dunkmaster Darius
He is awesome. The only thing that bothered me was that when he captures the things in dominion hos ball just floats in front of his hand. Not sure if a bug or its meant to be like that. I have to say that I hate Darius in game, but I cant hate Dunkmaster Darius since the skin is soooo epic.
: [Visual] Suggestion for Sion's W
So I took the time out to get some picks on this and yes it is confusing. So there is Sion with BT: http://imgur.com/UZIWuo8 Sion with BT and early shield: http://imgur.com/1IAkZeG You can see the small shield in the big shield. And finally Sion with full shield: http://imgur.com/s6UR5d1 You cant see BT at all. I have no good solution for this visual problem, but I hope that Riot can find one.
: Sion passive visual bug
: [minor][visual] Kog Mow bot's name is not displayed properly
This happened to me with other champions before on live. I think it might be fixed by now. (euw btw)
: [Suggestion] Making custom games more customized
It has been suggested here multiple times. Its an awesome idea, but please search the threads before you make a new one, cause this one has been made multiple times.
: Central Feedback Thread for Viktor Gameplay Update
Im a big Viktor player on live and I build/play him around his E poke. So I dont like the change on that at all, but the other abilities are awesome and the rework in total would be great if the E would be the same.
: [SUGGESTION] New Ward Style
These will soon be coming to PBE so yeah. They thought about it. And kind of made it.
: 'Ascension' game mode coming soon to PBE
I played a game with both teams being pretty balanced both killed xerath, close game. The main problem was that everyone crashed atleast once during the game. The whole game froze and wouldnt respond at all.. This never happened to me with lol before. And maybe give Xerath some more health? Just a bit.
: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands
My whole game with Azir: I played on Howling abyss 1v1 both Azir. From the begginning I realised that he is very hard to play, but if you have enaugh skill to play him he will be as op as any other op champ. As said in the post he becomes super strong late and has a bit weak early game. I dont have any problems with that, I think he is awesome. I found a bug while I played. The bug was that whenever I respawned (top side) the camera would go to the enemy fountain and show me respawning for half a sec then I would appear at my own base, but the camera would still be at the enemy base. He is hard to get used to but very fun and you can make a lot of plays with him. I will buy him on live when he gets there :D.
Was thinking the same thing :D
: Howling Of Abyss rework??
It doesn't look bad, but the chain near the inhib could mess people up and Howling abyss got totally reworked a year ago, so yeah.
: Or atleast if they make a quick join mode . like if there is a leaver in a game someone may fill the space . atleast in ranked because losing a game because of a leaver is the worst thing ever .
Filling a space is just a bad idea in my opinion. A guy cant just join a game 20 mins in. I know afk people in ranked sucks a lot and they are getting punished. Plus you get reduced lp loss which is cool.
: 1 VS 1 ranked system ?
The problem with 1v1 is that there are like 10 champs that win over all other ones. And the two sides could pick completely different champs so the game is one sided. 3v3 isnt a bad idea, but 3v3 is basically a gamemode that stayed.
: Nautilus
Looks epic, I hope they make it
: [New Game-mode] Hide and Seek
I played this in custom and it was great and I think it could make it into a normal gamemode, but it needs to be polished. There isnt any way to make people follow the rules, but there could be some changes made to the game. Like since Udyr is the only one with AA cc I think every AA should be disabled. Things like this could help it actually become a normal gamemode. I dont have time to do this with everything, but if you guys want to I can come back to this post later to do it.
: The Freljord quest is still there, to trigger it there must be in the game one of these conditions: 1. Ashe in 1 of the teams and Lissandra in the other team 2. Ashe in 1 of the teams and Sejuani in the other one 3. Sejuani in 1 team and Lissandra in the other one In other words there must be 1 and only 1 leader of the Freljord clans on each team to trigger the quest, if there are more than one leader in one team it won't trigger the quest, also both leaders must have reached level 16, same with the Rengar Vs Kha'Zix.
: More hidden passives, taunts, and secondary objectives.
I agree, I love the Rengar VS Kha and the Freljord event like a year ago. I also heard that the harrowing map had an Urf ghost. More of these pls Rito.
: Veigar (Bot) AA Visual Bug
: > Thats true, but he comes back without having to do anything and he comes back hard. Hard CC or exhaust will shut him down like mumu he goes in ult
You CAN beat Yi, thats not the point. The point is that he is too hard to beat.
: the things that people do when they see yi ult and running at theme is fleeing away and dying eventually while they should atack him especially in early lvls
In early he isn't that strong, but in late it doesn't matter if you run or fight, because he will 2 hit you. If you run, your teammates might get to you in time.
: You can shutdown a yi really easily he has a really bad early game
Thats true, but he comes back without having to do anything and he comes back hard.
Rioter Comments
Hi, Nobody remembers Showdown :'( I like this idea, but I dont think there are a lot of gamemodes atm and some of the gamemodes are for a seasonal event. Showdown was winter themed. URF is Urf day(april 1st). Also I'm pretty sure it messes up the servers a bit. On euw we had a little peace time for a while, but now with URF yesterday my whole game froze twice. And it was for everyone. So basically in time when we have more gamemodes, bigger and better servers, this should be the new thing, but until then I dont think that Riot could do it.
: It's hard to do draft mode in this manner. Reasons are, of course, the banning. But also, counter picking. How are you supposed to counter pick if you can't see who you're facing?
It completely true that you wouldn't be able to counter pick, but lets not forget how big of an impact counter picking actually does for most players. Counter picking starts to be important on a higher level of league play like plat. Before that the counters don't matter that much. There are a few exceptions of course with hard counters, but lets not get into that. Also right now in tiers like Bronze and Silver people want to be great so they insist on their team mates to counter pick and this can easily pressure them into picking a champ that they don't quite know how to play. I believe that team builder is far from perfect and might never be seen on a tournament match, but it helps with the fun of the gameplay that you can play with a champion that you really want to play with and other players cant say anything about it. Im sure I'm not the only player who had 3 team mates that locked in mid. In ranked this is worse since people are more stressed about the outcome of the game. Also, draft isnt only ranked and in normal draft it basically doesnt batter if you counter pick or win or lose, the only thing that matters is that you have fun with a champion that you want to play with. In normal draft I usually just ban champions that I hate to play against like trynda and teemo. The 3rd ban is usually Urgot :D. Im not sure if this all made sense. It sounded better in my head.
: I have another idea for this. Slightly different. Team Builder would function as it currently does for the stages of champion selection, match finding, etc. But once the match is found, you enter into the screen for the start of draft pick. Both teams are unable to see the other's champions at this point (as in normal draft pick, nobody would have selected a champion by now). Then, banning phase starts. The randomly selected first pick will ban first. If any players in the game have the banned champion, the team as a whole (including the person who's champion has been banned) will vote one of said player's playable champions. The champion which the team reaches agreement on is prompted to play that champion. Team communication is encouraged during the voting process, and one can switch their vote to any champion at any time, before the vote ends at a specified interval of time (15 seconds or so, maybe). If they agree, the other team bans, and so on and so forth. Then comes the time for picks. But now it's not picks, it's switches! The person who got first pick from the banning phase now has their champion revealed, as if they had just locked in their champion had we been playing normal draft pick. Then, the opposite team's player(s) in the same lane as the just-revealed player get to choose to "keep" or "switch". "keep" causes no effect, same as locking in basically. "switch" prompts much the same process as in the first paragraph. Now, if that player does not want to play that champion, they can choose to return to the lobby-finding queue at no penalty to themselves or any other players in the game. The remaining of both teams would return to their respective lobby screens and then be allowed to search for more players, or if they have a full lobby already, to rejoin the matchmaking queue. One might say, "But, wouldn't that make wait times longer and everything because people don't wanna play the champ that their whole team recommends!?" But, what is a little extra waiting time, if you just dropped a person who doesn't want to work as a team (and thus contradicts the purpose of Team Builder), and gained a new (and possibly better) teammate, and don't have to suffer through a horrific defeat at the hands of -- well you get my point. Anyways, that's just my thoughts on it. Any more feedback would be awesome, as I feel ranked could be a "safer" place atm.
I have to say that I completely agree with cllewis98 about this.
Rioter Comments
: Veigar
Lategame he has incredible burst with ult and W, but early he isnt hard to beat and his ult has a long cd. So I think he is pretty balanced. If you go full ap with him, you wont have any sustain so he can be easily bursted. In teamfights he can kill the adc with 2 clicks, but after that he will die in 2 secs. Since other champs can do the same, I dont think he is that broken. Op 1v1, but dies easily 1v2.
Does the same if youre alive. Its supposed to bring the camera back to you.
Rioter Comments
: Problems with connecting to the chat
: For me, on a recent mac, when i buy a pack, the client crash up to 3 minutes. Maybe by my internet connection, but this bug is only on the PBE client. (Sorry for my bad english x) MAJ : I find this bug only for the champion pack, not for others buys!
Happened to me and my friend too. We both have Win. So I think its just the massive data and happens to everyone.
: Kayle minimap bug
I can confirm. He had no skin on Kayle and his pick was blue on the minimap, when you press tab, at assists, kills at the top of the screen and her debuffs looked like blue circles as well on me.
: Team Builder is coming back to the PBE select times from 2/14 until 2/21!
Thanks for the normal GMT times. Playing late at night was getting tiring.
: Team Builder will be coming back on Monday (2/10) and Tuesday (2/11) from 1:00 to 5:00 PM PST!
I think this time everything was good except when you get kicked out of a lobby, the search timer starts from the beginning. Maybe this is how it is supposed to be, maybe it is not.
: Malzahar OP? Good one. And I am not the only one having a hard time with him. He is almost perma-banned in ranked, that should tell you something right there. All of my friends, from bronze to diamond, hate him Tell me what his weakness is. I can't come up with anything. He has no resource to manage, he gets free shields for moving, he has a dash WITHOUT A COOLDOWN, and his wall. His wall is the least OP thing about him. His ult's cooldown is non-existant late game. Where was this weak early game he was supposed to have? It doesn't exist. The only thing he has to do is get level 2 and then he is golden. He is beatable, yes, but he is still OP. Everyone thinks Kass is OP, and he his still beatable. I think Kass is less OP, at least he has to make it to level 6. You can win against Yasuo, but so many thing have to go right to do so. Yasuo only has to get Shiv and IE and he has enough damage to 2 shout a squishy target. Let me tell you a story. I was bot as Karma support, and my friend was Lucian. The enemy bot laners were Yasuo and Cho. At level 1, I started to poke Yasuo constantly. By the time he hit level 2, he had half health. Immediatly, he started dashing through minions to my ADC. He miss is tornado, and Cho missed his Q as well, but single handily killed my full health Lucian with nothing but a dorans shield in 3 seconds. That is not balanced. If he is going to be a late game monster, then he needs to have a bad early game. You can pretend to be the bigger person and pretend to be passive about this debate, but its not going to change anything. He is broken.
Hi, I couldn't help but notice that you were pretty angry about yas, and that only 1 person was trying to protect him. I play yas. From playing him I can tell you that he isn't that hard, but he does have weaknesses. I win most of my games against yas, because I know how he works. Even if you really hate a champ, I would advise you to play him at least once to get the feeling. His Q is op, but it has a relatively short distance except his 3rd. If youre playing with a mage you should try to keep your distance. For this you can play Swain, Viktor and champs like that. His 3rd Q is what I mainly use to poke with. It isnt hard to dodge and he doesnt have a long time to use it. Also this is his only cc(not counting ult). Having no cc means that while he is hitting you, he cant do anything against you hitting back, while you can if you play champs with cc. His ultimate has a short cd, but only works with knockup. It isnt that easy to knocn someone up. Believe me. W has a loooooong cd. His shield you can take down easily with a basic attack, and he has to run around to regen it while you can poke him. His E isnt that big of a deal. He closes his range. Lot of people have it. It has a short CD, but if your minions arent around, he cant get back at you if you start to run away. Also he is very squishy. And as you said, most yas players buy Shiv and IE first. This means he has high dmg, but no life steal, so if he goes down, he stays down. I think this sums it up. As for your story, you were an adc and a supp against a fighter and a tank. This matchup is kind of weird, but you can get used to it. I dont really like karma, but thats your choice. Silence works awesome against yas, so try that. Ofc seasoned yas players know how to counter yas and counter your counter, so you have to counter their counter counter and so on. But that shouldnt really be a big problem if you play with a champ you know. If somehting is unclear or you have a question, feel free to ask. Sorry about grammatical mistakes.
: Team Builder Bugs - 2/3, 2/4, 2/10
If someone disconnects during the champ chosibg/team finding/waiting for other team, then the whole lobby quits to home screen.
: Team Builder Bugs!
Bug: I selected Yoricks Pentakill skin before entering the queue and I didnt get it in game.
: I've been having problems where I'll get into champion select, call my role, and without selecting a champion or even hovering over champions i will get an error box and the entire client will go black. http://imgur.com/o1l3Jat After being black for a while randomly i will be placed back into a different champion select (as if i was placed in que again) but without having to accept anything.
: Hexakill Enabled on PBE!
If even one players was inactive or declined in the queue, it didnt return me to the matchmaking queue.
: Team Builder Bugs!
Hi I selected Zombie brand, but it didnt bring it out in the game. I selected it both at the beggining and when we started looking for a match.
: Team Builder Bugs!
Hi I played a game with team builder and I think it worked smoothly(the wait time was a bit long, but that is because of PBE I think). I only have 1 suggestion. When you click to select a champion, you cant quit the page you can only select one and then a skin. Could you please make an X at the corner to X it? Its just a very minor thing, but I feel that it would improve it.
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