: they should just change the color schemes of MECHA aatrox if they already touched it... Like the ART looks Amazing, so detailed, but in the reality it is much different, which eventually almost every champion face it but the color scheme from ART and MODEL are so so SOOO much different, like i really dont care if he looks like a toy with new and bad MODEL but cmon RIOT could at least implemented better/darker colors on him to at least feel like a skin worthy of money, not just because of VFX but because of damn players Like for me personally, they can't buy me with VFX, but with rather Splash art + the in game model, if i dont like those 2 factors i dont even look at the VFX nor SFX and im angry because i own the MECHA's SKIN and im not happy with it! For example they did much better job with JUSTICAR's skin, they implemented better color scheme and made the skin much better Overview Justicar skin is amazing at least what concerns the model, but they took his recall animation and made it genuine that's the only downside of it while with the MECHA skin is a bit different stroy Model is even worse than before, but VFX are 10x times better It's like watching the McDonald's advertising their FOOD, which looks great, but once u get it, it is shitty AF but tastes good, just like Mecha's VFX i dont know... quality of Riot games just went downhill... Like Hardware is getting better and better, but they still lower their quality from year to year for certain champs
In the above passage where I was critiquing all of my feedback was based on the base skin. The only thing I mentioned about Mecha Aatrox was the particle effects because I thought that they were so good that they deserved specific praise. I didn't want to go in to too much detail across skins because there is so much to cover and it can all be very subjective. To clarify I did check out the mecha skin, specifically the Obsidian variant as this is what I play with on live. Comparing to the Live model the colours pop a lot better on the new model with smoother animations. Personally I think the new model looks far better for the rework than the old. This is all just my opinion however and in case this seems biased I want to clarify that I am against the rework however all of the feedback in this thread is taken from as non-biased a view point as possible. I am linking a video which compares old and new skins at the time for mecha :- https://youtu.be/2q1t8ZKRCsw?t=477 Thanks for your reply though. It's always interesting to read others opinions.
: I've posted this earlier elsewhere but it is relevant so I will post it again. **Tl;dr:** I'm not a fan of the rework and will probably find a new main. [MY OPGG](http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=huehuehuehehe) Initially when I heard about the Aatrox rework a year ago I was excited, Aatrox is strong, however his kit can grow a bit boring and was hoping for a rework akin to Warwick: maintaining the same traits as the old champion, but improving them. Instead, what in my opinion we received was akin to Swain's rework or say Galio's: an almost entirely new champion in terms of personality and play-style. When Galio and Swain were reworked they kept their respective roles albeit with minor change, Galio retained his tanky AP mid/top status but gained a more supportive ultimate. Swain is still a versatile top/mid mage but has become more so a sustain/burst mage rather than a drain tank/mage. Aatrox's identity shift from an auto attacker to AD caster would be similar if Riot reworked Tryndamere into a Talon or a Zed. And while I have his gripes about some aspects of his new design in terms of his physical apperance and personality, this is not nearly as important as the game play which I feel is a major downgrade to what we currently have. I've played about 15 games on the PBE with the new Aatrox, tired multiple builds and runes, played him top, jungle, mid, hell even bot, and yet to have found substantial success with him. Originally possesing the archetype of an auto attack heavy carry, such as Tryndamere or Jax he has now become a Darius/Riven combo that is high risk, low reward. Anyone with a semblance of a brain can easily sidestep with Q's and walk out of his W. And playing against any champion with a dash? Good luck. He is weak, and at just a numbers standpoint he has one of the lowest HP's of any top laner and lowest growth. Considering I am somewhat struggling to find a successful place for the new Aatrox on the PBE, where it is mostly inhibited by low silver elo, I cannot simply find him viable in high elo anymore in his current state. Compared to the old Aatrox, or current one on live servers, at all stages of the game he is weaker. It is nearly impossible to 1v2 and former skill match ups such as Jax or Fiora, now become a stomp due to them not having to relying on any major gimmicks within their kit. Sure, Fiora has her vitals, but she is rewarded with a speed boost, healing and MAX HP% TRUE DAMAGE, while the new Aatrox with his Q gets, slightly more damage and a knock-up. He just cannot compete with the current top laners. My biggest complaint however, is that he is not very smooth; he feels extremely clunky and unfinished and even when I found myself doing quite well in some games, I was not having fun. His new ultimate is also extremely underwhelming and is a nerfed version of his current passive. Aatrox's current passive gives bonus attack speed, bonus attack damage, and the ability to revive at 5 stacks. Aatrox's new ultimate gives bonus attack damage, a MINION FEAR, and the ability to revive for the 12 second window your ult is open. And if we actually compare it to his current ult, which gives him 225 bonus attack range, flat damage done in an AOE, and bonus attack speed his new ultimate just looks pathetic. Riot has been kind enough to keep in contact with us Aatrox mains through a rework process, and allow our input for what we like about Aatrox and what we wanted to keep. Some of these requests have gone ignored which is fine, but strangely enough Riot has gone quiet on the Aatrox Reddit immediately after the rework and has not responded to any of our feedback yet. Also to quickly address his physical appearance and voice, initially I was very hyped upon seeing the teaser video, but after seeing his in game model and some of his animations, specifically his home-guard, walk, and tower attack animations which imo all look a little goofy, I was disappointed. His new voice with certain lines is quite good, but I am conflicted. The voice can capture the old essence of Aatrox perfectly: [this is perhaps one of my favorite lines from him](https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/f/f4/Aatrox_293.ogg/revision/latest?cb=20180612212831). But the problem that many others have vocalized is that when he yells he sounds completely different in his [personality and audio](https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/6/6f/Aatrox_303.ogg/revision/latest?cb=20180612212859). Honestly, if I didn't know who Aatrox was, I would assume whoever said these two lines were entirely different characters. The dichotomy of him yelling and spitting poetry is rather jarring and with his constant reference to himself in third person and as the "World Ender" it is a bit of an eye roll. For a quick comparison, just listen to one of the few lines he has kept with from the [old Aatrox](https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/2/27/Aatrox.attack04.ogg/revision/latest?cb=20130520212540) to the [new Aatrox](https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/b/b3/Aatrox_301.ogg/revision/latest?cb=20180612212858). Not a fan. This is all my opinion however, and am well aware that there are actually some pleased with his rework. But as a long time main of Aatrox whose played him since release I find this rework, a dework: a massive downgrade in viability and fun.
This is great feedback in all honesty. It's difficult to talk about the VO because it's very subjective. While I agree with you about the difference between the Fight or be Forgotten line I played both to someone who doesn't play league and he preferred the new one. The answer isn't as simple as one is better in these cases and it will always fall t personal preference. Great Feedback though. Thanks for joining the debate.
: I would also like to add to this, though it has nothing to do with any of his gameplay, that the tooltip for his E should really include the limited healing on non-champions without needing to press shift. The rest of the tooltips for him makes sense with that new shift change trying to trim down strenuous information, although I personally as a stat person am not fond of it, but having reduced healing from non-champions is a VERY KEY THING for healing mechanics. I believe its importance has been overlooked. Tagging it on to this post because I don't really know if I should make my own.
I haven't looked too deeply at the tooltips if I'm honest I probably need to look at this in greater detail. I agree fully however and previously I believe this has been the case with similar mechanics such as the healing aoe of Renekton and Darius.
: dude? his new model and voice is totally crap, and the sword in his back is horrible. witf?
Hi. Yeah I personally think his model when compared to old Aatrox is a downgrade. However looking at it as a knew champion it fits in with there newer simple designs. If you look at kai sa or Irelia they have very simple colour schemes. You can see this has been implemented with the reworked model. A lot of the colours are simplified to make the design less muddy. However currently the colours are too bright. As for the sword on the back I think this is just down to personal opinion and there isn't really much logic in this but I think it looks good
: I approve with everything you said but would like to add something to the visual point. aside from the too bright red color scheme Aatrox's new model is too skinny and lacks a lot of details. old {{champion:266}} has very cool armor.. it feels detailed and the spikes and leg armor look great. new one on the other hand looks too skinny and his armor looks like it was quick drawn. in the splash art he looks like he can level a mountain but in the game u feel like he shouldn't physically be able to lift his sword. that combined with his double wielding makes him look incredibly weak. not the menace he should be. a giant sealed angry god shouldn't be as thin as {{champion:4}} and as brighter than {{champion:122}} cape imo
While I agree that the old Aatrox had some really detailed armor. I think the modern Riot design policy is to reduce visual clutter as can be seen with the Irelia Rework. I didn't really notice any size concern. Will give it a look tomorrow.
: This is the most accurate, well thought out post of his new problems. I've thought them, but wouldn't have been able to write them out as good as you. I really do hope riot at least make some changes to his mobility and ult. The ult is pretty much just a "do what your doing without the ult but do it 10% better button." and as you said, the lack of outplay without a good mobility spell, will be one of the biggest downfalls in making cool 1v1s/ 1v2s as a duelist. Very very well done post and I hope riot looks at it and takes some pointers.
Thanks a lot for the kind words man. I just tried my best to get some non biased thoughts down :)
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