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: Friend invite
The Registration is currently disabled sorry.
: Vitorious skins
For me it was Available ^^
: Championship Ashe -- E -- (Audio) Bug
Yeah, the Sound just continious and its really annoying. Pls fix :D
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: How do I unlock Championship Ashe?
Now she's in the Store, I just bought her :D
: Soraka's passive Salvation and the Star Guardian skin
: yo i dont even have the game mode only normal aram and arurf{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Screenshot
Ok I tried it and its the same for me ._.
: Not being able to buy mystery skins in store
: Extremely annoying and unplayable with this lag. Not making this new gamemode enjoyable at all.
Yeah, but they disabled it for now so I think they're working on it :D
: Dang was disabled due to lag
Thats good, maybe they'll fix it now :D
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: Why it doesn't work? Be more specific with your problem. It works just fine for me, just click "DOWNLOAD PC" or "DOWNLOAD MAC" on the top of this page. Easy.
I got it already over a Link, but the Website didnt work :D
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: Website For Signup Does Not Work
Same here, I want to download it on my new Computer but I cant ._.
: Store got bugged, stuff got leaked. Riot's probably afraid to touch the store now. Also it's Sunday. None of these skins need testing though, so they don't need to be available c:
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: This happened to me once. Just wait till the next patch (which shouldn't be long since it's PBE) and try then.
Its already working :D Thx
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: Please keep in mind that PBE has maintenance almost every weekday. Your problem, though, is probably related to the fact that you did not do step 2 correctly: “How do I install the PBE client?” from the [PBE FAQ](; > For Windows: > 1. Download the Windows PBE client here > 2. Extract "", then open PBE Folder. Delete the .zip folder. > 3. Copy and paste the entire PBE folder anywhere on your PC **except the directory you're using for your main League of Legends installation.** Hosting the PBE files and the main League of Legends files in the same directory has been reported to cause problems. > 4. Double click on "lol.launcher.exe" or "lol.launcher.admin.exe" to run the launcher and start patching. It is advised to use the admin launcher. You'll update one more time after you install correctly~
Aaaah thx dude :D
: There is the Live Alpha Client and the PBE Alpha Client. The Live one is a closed alpha that you request to get into. However the PBE Alpha Client is open to all PBE users. They both connect to their respective servers as the names suggest.
Okay because im on the live alpha too but where can I download PBE alpha client?
: The only difference between lol.launcher.exe and the lol.launcher.admin.exe is that the second one requests admin privileges. Generally if you have any issues with the League Client, you should try using the admin launcher. I would recommend giving that a go as you reinstall everything, if you get this issue again, I would then recommend using the [PBE Alpha Client,]( seeing if you get a different result.
The alpha client but for the normal server?
: Make sure your PBE client is in a separate directory from your Live client. What caused it to crash? Did you open the shop or did you click on a tab in the shop? Did you try to buy something?
I did on the client nothing special but I taken my second screen off from the computer ._. And I have a question when I download the client then in the folder PBE there are lol.launcher.exe and or something like that what do i have to open?
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