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: TFT item drops disabled?
yeah i also am getting only gold
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: Doom bots morgana BUG
thats an ability that the doom bots morgana can do
: Either case, AR URF was not meant to balance the gamemode. It was meant to increase champion diversity.
it sounds good on paper, i agree with that. but im seeing the same like 40 or 50 champions. im getting the feeling its not so random. also, i havent had one close game yet, they're all always one sided. even if you're the one bodying the other team you still think that.
: Random Urf
yeah, too bad they dont listen to us
: AR URF was never meant to balance OP champions. AR URF was meant to increase the champion diversity. Because many people, including myself, got bored of fighting against and with the same champions. This wasn't a complaint of "champion is OP!" It was the simple fact that URF was boring. Not broken, boring. I won pretty much half my URF games, but it got boring. I could play as many champions as I wanted, but everything else was routine. After a point, it felt like playing bot games. URF is not designed to have a meta, but it can easily get one, which makes it a problem. So I will refer back to my original comment. I would rather be completely helpless due to RNG for a couple games, than play about 15-20 games before it becomes repetitive.
uh no, it was broken, not boring
: There has already been multiple posts about this. Please check for similar threads before posting and reply there instead, helps to avoid clutter.
ur replies are clutter
: O_O I'm not even sure how that can happen :D Does that happen for you every game?
no, it was just that one time, maybe because i traded with someone? idk
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