: Sion Champion Update on the PBE!
I have a question about his W Passive. What's the reasoning behind not increasing the number of health points gained with each kill? I like the 4x amount from large minions/champions, but there really doesn't seem to be a reason to put more than one point into the ability.
: I'd also like to add that his ult is not very intuitive. I've accidentally cancelled it about 3 times now, and there's no refund mechanic for it. It's not clear what to do - I think a left or right click ended up cancelling it last time. Does it automatically go into smart cast for movement (I.E., follows mouse, right clicking for distance points doesn't work)? I think some in-game clarification would go a long way. No joke intended.
In the ability summary, they say that it's like Vel'Koz ult, where the path just follows your cursor, so you shouldn't click while it's active. But yeah, there def needs to be some kind of reset mechanic. Edit: Just played him and used the ult. Cancelled it the first time and second time cast it in the wrong direction.
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: [Resolved] PBE Level 30 Auto Level Up Failing!
I may have sent in a support ticket before you made this post....But 30 plox.


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