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: Xerath rework now back on PBE
Reading the posts about reworked Xerath, one thing that seems to be consistent is that his ult is un-synergetic with the rest of his kit. SO I had a really good idea to make Xerath's ult in synergy with the rest of his reworked kit. One of the main things i miss about Xerath is sacrificing mobility for augmented abilities. Here's my idea: Just make his ult like his old Locus of Power and make it either drain mana per second (similar to swain) or put it on a cooldown with a decent duration. Make it have a channel time and a root with a damage reduction buff. this would bring back the bursty quality and the augmentation of abilities that lacks in his reworked kit, also offering counter play in teamfights because if the enemy team sees that xerath ulted himself too early in a teamfight, they could send their assassin or tank to interupt him. This is my idea for augmented abilities during ultimate: Q: Longer range, channeled cast at max range (like his live Q, no charging it) W: Remove the slow and has three shots, then goes on cooldown. (this would give Xerath players more burst and allow counterplay, while also giving that BOOM BOOM BOOM arcane power feeling so many Xerath players miss.) E: Targeted ability that marks enemies and stuns them if another ability is used (like his live mage chains. this would keep his "chain cc" mechanic alive and ablility to stun someone at the back lines or kite a tank or assassin trying to interupt you.) R: Instead of magic pen, give Xerath 10% cooldown reduction during the ultimate. (This would allow xerath players more ability to spam spells and be more useful in teamfights than he is with the rework. I feel like reworked Xerath would be better at split pushing with {{item:3100}} than teamfighting because of his q farm wave clear) Thanks for your time and happy Rifting!
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