: Unable to Join Game
They are performing a maintenance, so it most likely why you can't play right now.
: I bought 5 of the mystery icon boxes, now I can't buy anymore. It's funny because of all 8 of those champs, I only really play 3 of them and those are the 3 I didn't get icons for.
Did you get an icon you already didn't own? Or were there duplicates?
: I'm poking a few of the folks in charge of these to see if they want to set pricing down accordingly for testing just on PBE
I think op also meant that it says "Not enough IP" when maybe it should say "Not enough BE". Also, thank you! It'd be great if we could try out the new shop stuff :D
: How to get rp and blue essence
sadly they changed it :( wish they at least gave some blue essence
: The best way to get it is by leveling up by playing games! I think the majority of the people that will be able to test the items you speak of are those who have played for a decent amount of time. It's a shame but unless they change something, that's just what will happen :) Who knows how long they'll be in the store for though, just gotta play and find out!
I'm not sure what you mean because I've seen that playing don't give any blue essence at all. Win or not.
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