: so ive been wondering about something
as you said, the pbe is a place to test things, which is why all champs are now 10 ip in a bundle and lots of runes. You don't "need" skins to test, you want them. now new skins that get tested are low ip so you can. but almost every skin out there is bug free. That means they don't need you to test it and it most likely wont make a difference.
: Same way caitlyn was pick or ban on showdown, this mode will be full of Karthus/Vayne/Tristana/Kayle (can this retarded champ get nerfed to only use ult on herself or reduce duration when cast on teammates and have its duration increased on selfcast?). Talking of lategame terrors who would probably populate this mode, since Thresh is broken strong and his lantern was buffed (wasn't sitting on it intended counter play to the insane range?... i get it that now since everyone has a trinket the ward on lantern hurt him) why isnt he getting a W balance: make lantern clickable 2 sec instead of 4, shield last for 6 sec and refresh shield if you click the lantern (this would allow for a thresh to max W in order to mitigate some enemy harass esp when losing lane, tradeoff would be playing quite passive and Thresh shines at playing him aggressive). Why am i even making these suggestions, it's not like a rioter will read or even consider these suggestions. I was thinking Veigar/Sion/Nasus could get few stacks as well (not too many thou). Overall i like the idea, i also think this will help identify broken champs (Mundo/Shitvanna took 10 patch cycles to tune down A BIT, because they are both still retarded compared to many many many other tanks) and hopefully Riot will react faster with balancing. I know i would like to test lots of other champs (and see how they're doing in the current environment) without having to play games i lose/win at 20 with barely 2 finished items.
yeah, so the first part of this post was on track, but the latter half just went on a tangent. if you want to suggest these things just create a new discussion. there's a pretty good chance that a red will read one. they may not respond, but hearing different opinions helps everyone.
: It won't load for me even. I get black screen once loading should start and then get the fatal error window (program stopped working or something like that) or lately something with "Cannot connect to the server, check your firewall" - I checked it twice, it's whitelisted, even twice.
Yeah the Black screen and firewall message happened to me as well after i just completely left
: I hope they do retain positive older accounts! I try to be nice and report lots of bugs where I find them. (And I've also been having much more enjoyable games with nice people recently. :D)
Same here, I've had PBE fort quite a while, and i like the changes and people.
: Can't exit client
you can also just right click the icon in your windows bar and hit close, that also works. but I had the same issue. I'm pretty sure they're having server issues at thew moment and its messing a lot of stuff up.
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