: I had old client and it wasn't there. I upgraded to Beta and I found it under "Training," so I assume they only enabled it for Beta client.
Practice mode is one of the features where the new client is a requirement, because technical reasons.
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: PBE not working on Windows 10
Also on windows 10, The live client actually blue screens the computer. Don't have PBE on win 10, OS X partition only
: OS X 10.10 Bug
Can confirm that this bug has been there since Yosemite beta 3
: Everyone just gives enough gold to the ADC to start with a BF Sword and then they all have about 150 gold left over (jungler gets to buy a Machete) for potions. He'll DOMINATE bottom and give the invested gold plus some back to the other players so they're now ahead of their respective lanes. I don't like this idea.
To counter that, possibly only enable that after 30 or 40 min or when the first person on a team hits 18000 gold so it cant be abused early, and it is useful late game.
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: Since there's still no real summoner spell for it..could {{summoner:11}} be used to reduce a champ's Armor and Mr? Or maybe their tenacity if you really wanna nerf {{champion:39}}
I think exhaust reduces both armor and MR by 10 atm...
: Preseason 2015 Experimental Jungle Changes
I think that i'm speaking for most of the PBE when I ask when the changes might start appearing to be tested? (I'm trying not to be obnoxious, so I'm sorry if i came off that way)
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: Can confirm. It's really irritating.
mouse or nexus?
: Central Feedback Thread for Viktor Gameplay Update
the only comment i have is that late game, the empowered auto after Q does ridiculous damage with {{item:3100}} allowing him to 3 shot inhibs. that seems a bit high to me
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: Buying Items During Load Screen
Would be really cool, but no doubt a technical nightmare
: Will Viktor be enabled for testing in today's ( September 10th ) update?
He is available now. The other question, is are all of his skins going to be 1 IP?
: (Ascension) {Nunu} Using Q on Xareth never kills it
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
watch the video, bug is self explanatory https://www.dropbox.com/s/raii3gc3tkur4w8/HeimerBaronShort.mov
: Really nice find, that's scary.
: Baron Bug: Heimer Turrets
can confirm that this is a problem, have used and have seen it used against me should try with {{champion:143}} plants UPDATE: managed solo baron with {{champion:143}}, needs to have maxed w, and a blue buff
: Ya, we're having some issues on Mac >< Will hopefully have these resolved for next update in a day or two.
so far i have had more crashes in windows 8.1u1 than on os x 10.10 DP2 running on the same computer
: Way to be a downer. If you love League like I do it's much more than just a re-color. For awhile it'll almost be like a new game.
A medium-big (~300 MB) path was just pushed to PBE. It could be SR, or more audio engine. also saw "nightmarebot" files for a lot of champions. possible new level of bots? UPDATE: http://promo.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/summoners-rift/overview.html it will be when the server is up
: Summoners Rift Visual Update Questions
My guess is they want it to be ready for live at worlds, or immediately after. so it will probably be in the 4.11 PBE deploy.
: (Suggestion) Maybe a special skin for people on PBE at the end of season 4?
If Riot makes a skin, it should be a {{champion:74}} skin. After all, we are testing the new inventions of Riot, so skin the inventor
: To all the Mac users of PBE
no crashes on mac here :) Although, I have experienced a couple of game crashes on the windows partition of my MBPr. None on the mac side however.
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: [MAC] Launchpad icon
same, I think it is because both applications have the bundle identifier "RiotMacContainer"
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: Will probably be available tomorrow https://twitter.com/RiotFeithen/status/451838265675366400
today, that tweet was yesterday
: [Items]
i think that is the dominion only revive trinket, idk why it in the SR shoppe though.
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: suggestion for new kassa.
That would be interesting. The blind would turn him into a counter for {{champion:238}} / {{champion:157}} , when i think he is more intended to be an anti-mage with his passive.
: [4.5] Pantheon Changes
what about TF's ult? there is less warning when he is going to arrive, and has the same range? just nerd the damage/slow and not the range
: [BUG] Aether Whip not giving movespeed passive
: Kassadin Bug
the stacks are not lost, but the next ult will cost 75 when leveling with stacks
: Thoughts on new Kassadin (Today's update and some numbers)
i think that {{champion:38}} is headed in the right direction, but the multiplicitive ult mana cost seems to stack too fast. perhaps reduce the multiplier from 2 to 1.75 and adding one additional stack. new (rounded) 75, 131, 230, 402, 703, 1231 from 75, 150, 300, 600, 1200.
: [Typo] Farsight Orb (Trinket)
on mine, the text reads "reveals a small location within 2500 range for 1 secnd. ..." shouldn't it say for one second?
: Strawpoll for Teambuilder beta on LIVE servers
I think that teambuilder is almost ready, its only missing the ability to specify preferred roles for players when creating a team. Currently, you can specify a position (top, mid, bot, jung) but not a role (marksman, mage, tank, support, fighter, assassin). The ability to specify a requested team, is what team builder needs. I say requested because the preferences expressed should be takes into account by the queue, but not set in stone. The queue should try to send you a player queueing as the requested position and role, and if the queue is too long (>5min), open to any role in that position. This should prevent the team builder trying to send a double support bot lane, or a tank junglier when you were looking for an assassin. Once that change is implemented, team builder is ready for live.
: rp and ip
: Rp Bug
Read: http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/3Ea1s1JP-211-edit-summary-of-pbe-leveling-iprp-and-pricing-updates
: Custom game mode idea to help with testing.
: [relic shield] passive one-shoting minions
yet in the game i discovered this, i was able to one-shot a super minion with {{item:3401}}.
: No RP or IP for past couple weeks
riot no longer gives our weekly IP and RP stipends, (read more:http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/3Ea1s1JP-211-edit-summary-of-pbe-leveling-iprp-and-pricing-updates)
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