: Yorick Update Feedback Thread
I haven't tested this with like, a stopwatch or anything, but it feels like whenever Awakening is available Last Rites actually takes longer to cooldown than normally. It might just be a perception thing, but I feel like I get into a rhythm when using Last Rites normally, but once I get the third grave up following that same rhythm activates Awakening instead.
: Kled Gameplay Feedback Thread
I feel like the self-knockback on Q is one of those things where having an ability do two things makes it hard to tell if you're using it well. Specifically, the knockback gets you farther away from what you're shooting... should you use it as an escape? Then why does it only give significant Courage if you go into close range? If you're trying to get close to remount quickly, then why does it kick you out of melee range to use it? I think that removing the knockback would be better; In particular, getting all pellets of both Q shots plus the 4 auto attacks from W would get Skarl back in a reasonable and predictable time, without having the Q kickback bring you out of range. If you want solo Kled to still have some escape, you could add an unmounted E ability that takes the current Q's knockback. Have them share ammo so if you want to escape you can, or if you want to stay in you can, but you aren't pushed away from your target when you want to hit them.
: Skaarl Courage Generation
I'd really like this, but I think right now there's no way for it to be balanced that Kled could get Skaarl back before dying to a jungle camp, without having unreasonable overall sustain as a result.
: I feel like this is really to target {{champion:41}} {{champion:78}} Which whom I'm perfectly fine with if they change it.
I don't think that Grasp changes to the ranged version on champions which have a ranged ability that applies on-hit effects. It's possible that there is a special case, but most of the time it's only actually changing the character's attack range number (Mostly transforming champions, plus Kayle) that causes them to actually be considered ranged or not. For example, Tiamat and upgrades are "melee only" in that their passive only works on melee champions, but it still applies on the ranged attacks from GP and Trist. Dead Man's Plate also has a "melee only" part of its effect, which I believe also applies even on the ranged attacks from those champions.
: To be honest I really don't think spell vamp is useless..
Morgana's passive certainly doesn't count as "useless", but it really doesn't provide any interesting gameplay and it lies significantly on the "hidden power" side of the spectrum. It also doesn't do as much in her most common Support role, since she won't get enough damage for the healing to be impactful.
: An Annoying bug regarding PBE Credentials on the PBE Forum.
I've gotten this problem as well, but it just started a few days ago rather than months. I previously could go to the NA boards and be logged in on my NA account, then go to the PBE boards and be logged in on my PBE account, but now I suddenly am forced to switch each time if I want to check notifications or post anything. EDIT: If anybody does what I did and comes in here without noticing that the post is a couple weeks old, I fixed this by logging out on both Boards in separate tabs, then logging into each in separate tabs.
: Taliyah's Worked Ground is very difficult to see ingame.
Fun fact: When your Q will only launch one projectile, the icon changes from an icon showing 5 projectiles to an icon showing 1 projectile. Doesn't really excuse the near-invisible Worked Ground, but if you pay a little attention to that icon it might help avoid accidentally getting 1 when you wanted 5.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Super Galaxy Fizz!
I get that it's probably too late in the development cycle to change it, but I just feel like the most important thing in the existing Super Galaxy skin is the fact that he calls out really over-the-top names for all of his abilities. I know you can't really call something "signature" to a skin line that only has one skin, but that is the thing that really stands out to me as special about Super Galaxy Rumble and without it all these new Super Galaxy skins just don't feel like Super Galaxy skins.
: EXPERIMENTAL Sona changes. Feedback wanted
I'll try it out before I say anything for sure, but my idea of Sona is actually LESS focused on independent agency rather than more. I'd rather have the initial burst effects of each ability greatly reduced or even entirely removed if it would make more room for her ability to empower allies. Pretty much any time champion reworks come up, there is a lot of talk about "strategic identity" and "thematic cohesion". Cutting power from Sona's auras to give her stronger individual agency is the opposite of both of those: there are a lot of champions in support and other roles that have strong individual agency, and gameplay or lore themes to support them. Sona's entire theme is "plays music" and the unique strategic identity that no other champion has which comes from that theme is "buff your whole team in various ways". I really think Sona needs a more thorough rework, compared to her last one which was "change her persistent auras to be a more noticeable one-time effect instead". An idea I had for that is, completely remove the normal "instant activation" effect of each ability, make the aura effect a lot stronger (I'm still fine with it being a one-time effect rather than persistent), but instead of having the ability's effect scale with rank, have it effect a maximum number of champions EQUAL to the spell's rank. So Q would add a lot more damage to the next attack then the current version, but at rank 1 only Sona would get it; rank 2 would give it to her ADC as well (or someone coming in for a gank if she's in a solo lane) etc. That would create some interesting options for what order she would level her abilities, reduce the ridiculous early teamfighting power she currently has since she would only be able to apply one effect to her whole team by level 9, allow the auras to be larger (which everybody wanted last I heard) since the number of people affected is limited another way. I'd also like to replace her passive with something else, but I don't really have a good idea and it's already one of the most interesting and skill-expressing parts of her kit so it's probably fine. Then again, I understand that a lot of people really like her oppressive lane-bully playstyle so don't necessarily take this as a representation of "what Sona mains want." Heck, I'm actually a Braum main if anything.
: [In-Game] Buying Elixirs while dead starts counting down even while dead.
I have been told that the buff starts counting down, but the duration is extended by your remaining death timer so no actual duration is lost. I have not tested this.
: Please add option to be able to pick font language and voice language seperately
I would appreciate this, but unless it's directly related to something currently in testing, feature requests belong on the main boards not the PBE boards.
: About Dragon rune colors
Fire definitely needs to be more red. Just that might be enough of a change, but I don't see why the air one was brought away from white, and I think white air and green earth would be ideal. Right now the colors of fire and earth are definitely distinguishable, but not especially distinct.
: Malzahar Ult-Ignite
I think it would probably be reasonable to make a special case where Malzahar cannot cancel his ult by casting Ignite outside its range. It probably wouldn't be a good idea to allow Malz to ignite an ulted target even if it's outside Ignite's normal range (though that would "feel" right) and the only other solution would be to lower ult range to be equal to ignite which... could be okay, but also might not.
: No restriction for ranged champions on Guinsoo's Rage?
From what I hear, it no longer works with Azir's soldiers. As for Vayne... We'll see whether it's as good as people expect.
: skill floor/ceiling are typically defined in that skill floor is the minimum skill required to have baseline effectiveness, and a skill cap/ceiling is the maximum amount of additional effectiveness that skill will grant you. All of that in perhaps a more elegant phrasing is, skill floor is how much skill you have to have to be effective, skill ceiling is the point at which more skill won't gain you additional effectiveness, thus, you become skill capped. perhaps even easier to say, you must have 100 skill to play this champion and matter, and additional skill beyond 400 skill does not matter
If that was your understanding too, then why did you say that the changes raised her skill floor? By the definitions you seem to be using, a raised skill floor means that "effective" Syndra play is now harder, while the problem I've heard cited is that the changes make her strength too easy.
: Ah, I see--from what I've come to understand (and I certainly could be wrong!) skill floor and skill ceiling are inherent to the champion, independent from the person playing. A skill floor from that perspective would be the minimum skill needed to play the champion well enough to have success with them. A skill ceiling would then be the maximum benefit you could get from skill, no matter how experienced/skilled you are. If I understand correctly, your definition would have skill floor be the results you get without any prior skill/experience in a champion, and skill ceiling would be the results from getting to a maximum skill with a champion (I'm not sure how much skill that would need to be for your definition). Is that right? Sorry for having to ask, I didn't sleep well so my mind is trying to drift on me.
You seem to understand my definition just fine; a champion's power / effectiveness range from skill floor at "I have read the abilities" to skill ceiling at "I do everything perfectly optimally". As I said, this definition is how I learned it and have used it for a long time so it's hard to change. It also makes more sense to me for a scale that shows how effectiveness scales with skill to start at 0 skill the first time you play, rather than at whatever skill it takes to reach some particular "effective" that I've never really seen defined anyway.
: Well I just googled skill floor and that's pretty much exactly what skill floor is. The base amount of skill needed to play a champion well is the skill floor. If the skill floor is low then that makes them easy to pick up and play well, and means they'll be stronger than they otherwise would be. Just what did you think it was?
By my definition, skill floor is "the level of power reached by a person with minimum skill" just like skill ceiling is "the level of power reached by a person with maximum skill." As far as I can tell, the alternate definition has skill floor be "amount of skill required to reach some unspecified level of power", and I suppose then ceiling would be "amount of skill to reach maximum power" which ends up actually being basically equivalent to the other definition since both have the maximum of skill and power. I dunno, my definition just makes more sense to me, and is the way I had seen the term used for many years; only recently did I find anybody who disagreed, but then suddenly it was EVERYBODY who disagreed.
: Selling Cooldown Reduction items retains Cooldown Reduction
Have you taken a look at Essence Reaver since preseason 6, or Black Cleaver since preseason 3?
: About the number of type of element dragons on a single game.
I saw a red post that said each game is currently limited to 3 dragon types out of the 4, though they haven't shared anything beyond that about what governs their spawn order.
: MYMU - Syndra Feedback
Oh hey, it's someone who agrees with me about the definition of skill floor. The entirety of Reddit (that I've found) seems to think that a low skill floor makes a champion easy to play / strong even if you aren't skilled.
: If any of your posts go more in depth on the changes and the concerns you have on how they would affect her balance would you mind posting links to them? Haven't heard a whole lot on the actual changes themselves or gotten to check them out on the PBE yet but I was expecting Syndra to be stronger next patch than she has been in quite a while as long as no drastic balance changes happened to her directly.
There is a more in-depth analysis on at least the NA boards, but it comes down to a few things: - Q does less damage until Syndra has 3500 AP (not a typo, over 3 thousand AP) - Having the 7 sphere ult so easily and frequently available means Syndra's highest point is now overly accessible; skilled players won't have much extra strength compared to first timers. Because of this accessibility it will also then need to be nerfed. - Syndra's ability to manipulate and take advantage of the spheres was never a problem for skilled players, and was definitely not the thing they wanted more help with at the expense of other parts of her kit. The specific complaint that Syndra players want addressed: - Syndra's damage is too reliant on her ultimate and her use of other abilities is TOO tied to being used to generate the maximum ult power in order to instantly one-shot a target. This leaves her incredibly vulnerable to anybody she can't one-shot due to tankiness, range, or denial abilities (zhonya's, wind wall, any champion that has untargetability). This play style is absurdly binary and either the target can't do a single thing to stop it, or Syndra can't do a single thing to land it. The rework only makes this worse because the "7 spheres out, I can one-shot someone" time is much easier to reach and can be sustained for longer, at the expense of removing the strength of alternate ability usage.
: OFA PSA.. 8 Dodges Later
I went into a OFA lobby earlier today. I was the first one to send a chat message: "I want to play Brand." Our team had the first ban, and it was Brand. We ended up picking Heimerdinger, and won because the server lag doesn't affect Heimer turrets much, and 3 of the enemy team disconnected.
: "Barrages that successfully hit enemy champions grant an extra barrage, up to a maximum. Gains more barrages as he ranks up Rite of the Arcane." you are right... but for you what would it feel better? to gain if you hit... or to get 3/4/5 ?
Depends on what the minimum is. If it's 3 + number of hits with a maximum of 6/8/10 then I would prefer that over the flat numbers. If it's only "fire until the first time you miss" then I feel like that gives too much variability in the spell to be worthwhile. The first is a solid bonus that makes the ability very strong if you're good with it, without making it inordinately weak if you're only decent at it. If having 3 as the minimum is too much when it can reach such high values, then it could have the minimum scale with rank as well/instead of the maximum, for something like 1/2/3 + number of hits with a maximum of 4/5/6 . Even though that ends up being weaker than the current PBE version unless you're good enough to get the maximum number of shots, I would still prefer it. Also, those are just random numbers. Even disregarding everything about "separating the great Xerath players from the good Xerath players" getting rewarded for hitting ults by continuing Xerath's artillery spree is an interesting gameplay mechanic that gives Xerath additional expression of skill while also having increased counterplay. Just having flat additional barrages is non-interactive, reduces counterplay because it forces the target to spend more time dodging no matter what, and is accompanied by nerfs to the damage that mean it's not really much stronger even in the optimal case, instead just smoothing out the consistency because 5 shots gives you more of a chance to land 1. Of course, if Riot has tested the barrage refund version and determined it to be unhealthy, then no amount of complaining will fix it. I just haven't seen any official stance one way or the other about which one is final and whether or not we'll see the other one.
: > [{quoted}](name=Frostify,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=dGijBlXB,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2016-04-19T21:27:34.155+0000) > > Zyra passive bug (only have a picture) https://gyazo.com/181349ee3a819d25714132ffab1b1738 O.o Definitely looking into this
I've seen something similar happen, but I don't know if it was Zyra related. All the minions in my lane just suddenly started clumping up around some invisible thing that couldn't be targeted, but indicated it was Invulnerable when hit by AoE. Eventually the Vel'Koz in game pushed it out of lane with his E and the minions stopped noticing it.
: MYMU - Vladimir Discussion
From what I've seen, using your ultimate on someone and then killing them before it runs out seems like it stops the heal, is there a chance this will be changed? It feels weird to me that using this huge teamfight ultimate and successfully teamfighting with it reduces that final burst of healing, when it seems like it should reward that instead.
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: Illaoi is waaaay too weak in URF mode.
Some champions are good at URF, some aren't. I don't think we need to try to balance a gimmick game mode beyond the sweeping generalizations like heal/shield reduction and near-removal of most flat cooldown refresh (e.g. Ryze, Taric).
: RIOTERS - Distortion Boots intended mechanic in URF?
Cooldown stacks additively; 80% CDR from URF plus 15% CDR from Distortion results in 95% CDR. I think Distortion is just going to be changed to do nothing in URF like all other CDR.
: Not capitalizing 'the' in the shop before champion titles looks really strange.
Either way works imo. Technically speaking, "titles" are supposed to have every word capitalized, but exclude articles, conjunctions and participles; in other words, if "Alistar, the Minotaur" was the title of a book, then leaving "the" uncapitalized is correct. On the other hand, it makes more sense to consider the name "Alistar" and the title "The Minotaur" as separate, in which case "The" becomes capitalized because it is the first letter. On the other hand, Taric's new title "The Shield of Valoran" should leave the "of" uncapitalized.
: (URF 2016 PBE) Riven E+Q has no damage and no knockup.
I haven't tried it out, but I was in a game with a Riven yesterday and it was 100% reproducible.
: URF: Banner of Command must go & Dont remove champion, what's the point
"Please remove Banner of Command, also don't remove anything."
: Splashes: Unifying, Updating, and You!
I think that a lot of people feel like the global unification is doing nothing but pushing any Chinese art that's different onto everybody else in the world. It might not actually help, but if you could give us a list of which splash arts are changing for other regions that should help show that this is a matter of compromise from all regions, whereas all we see on PBE and our own live servers is 90% Chinese splash arts, 5% censorship, and 5% random face repaints.
: > This also means avoiding overly bloody Removing overly bloody parts is perfectly fine, but 2 blood splats 15x15px won't kill or offend anyone, especially in places where there should be blood splats like wounds I'm talking ofcourse about Feral Warwick being shot by an arrow. Sure, get rid of the blood on his claws, even the blood in his mouth (even though without bloody teeth his face looks derpy with that expression) but please, for the sake of remote hints at aesthetic integrity - keep the blood splat on his shoulder wound or if that's too much just remove the arrow from it cause it just looks silly > This is not something done solely for Tencent- all players in all regions are the target here. This is something done solely for Tencent, because all players in all regions (China included) are intelligent human beings that realize that every living creature has blood flowing trough their body and if shot by an arrow there will be a bloody wound at the spot. I'm absolutely sure that 5yo and under children, if playing the game aren't forming a vast majority of the playerbase and even if they are - they're old enough to know that if you get hurt - you bleed Some of the updated splashes are definitely going in the right direction and you've done great job on that base Warwick up there, but I personally have a huge issue with the Feral Warwick update and it being my favourite Warwick skin being reduced to a comic relief just to please the chinese overlords
Blood was removed for Korea, not China. Things removed for China's sake were mainly skulls and skeletons, plus some splash arts were replaced in the Chinese version simply for quality reasons. In case you hadn't seen, removal of tobacco from splash arts is also not related to China, and instead is due to laws in Turkey and Russia.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Program Soraka!
Not a big fan of the splash art. Then again, I wasn't really a big fan of the skin to begin with.
: Global Splash Update Incoming!
I don't strongly object to any of the splashes that went out today, but I think the Nunu Bot one is a bit of a downgrade. The "new" one is more... crisp? or something like that, but the colors are all wrong.
: For anyone who don't see any difference for Karthus, Ahri and Hecarim: http://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/3406/2521/original.gif http://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/3406/2720/original.gif http://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/3406/2918/original.gif http://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/3406/3013/original.gif
I actually prefer the new Midnight Ahri (imo her face just looked weird before) but the other three are worse, if by a smaller amount than some of the other splashes.
: why is sun godess karma offensive
The NA Sun Goddess Karma splash looks like an Aztec warrior. The Chinese Sun Goddess Karma splash looks like a white stripper dressed in the "slutty Aztec" Halloween costume for a special performance. The "new" Sun Goddess Karma splash is the Chinese one with a fake tan and thicker makeup.
: Global Splash Update Incoming!
> We won't be making any reverts or changes during this round Please PLEASE **PLEASE** reconsider. Many of these are (imo) improvements, and look very nice, but there are a few outliers in terms of quality (Nightraven Fiora for example), theme (Safari Caitlyn), and style (Toxic Mundo), plus one particular change that I find downright offensive (Sun Goddess Karma). I'm not going to say that it wouldn't be a net-positive change, some of these are very good splash arts replacing very bad splash arts, but I just don't understand what criteria was used to determine what region's splash would be used. At the very least if it were left to a vote we would have the refuge of knowing the players want it, but right now all that's coming across is "This change will be good for us, and we don't care if it's bad for you."
: Refusing to play your secondary role
I personally don't even mind playing out the game in order to report someone. I would rather have a report option in champion select even if it doesn't cancel the game or anything, if only to avoid people forgetting at the end of the game. Riot should be able to easily compare the assigned role and played role since they track both, though they should probably look at chat logs to make sure nobody's trying to abuse it.
: Do you feel like Special Delivery's current strength is unreasonable? If so, in what way?
I don't actually have much experience with or against Corki, but what I HAVE seen makes it seem very much like a gimmicky minigame rather than a truly impactful ability worth the fuss. In fact, I wouldn't mind it being removed completely. I'd be fine with Corki's strength being his safety, and if he's too safe then tone it back rather than trying to force him to go in with something like this. The rest of his kit doesn't really seem to support having a very potent engage/dive tool, compared to just a little shifting of ranges and other power so that he can choose to remain safe, but doing so requires sacrificing more damage than it does now.
: Corki PBE Feedback Thread
I think the Special Delivery-related global sounds are confusing. I understand that it is a very impactful timer and being unprepared for it can be extremely problematic, but they're extremely annoying to hear frequently and have a HUGE lack of clarity because it's very likely that you will never even see how it was used. There's just some random sirens going off every few minutes for no apparent reason. I would much rather the strength be adjusted in order to make it reasonable without the warning, or have the warning be shifted in some way that's at least either less obtrusive or more clear, if not both.
: Could biscuit mastery effect reusable potions as well?
If they just rephrase it as "activating a potion restores 10 health and 20 mana instantly" (I think those are the numbers?) rather than turning things into biscuits would be fine. I mean, biscuits are cool and all, but I'd rather have that mastery apply to the other potions than have biscuits. Alternatively, they could have it apply without changing the biscuits, or have the other potions also turn into biscuits.
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: Caitlyn Gameplay Update Feedback Megathread
Yordle Snap Trap 20 Mana Sets traps that an enemy Champion can spring, immobilizing them for **90 seconds** and revealing them for a short duration. Traps last for **2 seconds**. 3 traps may be active at once. Trapped enemies take 10% increased damage from Headshot.
: So it's actually easier to kill the Rift Herald than Dragon, since the equivalent of killing dragon with 3 people is killing the Rift Herald with 2 people, meaning the Rift Herald is weaker cuz it takes less people, right?
Based on this post, the Rift Herald will be much harder to SOLO, but pretty easy to duo because of the eye thing.
: Pbe community poll, Kindred
I don't think she's terribly unbalanced, I just think she could use a bit more guaranteed power at the expense of snowballing power (that is, reduce her passive's damage in exchange for more damage elsewhere), possibly with some stronger AD ratios on her abilities since devourer sucks so a build with heavier AD rather than attack speed would be preferred. I think she'll be one of the champions which seems weaker once she gets onto live.
: Item Recommendations for Kindred, Build Discussion
I really hate Devourer on her (especially since it's terrible on ranged champions now), but I usually build more damage than that. Warrior -> Triforce I agree with, but I usually get BotRK before Last Whisper. I think Ghostblade works too, even more penetration to go Warrior right into another Brutalizer which gives a lot of early power that helps get stacks and the penetration means those stacks do work, and she actually likes Ghostblade's stats late game unlike a lot of the champions that used to get an early Brutalizer. The CDR is good too. The only concern I have about Triforce is that Kindred has very low base AD. At 18 her base AD is 86, while the lowest currently in the game is Orianna at 84. I'd say the Phage passive and general stats still keep it strong despite the lower effectiveness of the Spellblade part. On the other hand, I could see going with Black Cleaver to get the % penetration and the phage passive in a single item (and the phage would activate off of ability damage as well, plus 40% CDR. I think I'll try that next time.
: It prioritizes your AA target then the closest 2 units.
It's supposed to, but in my experience it doesn't seem to be entirely consistent. Maybe the champion I was trying to hit just didn't end up being in range at all, but I've definitely had times when I Q towards someone who was definitely the last character I auto attacked and hit 3 minions instead.
: The best place to take power away from Kindred to make room for a more cohesive kit would be, IMO, to increase the ult CD. If that's not enough, though, I feel that changing the AD ratios to be bonus AD instead of total AD would also give a nice bit of room for more quality-of-life power. And, of course, the 5% max HP damage on E should be replaced. And, in lane, reducing the heal from W on minions would also be fair. But, it seems that it doesn't matter what we think of such things; looks like Kindred's staying the way that they are. The only things that have been hit are the passive marking cooldown (90->65->70 I think), maybe a slight buff to Q attack range (I don't know if it was just me learning the champ better, but I had more success kiting with Q today), and some base survivability stat increases.
Reducing the heal from W is a good idea. 60 + 3/lv doesn't really seem like a lot, but as long as you move constantly it's up fairly often and provides quite a lot of health over time, and it's not especially thematic or vital to her play patterns. Having some sort of sustain or mitigation is very important to a jungler, but barring a slightly rocky start the simple fact that she is ranged acts as mitigation in itself, and it's even easier to do so now that hard resets have an indicator. I would definitely like to see that heal reduced or even completely removed if it means she gets some of the changes that focus on her core theme and strengths. I'd also definitely like to see a shift from Total AD ratios to higher Bonus AD ratios, since that would allow for higher base AD to not also buff her abilities, and also help solidify AD as the optimal build path over AS. Though I may be biased on that last part since I prefer building her AD already.
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