: People think that because they are on the PBE nothing actually matters. They are there to test what THEY WANT and if doesn't go there way then...yeah...they leave. It is very annoying. I think they need to do a better job at screening PBE accounts.
+1 to that. There needs to be better criteria for who gets in and who does not. Such as; - How many leaves a person has. - How many times the person has been reported. - The amount of times that the person has been banned from the game and or chat for a certain amount of time for not following rules. - The amount of honors someone has. If they have like 100 you can tell they are probably pretty good most of the time Things like that. On Pbe in total I believe I purposely left 1 game and all the rest are all connection issues not allowing me to play.
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: What are the rules to Kalista bind ability?
1: The binded champion is binded forever and does not change if they go out of range. however, the target has to be within a certain range for her ult to work. 2: Nothing 3: Currently no system I believe. But if they do leave they should be auto unbinded until they reconnect. 4: Currently, no. 5: nothing really changes ability wise.
: It's still not working for me and I restarted it as well.
Yeah. Servers are up and everything. As I said on my thread it happens during every big patch (multiple skins or a new champion patch are what usually cause it). I restarted the game multiple times and I opened the game up from everywhere I could and still nothing. But as I also said it is always fixed for me within the day. If the patch happens at night it is usually fixed by the time I wake up.
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: [BUG] Viktor Crashing everyones game
Yeah viktor is super bugged. Needs to be disabled
: [Feedback/Suggestion] Azir's E is unreliable
Everybody hates his E right now including me. I'm posting this on most threads about the E ability. "E - Guards!: All soldiers dash to a target enemy and stun them for 1 second" and make it a double cast mechanic where if you cast it on an enemy champion the soldier will immediately dash to the target and stun them but if you have a solder out and you hit 'E' on the soldier you yourself will immediately dash to the soldier. It gives him a targeted stun ability while still allowing the escape combo. Original thread with this: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/f85Kb9Ar-azir-could-use-a-few-tweaks As for the unreliable E I find it very annoying as well. I was clumping up a few soldiers so that I could engage on a low health target but when he started to run away I didn't catch up because my E went over to the other soldier that was farther away. Because he was a yasuo he just dashed away on the next minion wave and because of the dash being farther away instead of right next to him he got away.
: Azir's E Really Doesn't Feel Fluid or Fitting.
Me and a few other people were talking about his abilities in another thread. We came up with another ability that combined my, another guys, and the current E's ability together. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/f85Kb9Ar-azir-could-use-a-few-tweaks "E - Guards!: All soldiers dash to a target enemy and stun them for 1 second and make it a double cast mechanic where if you cast it on an enemy champion the soldier will immediately dash to the target and stun them but if you have a solder out and you hit 'E' on the solder you yourself will immediately dash to the soldier." The ability gives him a targetted stun while still allowing his Q E escape combo.
: Ascension: Full-system freeze (multiple times)
Completely horrible they need to bring the game down for maintenance until this is fixed as it is making summoners rift very annoying while all out ruining ascension games. It happens to me 1-4 times a game on both summoners rift and ascension. The only way I can fix this is to ctrl+alt+del to access task manager and then end the game, re open it and re log in then finally join the game again where within 10 minutes it will usually happen again. This is on veigar, jinx, and azir the only champions I've played today. It usually happens in team fights (4 or more people involved) or when somebody ults and a lot happens on the screen. I have not had it as bad as some people who need to full out restart the computer but it is still very annoying.
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: I agree that his W is way too short range, I practically have to Q immediately which almost seems like a waste of an ability, considering Q has it's own cooldown and each sand soldier lasts for only 9 seconds individually. Q mana cost seems high and if you want 2 soldiers then Q, thats 150 mana for only a ~9 second window (depending how far apart you summoned your sand soldiers). The E dash is similar, there is no point in dashing to a point blank target because of his short W so you have to Q which makes the dash/escape even more costly, not to mention unreliable because if you hit an enemy champ you get stopped albeit knock them up and gain a shield. IMO both his E and R feel out of place, even his Q possibly. I acknowledge that is basically his entire kit -_- Idk, maybe I'm expecting more of a sand magician than an emperor but I was thinking of making his abilities do stuff other than playing with toy soldiers, such as: Sand Dune: AoE mountain of sand slows and/or knock-up (imagine if trundle's E knocked u up instead of blocked the way) It's hard to run on sand QuickSand: AoE root or pull/vortex toward the center (kinda like a black hole lol like Orianna's R) Sandstorm: This one I can think of a few things for. Could be AoE, could be single target click. I was thinking something like Graves' W smokescreen where it denies enemy (or enemies if made AoE) vision while dealing DoT (damage over time). Perhaps those are out of the question since Azir is an emperor of soldiers and not a sand mage. But this is PBE and we are allowed feedback and ideas. I do love everyone's suggestions though! I really don't like how he plays right now but the turret passive is pretty cool idea.
Yeah we changed the abilities around a bit in the comments **Q** we left unchanged. Assuming we don't completly rework the champion (like you basically said) it wasn't really too much out of place it helped his soldiers a lot with some damage and a slow. Maybe increase the slow duration or taking out the slow and adding a knockup could be better. **W** we changed the range so that the soldiers can actually harass and not use 1 auto attack then have to Q to change the position for more auto's. **E** we completly reworked. Chizzyyy combined spectrual storms and my ability together and also kept the current E in the game. **"E - Guards!:** All soldiers dash to a target enemy and stun them for 1 second" and make it a double cast mechanic where if you cast it on an enemy champion the soldier will immediately dash to the target and stun them but if you have a solder out and you hit 'E' on the solder you yourself will immediately dash to the soldier. That way you still have some mobility while also giving Azir more potential in Teamfights. no one has made anything of **R** yet but I think we feel like it is out of place. We are just hoping for someone from riot to see this. Your Quicksand ability looks really cool for an R. It sucks all champion in an area into the middle for X seconds increasing in time when you lvl it up. a lot cooler and in place then the current R and can really help with your W. You plop soldiers in the middle and let them kill who ever's in the middle.
: Azir could use a few tweaks
The E ability would be really cool that you suggested CHIZZYYY Combining part of Spectrual storms and part of my ability. You add a stun effect to the E and allow more offensive ability while not taking away the dash mechanic in the process. I too would like to hear someone from riot comment. It would be pretty cool if it actually got put into the game. A pbe member making an actual difference to a character instead of just mana cost or if any of the skills are buggy.
: [Ascension Game Mode] Victory after surrender vote
I am very confused as well. I thought there was an ascended in the middle and relics all around but there was nothing but kills. It ended in a surrender vote because each team was only a quarter of the way there at 20 minutes in and the enemy team didn't want to play for an hour and a half. My team almost surrendered for the same reason. So I believe that one is a bug with the map and it will probably be shut down and re opened soon like the new summoners rift. As for the surrender and win thing that did not happen to me when the enemy's surrendered must just be a bug that happens every once in a while
: Azir could use a few tweaks
This is exactly what I was thinking and planning to make a thread about. In the reveal they said they wanted him to let his soldiers do everything while he sat back. However his E is horrible for this getting into a thick of the fight (which like you stated would instantly get him killed) does not seem like it belongs and his W is basically melee range while I feel like he should be able to place them out further for the ability to poke without getting super close to the enemy or using Q to reposition the soldiers. His R also feels out of place. It's some small damage and a knockback, it's basically Anivia wall with some damage and longer duration. I feel like his mana costs are ok but his E feels out of place and his W seems to short range. So the changes I would make would be to change the E completely, Increase range of W, And maybe make some kind of change to R I have no idea what that change would be though. E - Protect azir!: All soldiers you control dash to you and knock enemies up for 1 second by sweeping the ground with their weapons. For every enemy knocked up Azir gains a small shield. E - Sweep: Soldiers knock up all enemies in their circles for 1 second E - Guards!: All soldiers dash to a target enemy and stun them for 1 second. Those are just some things I thought of for E W - Range increased from 450-625 (200 less than the Q of Orianna) Idk some people may completely disagree with this but I just think this could help him out a lot if his W was longer range and his E wasn't suicide 50% of the time anymore. The W range may be a bit of overkill maybe it should just stay as is I would have to play atleast 10 matches with this guy to really know his skill set while right now I've only played like 5
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: [feedback] Velkoz
Hey i've played quite a bit of vel'koz since he's been released and I agree to some degree. His mana costs are to low and he can just spam them constantly like i have won my past 11 games as him in a row I have never had such a large winning spree with a single champion. But the main reason im winning as him is that i can spam my abilities constantly especially with pots or blue buff. But I disagree about his Q i find it quite easy to dodge. All you have to do is A straight forward so it doesn't hit you, B go to the left or right and then go up. And finally choice C which is hiding behind minions or a bruiser,tank in your group. As for his support role i find him like an annie who can instantly kill someone and has some amount of cc with her stun. However like annie he has the ability to easily die. I was playing as ashe just two games ago and was against a support vel'koz. I easily won my lane by just staying back and dodging his knockup that's all you really have to do other wise all he has is the Q poke which atleast in my opinion is easy to dodge. But at the same time if he hits his Q's and knockups he easily is better than a good portion of other supports. So overall only his mana cost atleast in my opinion needs to be changed but you are welcome to your own ideas.
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