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: Leaver buster.
I had an issue where I had a computer crash and I got back in the game and we won but when I got to the end screen with stats and everything a pop up popped up saying to type "I agree" to not leaving games anymore. I did not even leave the game. I had an issue and reconnected back..
: Toxicity on pbe
I honestly rarely ever play live because everytime I play live I get cussed at and insulted and reported unfairly. When I play pbe I do encounter toxic people but no where even slightly close to how toxic live is. I encountered 2 or more toxic people every game on live. I rarely ever encounter toxic people on pbe. I love pbe for this reason. Not only to test things out and help but to not be hammered with negativity every single game. I meet people on pbe who are genuinely really nice. They help me when trying new things out (the jungle or champions) and they don't get mad when I make a bad play or just don't do well.
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