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: 4/21 Passive CD 15 -> 9 No longer scales down with movement Now ignores minions at 7 and non epic monsters at 14 (a la Garen) W 2nd hit places a brief slow on enemies it hits, Sejuani is also slightly slowed when she is attacking (mostly to add the feel of weight, feedback here would be very appreciated) W radius larger Fixed a bug that caused Sejuani to move into the target when she right clicks them while casting W
I think the brief slow on herself/enemy makes this ability feel so much better, The bigger hit box helps a lot also. The passive changes also help her a lot, the passive feels like its up just as often as before. Also, the auto attack reset that got added to her E feels really good when scraping it out in melee range.
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: Practice Tool now live on PBE for initial testing.
How do i access the tool on the pbe i don't see any options


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