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: Dark Waters Vladimir (Possible Improvements)
I think his Blood Rush could use some clarity improvements too. You can barely see the brighter blue trim on his collar and coat tails, whereas in the base skin or others, it's distinctively visible.
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: Update on Sewn Chaos
I played the skins, and I thought the Amumu skin was super cute. I felt like this line really did fit Amumu, due to the play on strings/bandages. I would have liked to see this skin polished up more. That being said, Blitzcrank felt weird to me. It felt really awkward to be using a skin that looked like a doll but then had all of these electrical sparks. That didn't fit to me, and I felt like the thematic didn't fit him like it did Orianna, who doesn't have any electrical particles. As for Amumu, i felt that his particle swaps where very low quality. The Q and E particles could have been vastly improved, and I feel like if you had given it more time, you could have genuinely made a higher quality skin. Q could have been a braided string, E could have been scraps of cloth. R needed to have been designed with stitching in mind for the ground cover. Which this leads me to my next point - Don't try to release dramatically alternate 750 skins with minimal particle replacements on champions like Amumu and Nasus who have wide, ground placed AOEs that use designs from the base skin. I think it feels incredibly awkward when you give such a divergent fantasy through a skin, but keep something like the massive Egyptian designs and runes on the ground for large AOEs. These types of abilities should be the utmost priority for particle replacement because they are the most noticed. Please though, reconsider Sewn Chaos Amumu. It was adorable and I'd like to see it. Blitzcrank might even work if you gave him a particle overhaul too to get rid of the lightning sparks.
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: New Client: Change Runes & Masteries pages/tabs?
I agree with this. The drop down thing is a step backwards and makes tweaking your masteries incredibly time consuming. It's much better to click a number and instantly be taken to the page. The layout of the Masteries page, complete with how you change the names and such, is much more intuitive on the old client.


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