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: Will all new content on the PBE only cost RP now?
Yes. The 1 BE thingy was just until they fixed the RP bug, which didn't reward players on the PBE with RP.
: New PROJECT skins.
There was a bug a while ago, the RP system was broken on the PBE, so as a "short" term solution Riot made every new item in the store cost 1 BE. This bug has now been fixed, so everything is back to normal AKA 3K RP/mission and the items costing RP isn't a bug.
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: Hey there Katey! I'm just wondering if Garen's butt could be a little more round. At the moment it's incredibly flat, and as a player attracted to men it's kind of disappointing to see it be so flat.
If this skin is missing something... that's it. Riot, pretty please?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Demacia Vice Garen!
This skin is AMAZING! It's hot, it's awesome, it's colorful. I'm in love with it! Especially the shirtless chroma... Whoever thought of it is a genius! Congrats to all the great people who worked on it! {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: What's the reason behind intentionally omitting the mask, might I ask?
Apparently, Aatrox is a blood demon or whatever, not a "cultist". He's being summoned by the others. So, he doesn't need a mask. He's too badass for that BS. Also, too handsome. DADDYTROXX's theory was on point. The handsome part is just my opinion tho.
: Heyo! Super appreciate the feedback. While I can't speak too much on the product calls in terms of Prestige, I am compiling feedback in this thread for both the skin and for the product as a whole and will be delivering the feedback accordingly.
LOVE You Katey! Riot makes some… questionable decisions lately. However, the people at the Support Team and the Rioters on the boards are always incredibly helpful, polite and just overall amazing and I am VERY thankful for You Guys! Keep it up! ^w^
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Aatrox Prestige Edition!
My problem with this skin is that it's called "Prestige Edition". In my opinion it does not fit at all. Also, Prestige Edition skins lost their appeal and rarity real quick. We get one every other patch. By now they are nothing special anymore, just "variants", but worse, since they are locked behind weeks of having to grind games for tokens - at the very least (I know that we won't need to buy a pass to get this one). You might as well start treating Victorious skins the same way, since Prestige skins SHOULD be unique and stuff, since it take a lot of effort and/or money to obtain them. Once a year? Sure! Twice a year? I mean… why not? Once every second patch? No, thanks.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Aatrox!
The skin is amazing! I see a lot of people asking for a mask. If you do end up giving it a mask, please make it so that people who DO NOT want it (like myself) can toggle it somehow. I also love the splash art. Without the mask. That's just my opinion though, don't destroy me please.
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