: Fiora is Confident, Not Pissed Off
I never really played Fiora or looked at her model. But I'm starting to see what you're saying. It just seems like they made a "generic" interpretation of what confidence or snotty attitudes look like from a visual standpoint, (Sorry if that didn't make sense)
: Go ahead! Link me when you're done. I'm Arkaia on NA.
Here's the [link](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/31XE6EEr-the-pbe-community-needs-some-detox) It's not as well written but the discussions that are far and few between are rather something to look at.
: I feel like Riot need to reconsider what the PBE means.
I think this might be able to tie in with one of my posts. I'll link if you want. But you did very well bringing up the issue of PBE.
: How about instead of little to no damage to turrets, champions can channel on an enemy turret to temporarily reduce damage and defenses?
: Do you guys see the bug splat dialog when you crash or do you get the reconnect box?
We don't get neither. What happens is: Game plays normally>Ping shoots up>Try to disconnect>Get met with a black screen and button labeled 'Skip Results' The Result of clicking the button sends you to the home menu.
: Champion Mastery Proportions
This has been an off and on issue for me. I don't get it that much. I never reported it because it was such a minor issue (for me).
: Option to move the item slot back to the left and the champion info to the right
I don't see why Riot felt the need to move the item slots to the right. Doesn't make sense to me.
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: [HUD Feedback] Buffs/status/etc. are positioned too far up when levelling up
That may have to with how the GUI was coded/designed (: I'm sure Rito has plans for the GUI to be more seamless (Hopefully)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tryptamine,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=9O46Yvtn,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-07-11T04:10:11.841+0000) > > Honestly, I think all that Riot has to do is create a formatting system to where you can fully customize your layout. Maybe a grid based system? This would work better than what it is in PBE atm. Even Runescape has a customizable UI. RIP.
Like, keep the visual aspect, but change the level of customization (As mentioned before)
: Hey folks, The late night update last night should have fixed this across all game modes. Let us know if you're still seeing it today! Cheers, Fei
Seems to have been a good fix! But I do get a few times where I'll get a bugsplat when I Alt+Tab. But I'm to reconnect almost instantly (:
: Sorta how the layout is for the LCS?
: Add an option to switch the direction of things in the tab menu?
: Hey all - Apologies for the disruption in testing. We are currently looking into the freezing and crashing issues.
Do you think the issue is related to the servers not being able to maintain the game for a certain amount of time?
: Last game didnt crash... On Bucthers... Idk why this problem persists, but its first game in whole day that didnt crash.
Maybe my suspicions of network issues were right. Let's see how things pan out (: Could be that the servers are struggling to keep games going for a while so an automated system chokes the severs bandwidth to save the hassle of crashing.......Without taking into to account that it'll break the game xD I don't know. that's my theory.
: Riot ignores important feedback about the new HUD and now they release this.
Honestly, I think all that Riot has to do is create a formatting system to where you can fully customize your layout. Maybe a grid based system?
: how about not making a new hud. instead giving love to some of their champions that have not seen a visual update like taric or poppy. Or how about expanding on the game with new maps, The lore of the champions, or their own updating their servers.
Honestly the HUD is not bad. It's jarring for the Vets but league is growing each day. The HUD looks fine (to me) . I think it just needs to keep the same positioning for the sake of continuity. But I have a feeling it'll go live after the LCS summer split to give pro players some time to get used to it. Which could also be the factor as to why some things about the new HUD seem "rushed". The new HUD just needs some loving is all. (:
: Black Market Brawler completely stops after 10+ minutes
Does anyone know if this is happening on the Live servers by any chance?
: Somebody mind testing if it's gangplank on a custom?
It's not GP. It's most likely a Network based problem
: would it be a possible bug with them? i also had gangplank on the 2 games that crashed with me
Highly doubt it's champion related. Could be a network issue (:
: Thanks for reporting. Should be fixed in today's build.
Is today's build going to fix the majority of the visual bugs?
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: [INTERFACE] Laundry list of graphical bugs, mainly to do with positioning
: Can't see CS OR KDA On tab
Is this the only bug you seem to have gotten while playing?
: "False on chat"
I got this as well. Did you get the problem where chat would disappear while typing but maintain what ever was typed in?
: > [{quoted}](name=Tryptamine,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=31XE6EEr,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-06-30T08:12:46.982+0000) > > {{summoner:13}} So, I don't if many of you have been noticing but, PBE recently has been getting very....Toxic and annoying {{summoner:13}} > > Every new batch of players, it seems that people (PBE vets and new) like to "Have fun" or "troll" because, "It's only PBE/It's not normals, so who cares if we win or lose lol". To most of you, this isn't that much of a problem, but for a whole lot of other people, this is incredibly annoying as well as a huge turn off from PBE. I'm not sure if I'm making sense; To me, it appears people are using skins for the sole purpose of free skins/champs and to try "wacky fun builds". I'm all for having fun on PBE but when you get almost EVERY game with some jock playing a tank as an ADC or something else random along the lines, it can be pretty frustrating. I know this post is all over the place but their are simply too many things to cover at this time. > > What I'm trying to say is. I love the PBE, I want it to have that closer bond it used to have when everyone agreed on simple things like roles, trying innocent builds are actually and actively looking for the small missteps in Ritos production of the game we are all so attracted to. > > I'm not saying we get rid of all the toxic players but their is a definitive, glaring issue that they are causing within this community. I can't be the only one getting a little doubtful of the PBE standards of recruitment. If any of you have ideas on how to help clean up the community feel free to discuss below. I think that if we had a Tribunal-like system where instead of a group consensus on whether a person should be banned; there could be a system where the Judges and "Criminal" can both agree on a set of terms to "pay off" their crimes. I honestly don't know what else to think of at this moment but I know this community is chock full of amazing ideas still, and I hope those people step forward with those ideas. > > I want to see PBE in prime condition the coming years so that the future recruits can have a pleasant experience. > > > > > Sorry about this being a super long (Boring?) post. Writing at 3 in the morning is not a good idea :b > But feedback is encouraged, whether it be negative or positive. {{item:2009}} I feel like maybe you've been on the PBE too long. The PBE community is so much less toxic and trolly than primary servers it's absurd. Like, sure it still happens. But no where near as frequently.
It's not as frequent, but when the nonsense happens, it comes in waves. Kind of like Cicadas. The seasonal ones are annoying but they've been around so long that we sorta except them. But the periodical ones....We barely experience them and when they start with their noise, it becomes quite unbearable at times I don't know if that's relatable but that's the first thing that came to mind when you said that
: PBE has been more toxic in around 6 or 7 games than regular LoL has been for 10 games, so I 'd say a ratio of 6.5:10. You have troll builders. Troll supports. People that instalock Tahm and eat our team's 12/3/8 Shyv just to mess around, costing 3 deaths. People that AFK. (BTW, there is a lot of reports of lag in PBE, with 200+ pings. I 've personally had a few moments in which would not start and I had to reconnect, losing 2 in-game minutes.) Supports that do not build sightstone. People on your team that take jungle without permission (generally tops). People that still lock in the role that is already called, then troll the other person who called it first (IE limiting the person who called JG to one side of the jungle). *This problem is seen more in PBE than in norms. And the list goes on. Now, most of what I said goes on in norms (take out the obvious things like Tahm in norms), but PBE has it even more, IMO.
I think all the flaming has to do with there being less players on the PBE compared to live. But it does start to make you question under what "Requirements" Riot is accepting these new PBE "Testers"
: I think there's a fundamental attitude problem that is pervasive to the PBE beyond just individual players. On top of overtly toxic individuals there are, as the OP mentioned, players who not only fail to truly contribute, but who also don't even have a drive to truly test content and try to improve the game. Even on the boards, this is visible with the recent downvote waves on the {{item:3050}} article that targeted not only Rioters, but also players who expressed support for the new item. This isn't just a matter of reporting toxic players, this is also about promoting a community of testers who are truly willing to work towards improving the game and providing valuable feedback, which also means weeding out the PBE's more stagnant or less openly negative elements and engineering a healthier atmosphere. This is something we as a community can contribute to by expressing our opinion, as the OP did with this thread, but ultimately this is an issue Riot needs to work on beyond just working as our Tribunal.
You couldn't have worded it better. Keep the discussions going! I really hope this can be something we can all work towards and help understand on a grander scale.
: I understand your worries and I completely agree that there are far too many players using PBE not the way it is supposed to be used (mostly "free skins"). PBE is definetily not the place to play serious games but the place to test interaction between champions and items, especially unconventional ones. So it's hard to blame players using different builds and trying out new stuff. Regarding the PBE Tribunal: Riot is still working on the live server Tribunal to get back up so I think they are not planning an additional PBE-only Tribunal, this would just be too much work. What I really would appreciate though is of course the new Tribunal to come to PBE before going live. It's a hard task to keep PBE healthy and I really appreciate having access to it even though there are annoying players. So I'll keep an eye on this thread ;) {{summoner:2}}
I just long for a day when we don't have to threaten a rowdy player with a _ban_, _mute_ or _report_. Though, individuals can single out a player by just muting or reporting them, but is that really as effective in telling the opposing player that what they did was/is wrong? It works in some cases but then in other cases, It just goes back to the same problem. But people will be people I suppose.
: I don't really understand what you want to say. Did you mean "There are toxic people out there, flaming everyone, insulting me, trolling friend and foe, making my life hell"? Or did you mean "There are too many people out there trying strange builds, skins and new items instead of playing seriously"? While the former have to be radically punished, the latter is exactly the reason why PBE is there - to try out things which may or may not work, test items and skins, search for unusual and rare bugs etc. You seriously have few excuses on playing PBE with a standard build on a well established champ on a standard skin just to make sure you "win a game". It's okay to create a familiar environment for your team - but i had the impression PBE is there for testing in the first place. Winning is a secondary objective. But I totally understand that while testing, people should try to stay inside a bracket of viability and don't troll their own team if that is what you meant.
I'm fine with people testing. But when they do a build while verbally expressing that they want to troll, it may not be as pleasant of an experience for the other players who are trying to legitimately try new builds and see the competitive edge with said build. Winning is nothing, it doesn't matter if you win or lose on the PBE, it does matter if everyone works together to create a new environment without threatening a player with a _report_ or _mute_ But, I'm bad at explaining my point so I apologize lol.
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: Alistar walking through walls
Have you tried recreating it? my sum name is (Horny4Pwny69) if you want to add me and need someone to recreate the {Bug?} with.
Maybe instead of_** hating **_ on the HUD, suggest ways of _**improving**_ the HUD??? Otherwise, -1 for not giving valid points {{item:3070}} _sorry_ {{item:3070}}
: Yeah, just for the first level of the skill.
Personally, I have my Ability level hotkey set on Shift+(Q/W/E/R) since my pinky naturally rests on the shift bar. That's just me though. Dunno if that'll add onto any insight haha.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Butcher’s Bridge ARAM
: Twisted Treeline with Needlessly large rod.
I would say that's a small oversight, but......
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: Soul reaver draven loadings screen picture.
This also happened in a game of bots, Nidalee had the same Image problem
: Because they need feedback from the community about it, in order to find the specific problem, and fix it. This is PBE, not Live, unfair advantages due to a bug are not as important, and it's best it's on as long as possible in order to pinpoint the problem the quickest way, by way of the PBE testers. TESTING
Up-voting because most people think PBE is for fun.
: Why is LuLu not disabled yet?
That's.....wow. Hasn't this been a problem for a _**while**_ now?
: [LULU] game crash
Were you in a Hexakill game? Because I've had instances where I would lose connection, leave the game and end up being sent back to the home screen; Being able to join a new queue as if the game I was _Just in_ didn't matter.
: How do I "Opt To Delete Skins"?
Just a curious question, Why would you want to get rid of a skin from your account?
: What about expanding the PBE server or, in some way, trying to resolve this traffic issue?
We can only wonder if traffic redirection would be a thing of nature instead of hope. The queue times and {bugs?} are a bit ridiculous
: Do you remember if you had Lulu or Ezreal within any of your/the enemy's team?
I believe seeing a Lulu. I don't quite remember. I'll pay attention to the champs and make a list to see if any of the problems are because of the champs.
: Yeah this also happened to me. also made a thread about it. hope it gets fixed soon.
Do you think that this {Bug?} could be an issue of certain champs being picked or even banned?
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