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: Does Teemo ultimate automatically add the full total stack damage? Or is it less and varies in damage like his Q?
Yes, it automatically does since it adds the full stack of poison.... So it's damage is constant.
: About Soraka's Intended Rework.
She cant heal herself. Only threw her ultimate and her Q now.
: Ascension Bug Report Thread
A new bug. When I played Forecast Janna, she was reporting "live at summoners Rift", but she wasn't. It was the crystal scar. She is reading off the wrong script.
: > Oh lord, do I have a bug for you. Whenever I try to capture a relic point (as Nami) I freeze up in the animation and am forced to be like that all game, death and all. It is annoying and needs to be fixed. It threw off my groove! Someone has to die for this! I even caught Wukong in a similar pose for some of the game... I've noticed something similar with a rengar in a recent game. His movement animations were like they never existed. I didn't pay attention to whether he had it from the start, but I noticed that he didn't have his movement animations at the point where he ascended, and even after being killed he still had no movement animation. Was creepy sawing him flow around the field. ;)
Yeah, I saw a rengar stuck too. It was so funny mostly because it wasn't me..
: Ascension Bug Report Thread
Oh lord, do I have a bug for you. Whenever I try to capture a relic point (as Nami) I freeze up in the animation and am forced to be like that all game, death and all. It is annoying and needs to be fixed. It threw off my groove! Someone has to die for this! I even caught Wukong in a similar pose for some of the game...
: Honestly, I like this new idea, but please keep current {{item:3004}} and {{item:3042}} and just create a new item that builds out of {{item:3070}} and is similar to this one.
Hmm, that might be a good idea. It will give us more build options and who knows. They can probably do something like this for Ap. Or make a Item that builds off of {{item:3070}} that gives you Hp based of your mana... But that would be op on Singed... So maybe gives you Armor and or Magic resist based of your mana... But I really like the True damage and attack speed... for Irelia since she needs some good Mana that works with her.
: Sona Update is back! Feedback and changes here!
Oh, talk time... So I did play Sona a few times. First in doom bots and another in normal bots and in a normal game. I also watched my friend play her as well, so my opinion... 1. Did you find any bugs? **Yes! I found a bug (lies my friend found it) that when sona build a little to much Ap (as in alot), her E passive slow turns into a pseudo Root. Yes, she can root with her E and have easily accessed CC. This needs to be fixed. ** 2. How risky was tagging your allies with your auras? Yes, I found it especially tricky trying to land my movement speed and shield on people who needed to be saved to the point of myself being in danger from it. I get it that it makes her a harder champ and I am fine with that. But this equal aura range for all her skills thing is annoying if you ask me. On that note, I hate her skills long cool down. I understand why something like her E movement shouldn't be that low but her Q and W? **Please, make them go down per level or have a varying CD or both! "Lets make Sona equal" isn't going so well. Her Q can be 10 seconds minus 1 second per level. Her W 13 minus 1 per level. Her E 15 - 1 second as well. It will keep her early game in check and make her later game better. ** Other then that, her kit allows good risk and reward. It does what it needs to do, while having problems in the high cool down. Using all of you're skills makes you useless for 8 seconds before your of CD. It is pointless and makes cool down overly needed. 3.How was laning phase? 4.How was mid and late game? Laning is okay. Since I am able to keep my carry alive now with my heals, I feel more useful. Before, you just spam them whenever they are missing hp and pray they live, now you must time it right and use your heal/barrier to misdirect a bit of damage. Her basic attack needs to be tweaked and be more responsive. Especially when you have a power chord saved up. When she is forced to defend alone though, it is hard. Her lack of wave clear is abysmal. Make her Q passive a Tf red card! Or make her ult damage and stun minions. Like I would ult them just to shove lane.But that is just me. Her Mid and late game though, is okay. She is still squishy and focused like a mother fer. I still blow up as her in both doom bots and normal. But it's fine, not much to do to stop that. **But I also fear that her R passive falls off. It only gains a base and not much of one. I think nerfing the ratio to a lower flat and letting it go up by 10% per ult level is what is really needed.Like gaining a better ratio on her shield and her Q Passive damage. And for her E? Increase the seconds the speed boost last by .75 per level. ** 5. What did you think of Sona's updated audio? 6. What did you think of Sona' update art assets? The sound update? Hardly noticed it. Which is kinda sad. She has a X mas skin and a Rock skin. Make her instruments sound to match. As for her other normal skins, make her actually play music and sounds based on the aura active or the one used last. Like high speed sounding playing for her E. A strong, empowering tone for her W. A dark, and powerful tune for her Q. Yet her ult somehow putting them all together. Or maybe disco, since you must get down! Get funky! FEVER! I also love her upgrade in her model. Silent night Sona needs to be more happy bright red then the current dark blood stained red. Also, I miss her yellow hair dye. Not much else to say I guess.
: We are here, on PBE, to test those new values. So you should not worry about them. Maybe we should just make a whole new thread where the community will put up those updates. There are also many people that are working on some VU in their free time, so they could help with that. The only thing we need, is official YES from RIOT.
True, the thread should be made. If they are doing it for their free time, what are they doing during work? What are they working on that is is more important then fixing and upgrading old champions to fit the game play standards? It maybe cliche' but, "Riot pleas!"
: pretty cool i think since the ultimate fear is at such low duration you could make it that whenever a champion gets max poison they get delirious. maybe up the thing to 4max stacks but the ultimate is pretty cool
Thanks for thinking so. Having a long fear would just make people hate him more, so having it a long cool down, short fear time, and having it be a skill shot as well makes it fall in place as a good ult.
: went a little over board with his w, q and passive . his q would be to close to quinns and val's just much more op . i like the ulti and the e ideas tho and hope for the best for your idea
Thanks for liking the Ult and E. I find his poison to be his defining feature, be it mushroom or dart. Having it interact with his whole kit makes it his defining feature even more so. The ult does looks neat too, a possible fear if done right. For his Q maybe, but I cant think of Teemo blowing out a dart fat enough to match Valor in width and action (since she is throwing a live bird, call Peta). Maybe cap the number it pierces to 3. His W and passive? Maybe, but I like the thought of Teemo actually being able to become a mobile assassin and have pressure to gank people in lane. Not just being a deadly ward. But it was weakened for it's early escape use since he can have a shroom up for vision. It is stronger (speed wise) at level 3 which is usually level 15 if you max it last.
: The numbers are mad and can't imagine what will happen, but that is why does PBE even exist. And if this idea ends up being rather worse than good, it can just last as an idea. The attacks dont need any visual update so maybe if RIOT listened to community more... {{champion:6}} needs it more tho.
Lol thanks for the reply and the numbers maybe a little high. A 120% to 220% ability power based on 3 stacks is alot. Maybe basing his ap stack ratio to something similar to Ziggs passive maybe? Or just lower it by 5 and lessen the rest of his skills accordingly. But I do agree {{champion:6}} needs some love and a rework/Vu, same with Sion {{champion:14}} . Even though I don't play them I can still say they are in a place no one ever plays them. I mean, when was the last time they received a skin.
: Now, think if EVERYTHING you said in this were to be added into the game. How overpowered, unbalanced, overplayed, banned, and hated Teemo will be? Every game will be toxic, and only will cause more problems in the community.
So tweak it, since that is what reworks are for.
: > ***New E Passive: Toxicity.** Teemo applies a stacks of poison that deals on hit magic damage to enemies while causing them to ***take additional damage over 3(9 max)*** seconds. Maximum of 3 stacks per foe. ***The Ap ratio per hit could be 15-25-35*** and it's base can be based of his attack damage. ***15-30-45% ad per stack*** will allow Ad versatility to people who play Teemo as a adc or ***hybrid.*** Holy shit is that super OP and should never happen in the history of never ever ever! I would rather have teemo removed, or I quit the game entirely before I even see that happen or planned by riot!
> Holy shit is that super OP and should never happen in the history of never ever ever! I would rather have teemo removed, or I quit the game entirely before I even see that happen or planned by riot! If you look at the numbers now it wouldn't. The ap ratio is only 5% more on the third hit and weaker with one or two hits added. The ad stacks would be stronger if you build attack damage but for it's purpose is a base for Ap Teemo while giving him the opportunity to build Ad if you want. The secondary dot damage can be messed with or even lowered for a balanced feeling. It is just there for stacks. It is stronger now as a passive sincce it does a total of 70% ap damage plus 50 base per hit and 120 over it's 3 second duration...
: @Teemo The swift scout?
2608 words and 48 Paragraphs.. Talk about no free time today.
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: [Planned 4.10] Item Changes (Attack Damage / Attack Speed / Warden's Mail / Support Itemization)
I played the pbe, and played this game for a long while... so I shall give you my 2 gold. {{item:3174}} First off, ouch. Like really ouch. This item has to be one of the most popular and cost effective item for ap mid laners ever. It gives a lot of mana and cdr. A nice amount of magic resist, and some ap. It is a item that is good to start with with any mana champ in the mid lane. It gives you more fuel to burst and some resist to resist the burst. I know you want {{item:3222}} to be stronger and more "Viable" or something but really? It is still a good item, but it isn't as good as before. {{item:3143}} Poor poor shield. Riot seems to like making attack speed strong at the moment. I will not miss the perma slow it gives for it is strong on so many levels. But I find with the nerf to it, it should cost way less gold then it stands atm. Similar to what happened with {{item:3110}} , can we see a price reduction made or a increase to the defense stats or health stats. Because for 3000 gold, it makes me second guess buying now compared to other items. {{item:3165}} Riot just loves this little book. To bad I don't. The mana it gives still doesn't stack up to my needs. Maybe if this item had mana font but only if. Ardent Censer, this thing. I like it but the item itself seems like a dead end. It feels incomplete and like it can be built into something more. So much more. Like a higher form that builds into health and a little bit more hp. Also, I belive the passive should work on the caster itself if it doesn't already. Essence drinker. I like it, mana hungry adc' can use this well. It is kinda weak though but it gives so much other utilities. {{item:3153}} This item has been messed with so often. I still believe the problem lies with it giving little to no Attack damage. Passive be damned! Just undo the changes and add 25 damage when it is upgraded from the cutlass. {{item:3142}} Hmm, taking the Hakurouken instead of the Roukanken from Youmu was a bad idea since I find the later much stronger. Unless you are dealing with ghosts. I still find this item niche and kinda weak when compared to {{item:3071}} ... I think reforging this ghostly would be good but people like it. But people seem to have loved Wiggles too. How bout giving it a passive similar to {{item:3091}} but ad? {{item:3139}} Jokes aside, I find giving range access to the items ability great. Now how about bringing this item to rift, {{item:3137}} for more diversity? {{item:3123}} With all these changes, how about this item? Can we change the building option of this to incorporate attack speed? Movement speed? How bout a {{item:3086}} ... To revolutionary? {{item:3072}} I am at a lost for this item. It is a nerf, but it gains a shield that makes laning easy and safe. Maybe to safe. Time will tell.
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: She disguises herself as a pirate and the name Impure Shots implies she follows into the Bilgewater customs, like Gangplank's Grog-Soaked blade. But I digress... I definitely disagree with it being anywhere near Twitch's. Impure Shots isn't a poison, or a damage over time. Giving she's a Bounty Hunter and it aids in her aiming - maybe a target/cross-hair? EDIT: Unless you were referring to the green smog rather than the skulls? It's still not obvious enough, in my opinion. Enemies need to know that Double Up will prioritize them, too.
So you are implying something different then the generic ignite symbol and something on the line of quinn's but maybe a X (marks the shot).
: Miss Fortune's Impure Shots
But she is not a pirate... also I agree with a Icon showing the amount of stacks. Something similar to {{champion:29}} Twitchy maybe.
: Scaling off his own would be a bit too good, but I do agree it could be buffed
Thanks for the comment, but what if the scaling did not go off his W? So it will gain it's power off items/ leveling/runes and not his skills so to keep it in check.
: ChoGath
Ahh, I miss this item... It was useful early game if my adc would spam there skills for fun especially if I wasn't Soraka.
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