: We didn't want to create a void in the center in case that would feel like a damaging AoE Zone ; u ; Same with the ult walls - they're supposed to look like terrain and not something that can passively damage you. Have you checked it out in game? The stars in the walls have this scroll-y effect as you move the camera around :)
Would it be possible to darken the centre? I feel the saliency between Summoners Rift and DS Jarvan Ulti is excessive compared to his other skins. Leaving the green of summoners rift feels very sloppy, especially when riot has changed certain champs abilities and animations excessively in the past such as the homeguards for project vayne (could be mistaken for an entirely new champ). Ultimate abilities normally look the best, e.g. Project Yi and Vayne, Mecha Zero Sion, and both Dragon Master and Tyrant Swain. I feel when compared to other skins riot has released in the past DS Jarvan's ultimate having a purple bottom is a fairly reasonable request and would also improve the quality of the skin massively with such a minor change.
: > [{quoted}](name=nogginthenog,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=veRPmrqK,comment-id=000100000001,timestamp=2017-12-07T22:40:44.540+0000) > > i adore your name, Riot Time Wizard :D > > I love this idea. I think Jax's 4 additional arms could come out when he presses R, it would fit with Grandmaster's Might. > > A random question, has Riot ever considered giving 1350rp skins alternative ability names for maybe one ability if the context is fitting, for example Jax's R would be God's Might and Lee's would be God's Rage? Thanks, Noggin! :P Don't know if we'll be able to include the arms on the ult, but passed the suggestion onto the team. In terms of giving names to new abilities, there's actually 2 main things to consider that would prevent us from making changes like that (thought I agree it's a fun idea and would be thematically cool as heck!) First and foremost is clarity. Ability names remaining consistent for players that are unfamiliar with the champion is really important for anyone reading up on a champion they're unfamiliar with, or reviewing death recap to try to parse their death. Skin-specific changes already add a bit of confusion/clarity issues by nature; we don't want to confuse gameplay readability any further whenever we can help it. The secondary reason would be localization: though something may seem like a natural change in English, changing the name in one place means it needs to be changed in every other language/region, and the translation is not always equivalent.
Ah, That is very true! I hadn't considered translations would not be equivalent. I also had another possible suggestion about the skin. I've been on Jaxmains and I know some players really like the idea of Jax having his mask as it is core to his identity even though the god skin line is about removing masks thematically. Would it be possible to toggle the mask on and off? Similar to Night Hunter Rengar? Even without a on/off animation this could help please the playerbase on Jaxmains who feel the mask is core to his identity. I for one really like the mask, I love the style and the look Jax gets, and the option to toggle on or off would be amazing :D
: > [{quoted}](name=A Man Named Zed,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=veRPmrqK,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-12-06T02:18:20.834+0000) > > I know that this will be almost impossible as the skin is complete and this would be a large amount of work to do, but I really feel like the 6 arms could have been used a bit more somehow, its not a legendary skin so i understand that there would need to be a new animation added and for clarity reasons it probably would not be a viable decision. I just think it'd be really neat to see the 6 arms somewhere else other than the recall and the death animation! Amazing skin none the less and I am glad that the arms show up in the death and not just the recall as well! I hear ya! You're dead on: the 6 arms would be really noisy and obstruct his Jax read a fair bit. That said, will pass along the general feel that the arms are loved. Not making any promises (as you mentioned the timeline is tight for additional features), but the team's aware of the feedback! Thanks for sharing your feels.
i adore your name, Riot Time Wizard :D I love this idea. I think Jax's 4 additional arms could come out when he presses R, it would fit with Grandmaster's Might. A random question, has Riot ever considered giving 1350rp skins alternative ability names for maybe one ability if the context is fitting, for example Jax's R would be God's Might and Lee's would be God's Rage?
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Vayne!
Why does project Vayne get a motocycle to ride, yet rengo cant change into his car for the homeguard animation? When i asked Riot previously, it was because they said it felt bad gameplay wise but also changed his model extensively. Then literally the next patch they do the exact thing they said they wouldn't do and change Vayne's whole model and silhouette. Could someone from riot please clarify please?
: In this case, no. We spoke with gameplay several times in development and gameplay wasn't cool with it. For Star Guardians, the champion model is still visible. Rengar turns into a completely different model/shape.
I understand, but doesn't Mecha Zero Sion change shape and model for his ulti? why not Rengo? Thank you for the prior response! :)
: Hey! Thanks for all of this feedback! I've passed along everything, but I don't have answers on if/what we'd be changing for all of these (we're meeting today to talk about feedback coming in), but I can speak to a couple of your points! ** I would like to see a concept where he gets his dreadlocks. It can be done with wires** Model changes that you're suggesting, such as giving him dreads is out of scope for development. Giving the time we have on PBE with him (and this goes for any skin on PBE), large scale changes are usually something we can't accommodate. For a tad more context, it isn't just changing the model, but also re-texturing, retesting, and changing the splash. Smaller model tweaks *can* be more in scope in a lot of cases, though. As you saw in the last set of skins, we changed up the size of Kat's daggers, and tweaks Zed's shadows. **His jump range is shown smaller than it's actual size** This is a bug and should be fixed before he goes live - our VFX artist is looking into it! **I would like to see him as a car in homeguard animation, or while in ult :D** It's a really awesome idea, and it was something we discussed while we were working on this guy. Unfortunately, due to gameplay concerns, we weren't able to do it. His silhouette changes a ton, and we had concerns that he'd be unrecognizable.
Would you ever rethink about adding his car transformation into his ulti or homeguards if enough people wanted it? Other skins change the home guard animations immensely such as the star guardian skins and they still make it to live. Surely using a spell could transform Rengar early, rather than being in a car for his entire home guard animation?
: It's a really cool idea, but that's a no-go from a gameplay perspective. ;-;
Why is this? I also thought the same and would be a really nice feature. Could it atleast be the homeguard or MS steroid animation? Sion has his ulti which is similar.
: Hi. Nerfing the darkin is the best option in my opinion, because i do not feel shadow is weak tbh. It is more that Rhaast is dealing too much dmg for a bruiser. First, i would like to say this : Math is not everything. You ignored the huge difference of the shadow's W compared to the darkin's. How ? Well yeah darkin gives an aoe knock up and the dmg is the same, but the shadow can advance into his burst combo faster than him. This can seem minor, but it can be quiet meaningfull for taking down high priority targets . Yet, I will agree on this : The darkin form is definetly too good at killing people while being way harder to kill than the shadow. My solution for this would be removing his q scaling on %max health dmg scaling ratio and switching it for some flat numbers on %max health dmg going up with the skill level. Instead of x% + x% per 100 ad, just give him a flat x%. But there is another option, wich is my favorite and it is giving Rhaast a longer cooldown on his q than both Kayn and the shadow. This should not be done for his ultimate tho, because it would just encourage people to go straight full tank, but it definetly needs a less better scaling. Nerfing the darkin is the best option in my opinion, because i do not feel shadow is weak tbh. It is more that Rhaast is dealing too much dmg for a bruiser.
Rhaast is fine damagewise, the shadow assassin just needs some more damage/scalings
: Kayn's Shadow Assasin form needs more.
The Darkin form power wise is fine, has OKAY sustain, but into a half tank DPS Yasuo i got smashed full build plus pots. So i think is in a good spot, good into tanks and mages, poor into sustain and DPS as well as countered by hard CC. The shadow assassin form does feel very weak damage wise. I think this is due to several things. Kayn's shadow assassin Q and R have very poor base damages and scalings, what i would do is increase the base damage slightly but give them good scalings, and OR increase Q scalings and make the R an execute on missing health. Second i think the items Kayn builds synergise to his darkin form more than his shadow form, i think if lethality and less DPS/Health synergised better with his shadow form then it would allow him to build more flexibly. Finally i think if his passive was extended to 5 seconds in his shadow form, or the increased the bonus damage, would give him more of a window to burst people down, He is extremely kitable and thus the extra two seconds on his passive would give him more leeway to do good burst. if i was going to change just one thing though, its the R damage in shadow form, really needs increased AD scalings, like hyper, and base damage. Even in the one or two games i played vs bots to warm up, I'm level 18 full build. they are level 11 bare two/three items and my ult tickles them.
: Midseason Durability Feedback
Is stacking armour/MR going to be more effective? With the removal of the crit reduction on randuins i dont really see how tanks will actually feel more tanky, especially now they will have less overall health and less damage. Second will hypermobile adcs like vayne/lucian or hyper ranged adcs like kog/cait/trist be looked at and balanced accordingly? They are already hard enough to lock down if they have a decent support and QSS, with less damage and less overall tank stats wont it become league of ADCs like it did in pre season 6, where picking a tank is sub optimal and picking a marksman to abuse crit in every position optimal? Third, with riot recently releasing several hyper mobile champs who also can go untargetable will you be rebalancing the role of CC? Champs like Cho and Nautilus can have a hard time landing it, especially when they are so slow. Will you be making heavy CC champs more effective, so increasing the duration and severity and duration of slows, roots and knock ups to balance the lack of health, tankiness and damage?
: One thing i found that is somewhat frustrating is that if im going to jump on someone with my ult, i want to get 4 fero to be able to follow up, but to get it i need to jump and use all the basic abilities, but what i dont like is that the w isnt something u can just use anymore, it has a really long cooldown, and isnt something i just want to throw out to get to 4 fero quickly, so i find alot i have to wait to get 2 q off to get 4 fero on an all in, also another thing the fero fall off is brutal, losing it all the instant u go out of combat sucks, theres enough time for to fall off mid fight if u kite back or they do
To be honest i like the new system, a lot of people do not. A simple compromise would be, when he ults he gets 4 stacks, other than that it works like it does now
: 1) His ability to stick to targets is a bit worse than before. If you can blow someone up, then it's all good, but if you can't it's not so easy with one slow and one mobility tool outside of burning ulti for every skirmish. 2) I cannot decide if his E is the coolest thing in this update, or Kata's daggers. One of the two. #However, ** 150 seconds is too much!** Don't forget that Kassadin and Nida can also wall-jump every 2 seconds and then they can jump right back, and their respective skills have combat uses as well... I feel something like 60 seconds to 15 seconds at ranks 1-5 would be more appropriate. It's a bit silly to fear Kassadin's wall jumps every 3 seconds and Talon's dedicated parkour ability can only do the same thing almost as often as he can use _Ignite_. Early game ganks should not be overbearing, true, and he should not be able to jump back and forth, but a cooldown of 5-10 seconds could take care of that. I could live with 10, and further reduced with CDR (even though Kassa and Nida get to do it in 2-3) but 150 is a bit ridiculous. The map freedom is amazing and then you try cross a wall you crossed 2-3 minutes ago and for some reason, he can't jump over it. Wut :P #TLDR make his E so that he can't jump back and forth LeBlanc style but he _can _ make an escape through the same wall after a while, or gank again from that direction. 150s is way too long for a dedicated wall-jump ability that others' abilities can also do _and_ deal some dmg.
The Nida and Kassadin comparison is pretty good, i think the cool down could be reduced a a small amount OR allow him to go over and back over the wall, but Nida and Kass cant get over ALL the walls Talon can.
: On the contrary, I felt like his only Q was very autoattacky and didn't feel CHUNKY. I know that is a strange word to use, but I use CHUNKY to describe things like hitting Spinning Axes and Thresh Hooks, things with REALLY solid feedback. The new Q has that CHUNKY feel and I like it lots, though I will say we could do more visually with the empowered Q.
I agree, i really like his new Q compared to the old one, i find rengar now far more satisfying because its like, no longer stack 5 furiosity then go in, he plays much smoother now
: [Assassins] Talon feedback thread
I really like New Talon, the only thing i feel he could use is maybe shorter cool downs on his damage spells slightly, i understand his passive adds super damage, but the W can be juked fairly easily, OR i would add a slow on the out going W instead of reducing cool downs, this would allow him to trade fairly well when faced with people like kata who kind of stomp him. Overall i think his kit is very good. I really enjoyed playing him today and will continue in the future :)
: FEEDBACK WANTED - Alpha Strike
I dont know if this is all Yi skins, but on project Yi when using alpha on large monsters or champions, he will just stand there, rather than continuing to AA, has anyone else experienced this? I have a feeling its when you press Alpha once on a target, rather than continuing to AA its like a *move* so he just stands there
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Worldbreaker Nautilus!
I really like the skin, the Worldbreaker theme is awesome! However Worldbreaker Nautilus i feel could use some tuning to bring him in line with the other skins. The glow of his eyes on his W is offset compared to the other nautilus skins, so it looks more like he is wearing glasses than his eyes glowing. In addition the colouring on his legs feels to dark when i look at the other Worldbreaker skins. If his legs were coloured the same as his arms i feel the skin would be lifted. Thirdly since the theme is gold/green, his eyes should be some sort of green/blue/teal and the same with the glow on his W. Having this really cool colour scheme, then orange/red eyes is really jarring in the experience. Finally, this is **Worldbreaker** nautilus not just nautilus, so i think if you changed his water particles and also the colour of his anchor chain to a green/teal colour which could be brighter, similar to the soulstealer particles, this would lift the skin and it would feel like a true Worldbreaker skin akin to the other Worldbreaker skins. P.S As an added bonus please change his ulti so instead of water bursting out he summons a quetzalcoatl-esque creature/serpent which travels through, then bursts out the ground to truly break the world!


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