: Can you imagine the queue times? If you want to try a New champ out go custom with friends.
And you seem to be new to the both the game as well as PBE, when a new champ comes out he is piked and tried in every role and with all common build. (ap/ad/hybrad/tank/on hit/etc you name it.)
: PBE: There should be another gamemode specific for the PBE server to avoid quitters.
Can you imagine the queue times? If you want to try a New champ out go custom with friends.
: Riot removed public groups from the client altogether, not just PBE. Not sure who you are referring to with GM.
Game master, admin, etc, basically devs.
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: Then PBE is not funny anymore i play on pbe for test the skins and i canĀ“t get any old skins...
It was never suppose to be funny... PBE is not for us but for them, the developer, in the end of the day we are just a free labour who is stealing a cookie . No complains on part. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: I wish it were that easy, because I want that for players. Having access to all skins was done by mass granting RP to players. Mass granting RP used PBE only tools. Those tools no longer work because we upgraded security of our systems world wide. This is a good thing for live accounts where you pay money for RP and want to ensure your RP is safe.
Isn't possible to either switch the pricing to 1 BE for every thing or modify the reward per game or better yet, the exp, or introduce xp boost for BE? The every thing for BE i get why you don't do it, but having XP boost would be good since since neither of us (the player or the developer) expects to play in the pbe that often. This way we could try the Levelling system for our self in a much less grind fashion.
: PBE -bug?
... i am such an idiot at lest the pass was "***" xD. not that any one can do any thing about it right....
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: Chroma's pricing
it costs more then 1rp because you are also getting the skin and that skin is not free... is 975..


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