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: Why split up duskblade's passive?
Why did they removed the set bonuses from lethality items? Were they to strong? Too bad anyway because it could be used on other items as well
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: i saw i similar bug in my draft game, it's wasn't and entire map bug but only a small part near the red buff in blu side
This one?
Every time map changes bottom and mid inhib can be passed trough
: Elemental Rift Feedback.
you can pass trough bot and mid lanes inhibs when map chnges. on both sides
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: In addition to what Buy a Ward and Catman said: report abusable bugs through Report-a-Bug tool only (not through boards), to prevent spreading visibility and people abusing it in games. That being said whoa I remember you from waaaaay back
Yes its been some time. I remember You as well
: empowered attacks or any basic attacks do not proc it at all, only spells will proc it. another example of empowered attacks that do not proc manaflow is sivirs E.
I just though if Jax W procs{{item:3116}} the same should work on rune. Is it written somewhere that it shouldnt proc on empowered AA?
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: Circle? Plz no (Personal opinions)
What about simply adding option to disable them?
: and Teemo pew and Kayle E and TW card too im think, becouse it has another mechanics....Becouse Yasuo's Wind can't block Kayle E and Tw yellow cards 100% info.....Teemo's blind could't clear with cleanse
He dodges tennis autos and the poison from those. Not sure how about kayle but twisted fate gold cards can be dodged. Jax was supposed to dodge all empowered aa.
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: Mana bar not showing
I had same issue but mine was disappearing. I'm talking about mana bar above champion not a bottom of screen. I think it's related to runes I had both from sorcery tree and precision. When I was leveling up grabbing kill or trading my mana bar was bright blue color instead of normal blue.
: Właśnie o to chodzi, że nie mam takich.
To nie mam pojęcia niestety
pewnie masz runy innego rodzaju w ilości wiekszej niz 9 i dlatego. Mam ten sam problem
: Some minor things that can improve the Practice Tool
I thought of reflex mode. You just turn it on and random skillshots are tossed on u out of nowere. Good for reaction time training. Also changing runes and masteries in game would be nice and one more would be changing champ You are playing in game.
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: Means you got all the skins available.
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: Against Triforce Change
I love this new Trinity force. #Punsofdmg
: Unable to buy more runes.
I heard You have to write to support or something
: Ghost buff. Keep it.
I like those buffs ghost was always one of my favorite spells and with removal of distortion upgrade it took a hit. I remember than in sezon 3 there was a mastery that empowered it.
: [New Alpha client] Minor bugs
For me champon select lag as hell. When I am swiching champs fast they arent swiching fast. If I fail to lock a champ should game lock one for me?
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: maybe git gud? man up and dive that instakilling lazer get that chime BE A MAN!!!!
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: Just post a thread in this category: [Client & New Features Feedback]( with a title beginning with [Alpha Client]
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: [League client update] Testing loot, clubs and (soon) ranked! (Updated 9/7/2016)
: Testing Champ Mastery Levels 6 and 7
Soo I need tokens and blue essence
: Athene's tooltip is unclear
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: Rageblade feels like too much "hidden" power
: Last time one for all was on live, bard was out as well and there were more chimes than usual. Also u couldn't pick up the chimes from other bards. (friend got a pentakill in that game i had so much fun during that game :))
: Zac on One for All
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: Put the spectral wolf from the old devourer onto the new Guinsoos rageblade
It would be cool if he would at least walk beside u and bite enemies. No need to get bigger or anything . :)
: Guinsoo's and Vayne (and other champions)
On sated there was a change that all ranged AA were procking on it efects every 4th AA.
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: [Suggestion] @Riot - Add "Captain" as a tier 2 mastery in the resolve tree
Pretty nice idea. I would love to see something like distortion enchantment that boosts some summoner spells. Hope they would do something like this.
: The PBE is a testing environment. Anything you get from Mystery Gifting, that isn't available for 1 IP does not need testing.
Well maybe but it was there before maintance and now its gone?
: Quicksilver Sash is to remove it as a "one stop shop" item, toning back its power and moving it towards what it was intended for which is CC removal, they can always nerf Zed in the future and makes it easier to nerf him. Boots I am pretty sure it is to remove them from being a mandatory purchase and try to open up other options to buy, so removing the enchantments should help with that making boots feel less of a requirement to buy.
I remember in s3 i think adc sometimes sold boots and bought zephyr
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