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: [Rabadon deathcape] - Can be activated
guys maybe they're bringing back zhonya's ring?
: around the time where they changed Aegis and Runic you couldn't get the same mr buff for your team anymore so they became somewhat useless... your team was unable to stack mr like they used to.
Ah yes I remember that now, it was just a little vague. However, you'd think more armor and less mr for teams would result in the polar opposite for boots, plus sorc treads have existed for all of time. It's not like they decided to take armor pen boots out.
: Ad casters should build Ionian Boots because CDR brings more DPS from abilities since they can be used more frequently. But i agree that there must be boots to amplify physical damage.
Yeah, you could (eg the popular blue ezreal build), but on some champs burst is more valuable. Pantheon, for instance, probably gains dps with ionian but loses burst, which is the only way he is viable.
: Compare all mr.pen. items and armorpen. items When you compare that you have much more armorpen. items. Otherwise it would be too easy and they already gave attack speed boots.{{item:3006}} Then they give you much more options to build as ad(c).
full build penetration items are: arpen- BC, yomuu's, LW mpen- sorc, liandry's, void, abyssal Also zerkers are bad on some AD champs. I was not making this thread for autoattack based champs; those would still build zerkers. I mentioned this already.
: I'd find these great for champs I'd love to buy Brutalizer for but, wouldn't really to upgrade for BC or the purple sword (It goes so unused I've forgotten the name) But then again, why wouldn't you stack both? Then your armor pen would probably be too OP Early game. I'm no mathematician but that would probably result in a lot more balance issues than Riot would care to think about right now.
Yeah... balance was the major thing I was thinking of. It still feels wrong to pigeon hole ability based ADs into tabi/merc/moby.
: Probably because armor is lower than mr early in the game then becomes large late game. So this becomes it is either OP early and okay late or okay early with useless late.
That is true, nor did I think about this so good catch, but remember just about every person in existence runs armor seals, while glyphs can be swapped out for AP/APlvl/CDR/MRlvl (Though I see people get like 3 mrlvl and 6 mr glyphs). Also, damage is still more optimized for early game. I'm sure people like talon would still buy these boots, but not over AD during the laning phase since he benefits harder from raw damage than some speed and pen.
: This probably because you can stack armor but not MR anymore.
Sorry but I don't follow :l When did this happen?
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: [3.15] Verified Bug Reports (Updated 12/10)
There's a Gragas bug, steps to reproduce: 1) have enough mana for only one q 2) use it, spam q button to detonate 3) an out of mana sound will beep, then will detonate correctly It's been around for a while just thought I'd point it out
: Well, there are somethings that need some work. First when you select your champ and your stuff you arent able to do nothing at all, just wait there, isnt like I just wanna wait 10 minutes doing nothing more than waiting. **Second** you are not able to take other position, I would like to roaming but I cant because you are forcing me to play a meta game. This in my opinion are some of the worst **Third,** it really needs to tell you how much time its going to make you wait. I cant even find match just because I dont want to play metagame. **Fourth**, more posibles picks, maybe I want to play Lee sin, Renekton, Thresh, Lissandra, and want everysingle one of them like a possibility to play, so maybe I could be able to find faster a game, and be able to pick my position or role, being some prefered champions. **Fifth** When you found a group, the leader can just kick you out for no reason and make you wait another 10 minutes just because you arent the one who he is looking for, so Maybe you can add the oportunity to see before you accept the group, what kind of team they are looking for. ADD: I got a weird thing for a moment, that says I choosed two skins at the same time. **PD: **Maybe my english isnt that good, but my opinion still.
1) This is PBE: queue times will be absurd. What else would you do anyways? 2) Roaming? Go jungle. If you insist on not jungling BUT roaming, just don't kill monsters. 3) This isn't complete yet; the queue eventually will. 4) That's what other queues would be for 5) Same as 1)
: I think it would be better if the brush was just moved to the tip. that way there wont be any weird warding issues and you can still get some good vision.
I guess that's fair enough. Only concern is that it might be harder to steal buffs that way.
: Team Builder is testing today and tomorrow (Nov 20th and 21st)!
I must say, teambuilder looks amazing! only one thing I noticed: rune descriptions go off the page, as seen [here](http://s22.postimg.org/xfgqi5lxd/teambuilder.jpg). Would be a simple fix for the hover icon to be inverted if it went off. Oh, and the abrupt music ending when it took too long got annoying but wasn't that big of a deal. Maybe a better flowing or longer track.
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It's killing only, not assists.
: I generally use {{item:3070}} on my mana heavy supports, not {{item:3028}}. It let's you completely ignore that {{champion:37}} or {{champion:267}} even have mana pools later in the game, which is very valuable given they have to cast constantly on low cooldowns to be of use after laning.
Chalice generally makes it much harder to go oom early game, while it's somewhat easier with a tear. I Think it can be agreed upon that archangle's late game surpasses Athene's however, so it just depends. Problem with chalice is that supports may not want Athene's and Mikael's is weak. @Wylmie, no offense but you sounded somewhat naive and didn't really tell me why you thought Mikael's was a strong item. However, it does sound like you agree it needs a better build path. This and the lack of cdr was the basis of my argument. Many supports will run ancient coin if they are mana hungry, but not all of them will want the active of Talisman (Maybe on a more split push centered team), rather Mikael's. Thing is, they already have tons of mp5 from Talisman, so wouldn't grabbing that be somewhat redundant? This is why a philosopher + chalice would be an optimal path.
: That's like saying "why should I buy {{item:3139}} when {{item:3072}} gives me all the status I need?" You buy it for the active. They could reduce the cooldown of {{item:3222}} but then they would have to reduce or remove the heal which wouldn't make it as useful as the ADC just getting a {{item:3140}} or {{item:3139}}
The point is that, not only does Athene's or Talisman meet Mikael's Standards, but they surpass it in every aspect. Literally the only reason you'd pick it up is the heal since, by the time my adc had a qss, they could have cleansed twice. A default buff of tweaking the cooldown to 120 would do it justice, on top of my proposed changes that would help it fit into the upcoming support meta.
: I think you guys are missing the best part about this item. The fact that it is a lesser known item, the ability to pull off 'clutch plays' is amazing. People dont expect it, even if you miss the CC removal part of this item, the heal is so substantial that you cant count this item out. I think {{item:3056}} is where we need to focus, I've never seen this item used effectively
Hmmmm.... Very interesting. I will admit, I completely forgot about the heal part XD It's still relevant that this item has the cooldown of a summoner spell, however, because while I think the heal makes it a much more powerful active, it's only up every 180 seconds. This makes it very hard for players to judge whether they should use it at times, which is abnormal for an item that can be so easily passed up. (This is personal experience) EDIT: I also do realize items far weaker than Mikael's exist, but I wanted to offer my educated opinion on specifically this item, so please keep the discussion within those margins.
: Honestly, this is a problem for a number of items that have not been redesigned around the S4 support changes. Because Riot is designing items around supports building them now and giving them according stats such as massive HP, CDR, and/or AP, items that are less optimized (most of which were less optimized in S3 as well) these items will simply be incredibly low priority in S4. Items like Crucible, Herald, and Miracle will not be built in S4 because the other optimized items have been designed to fill in the holes created by the S4 support nerfs and/or scaling changes. If an item does not give HP, AP or CDR, it will be hard to justify building. If an item requires an investment in AD and LS on champions that have poor attack speed and poor AD and AD scaling it will be hard to justify building. These 3 items all need to be examined for S4.
Totally agree; I'm just picking on Mikael's in particular because I feel it's currently the "most viable" of the three items you listed.
: Crucible's problem was in its execution. It was supposed to be a QSS that the support could get to help the carry. The problem is, it had a missile speed and could be wasted by accidentally healing the ally before the CC was applied. I'd say it can work as an item if it instantly effected the closest ally.
Really? I picked it up quite a few times but never noticed a missile speed. I definitely think it should be instant lest cleanse outclass Mikael's for sure, however.
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: [Gameplay Idea] A special ping that means "there's an enemy ward here", or "We need a ward here"
I think that instead of replacing pings, the ping selector could be a hex shape rather than what it is now. I use danger, mia, assistance, on the way, vanilla, fall back, all of them. I would totally get screwed if they were replaced. Squeezing them in, however, doesn't sound like too bad of an idea. http://s8.postimg.org/pnvvv0did/pings.jpg Note I don't necessarily want them in this order, maybe if danger and assistance retained their upper and lower positions I'd like that.


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