: At least your clubs work at all ...lol
nevermind ...I digress, They seem to be working now
: Clubs
At least your clubs work at all ...lol
: Doom Bots of Doom question ?
some of these make me want to have a game mode where the bots are the regular players _...and we become the Doom Bots._
: [Clubs] Can't use club feature on PBE for almost 3 months!
my bad for not being here _8 hours ago_ ! ...but this has been driving me crazy for a while now... i generally would have ~~expected~~ to have {{summoner:2}} something from Riot by now.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: El Rayo Volibear!
His Q definitely makes the skin theme work. Can't wait to see it when: 1. his sounds work ? and 2. his champion portrait square and minimap icon are hooked up
: **===UPDATE: 18 MAY 2016===** Hi League client update PBE testers! We shared some [information yesterday about a preview of the Profile page](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/client-update/article/ef48defa-2158-4a7e-b70f-c5df70561f62) -- it's now accessible on the PBE alpha client, and still just as barebones as mentioned in that link. Reminder! We'll roll out more fleshed-out Profile pages in the coming weeks, so until then, please continue to keep your testing focused on Summoner's Rift and ARAM. Thanks again for joining us on the frontline!
My apologies for not keeping my testing focused on Summoners Rift and ARAM, but thought someone would want to know anyway... the 2016 LCK e-mFire Summoner Icon doesn't display in either the Icon selection screen or the icon frame beside your name on the profile page. http://tinypic.com/r/2wfo9p1/9
: [cassiopeia] minions can't enter W
hmm... to narrow this down a bit.... i think whether the minions have targeted/or have been targeted makes a difference.... try it on minions when they are in single file coming down the lane... as apposed to when they lock on to a target ... i dunno ima diddle a bit more once i get home...
: About Dragon rune colors
Air = White Earth = Green Fire= Red/Orange Water = Blue {{summoner:13}}......{{summoner:13}}............{{summoner:13}}
yea...i was playing an "all for one" game, and our team had various {{champion:90}} skins... it seemed to be isolated to the **Snow Day** skin.... Every time his **voidlings** died it left behind a {{champion:25}} shield. Needless to say mid lane looked quite snazzy
: Strange thing is that only a few clubs got affected by it and all of the members of it as well. So some people don't have this problem and some do. :\ I have reported it using Bug report tool last week, since I was convinced by some ppl that it works, it seems not. Ahh
ahh thx for the comment.... you have any idea which other clubs had been effected? and if we could figure out what we have in common? example: I had made my own club as well as joining a friends club...perhaps something clashed within the client or? I dunno If it helps anyone my club is Lolo Nation ( LLX ) and my friends club is Hated by Many ( xHBM ) I haven't been able to ask him if his are loading, he hasn't been on in a few days...
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: ‘Hexakill: Twisted Treeline’ game mode live on PBE for Rotating Game Mode queue testing.
: Ascension Hourglass Bug.
I think you simply got hit with {{champion:432}} 's ult...
: Store Visual Update Incoming to PBE
you have a bug i believe with wards in the shop...clicking them sends you to a particular champion's page as opposed to enabling a ward anyone else experiencing this ? for example clicking the Hextech ward skin goes to Katarina, Harpseeker is Malphite, Rising Dawn is Blitzcrank ect...
: Is this error only occurring with Championship Shyvanna or all the skins?
add Toxic Dr. Mundo to the list ;)
: Soul Reaver Draven Loading Picture
Pharaoh Nidalee's splash is doing the exact same thing
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: Ekko's R Bug
Encountered the same bug last night on hexakill, for me it only seemed to happen when i applied my first point in my ult. If it makes any difference i had allocated my point in my ult during a team fight and my past self never appeared... i admit at that point i panic'd a bit without any clarity of where i would return to. Ultimately upon activation i was granted a small bit of HP and arrived no where..problem cleared up after respawn Also, it seems skin doesn't make any difference ...due to the fact everyone runs with the sandstorm skin, i go with the default for just such an occasion
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: It appears to Be Happening with Quite a few Charged Skillshot (Or Skillshot-like) Abilities. So far I'm seeing this on Vi Xerath Varus Zac Sion I think it's safe to say any Remaining charge-able Skillshot abilities will also have this issue.
It appears that last lil patch fixed it, tho I've only checked Xerath... id assume the rest are fixed as well anyone checked yet ?
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: little update: seems someone activated skin boost also. don't know if the skin boost triggered this event or that it just happened because of chroma.
i encountered this twice yesterday and can confirm that when someone uses a skin boost, after you have selected which chroma to use, it resets...
: you have unlock nemesis jax for 1 ip first. then the bundle will cost 1 rp. But really riot cmon by giving weekly rp makes pbe far more attractive and makes me forget the high ping and the high queue times
funny thing, on PBE my ping is 30 lower than on live servers..... now the Queue times...that's another story entirely..
: ARAM needs stronger Magic Resist items.
your true enemy is magic pen, build less MR and stack more health .....
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: i mean in the **Shop** was gonna go buy some...but i was left scratching my head lol
even tho i have plenty in my list.. found it odd it wasnt in shop
: You mean in shop or in your list? I am fairly certain I still have mine in my rune page.
i mean in the **Shop** was gonna go buy some...but i was left scratching my head lol
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: Fiora ulti not hitting 5 times
yea same thing here, and sometimes after striking the first time, i would remain motionless in some sort of stasis
: Sorceress Lux and Dragonwing Corki Bug
wow, 3 days and not a single comment..... yet there is like 10 posts about the same ezreal bug and sh*t tons of comments.... ...fancy that ;)
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: You got it! Thanks anyway for taking the time to make a report!
no problem, i assumed it was going to be like the friend discovery feature (impossible for me to test) ... you know what they say about assuming ;)
: I'm pretty sure this isn't intended, but i am receiving the loyalty rewards even tho i am most certainly not accessing the game from a cafe... anyone else experiencing this or .... ?
"We’re going to be testing some fixes and updates to our Loyalty service (PC café rewards system) on the PBE, so for the next week, **you will all** once again be receiving Loyalty rewards!" nvm..answered my own question...
: Loyalty rewards incoming!
I'm pretty sure this isn't intended, but i am receiving the loyalty rewards even tho i am most certainly not accessing the game from a cafe... anyone else experiencing this or .... ?


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