: I wouldn't think much of it. PBE is preparing for cycle lock-down for 9.16: the way it looks now is how to goes to live. As a result Riot reverts all (highly) experimental or tentative changes, because they're not ready for live. They usually return with the next PBE cycle (starts every other Tuesday). [Riot August](https://twitter.com/RiotAugust) is lead on these changes, I recommend keeping up with his twitter for more info and updates.
Yeah, I thought so too. I'm keeping up with him kinda on twitter but it's a bit of a mess there ;0. I just thought they lock the pbe for live cycle later on, it must be my mistake. I was secretly inside still hoping they would push Kayle changes into the next patch and not the 17 as was scheduled. Thanks buddy!.
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: Feedback on Kayle changes
I like the new changes with 6/11/16 rather than the wierd 7/... I don't mind stripping off the true damage. The only thing I'm sad about that getting to the last form will happen tha same way as before only one game in 50 or so. It would be nice if kayle could speed it up with kills, turrets, AS or something. But who knows maybe meta will shift to late game again but I can't say I see it happening this year. EDIT: And being locked out inside your own protective ult is one last part that if anything could go away. (lvl 6 range form great, ult lock down could go away too to make her less frustrating).
: Riot is pretty much Hellbent on not reverting things on a scale as large as this. Her old E was better, but we're not getting it back.
Well it's not unheard of and they have been making solid changes to almsot all reworks new champs for a while now - for example poor LeBlanc went through a roller coaster ;0. But her old E wasn't really anything special so I hope that's not the part they would step back if they did any.
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: i guess u dont pay attention when reworks happen... eg, galio, irelia, urgot... all skins become available for a short time idk a week or two, (or longer cant remember) where u can buy legacy skins aka stinger, infernal and i believe all star too. u can still get them from a chest or reroll or mystery gift. even if they are not on sale.
Yeah I wasn't sure if the legacy and such were included in the early release. Thanks.
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: maybe, I wanna see how I feel if they ever make it smaller.
Yeah for me the color and size is taking a bit too much attention from the red scheme of the entire skin but eventually it will blur out considering you pay msot of the attention to enemies anyway ;0. But it would be nice to tone it a little bit down.
: Blood Moon Alkali Skin FeedBack
Yeah, I think they could just tone it down a bit, less golden and perhaps smaller would make it nicer :0
: Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread
I'm just curious, on reddit there was a rioter's comment that blood moon is getting a bit of a recolor on her kimono, did that already happen or not? :0 Thanks. PS: Still no chance of getting reddish smoke on that skin?
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: I thought I did upvote it lol but yeah, they completely altered the design of some of Irelia's skin, like her Frostbooty skin having it's shoulder fur toned down or whatever. All we want are spell effects unique to the skins.
There is a separate thred now for akali by CertainlyT https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/o2lJuHL8-akali-gameplay-feedback-mega-thread So let's voice it out there ;-).
: > [{quoted}](name=murmur,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=Xp8d94cQ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-07-18T08:14:40.498+0000) > > Where is the akali one?
> [{quoted}](name=securitybot01,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=Xp8d94cQ,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2018-07-19T13:04:40.100+0000) > > https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/o2lJuHL8-akali-gameplay-feedback-mega-thread
: PBE, the worst League experience?
PBE is a different environment, nobody here cares about meta, reports and such. It's not what PBE is here. It's here to test content, it has bugs, glitches but that's all because it's a raw version of live. It's nto here for a selected few to feel better ;-). Obviously with these people with different attitued clash. There is less people than on live, high pings, crashes. There is a lot of people who jsut hope to play theyr favorite champion and if they don't they rage (well not like it's different from live in this matter right? ;-)). Cherry picking players is basically impossible at this scale and just because a person was nice before doesn't mean they won't go ballistic one day. I wonder about that 99% number. But well it's certainly worse than live but again this server is not about happy climb, there is no mmr behind player picks and such. Either just get over it or go back to live. You are not forced to be here homie.
: Why do people think it's called Infernal Akali? That Skin doesn't exist to begin with. It has always been known as Crimson Akali. Or did they rename/redesign the Skin overall and i just missed it?
Yes they did, completely. Give ti a quick google search buddy.
: Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread
Hello, I made a few points yesterday so I hope you don't mind if I sum them up here. 1/ E movement + R movement - When you use your E Akali then follows to last place she was move commanded to. When you use second half of your Ult (perhaps both parts i think it was both but I'm sure of the second part) Akali returns to the last spot she was move commanded to. - Both these feel akward, examples: -- enemy chases you, you clidk forwad when you have a chance you use E to dash awy and after Akali starts walking back to wards the enemy. -- You chase enemy, dash throw them Akali walks back. It's not a game changer but it feels akward especially if you use W in middle and try to stay invisible (lol) and start watching the battle field and out of nowhere you realize enemies killing you because you didn't see the poor girl walking out. :0 2/ Blood Moon Skin - I hope this will be heard there was several people saying the same all over the reddit and pbe boards. - This skin feels very poor, in the spalsh art she is a sharp assassin with well something to her that makes her pretty high horse or nicely flowing ... smooth and proud perhaps are the best words? (I'm sorry my expressive skills failed me here). But in game she looks like she is wearing a spandex or a mini dress. I understand "hey let's show her legs and make her more sexy" but would it be possible to give her one more run to maybe give her flowy sleeves back, perhaps even the back part of the kimono could flow a bit - it shouldn't be so rigid - (it use to be there before rework, it is in the new splash, it isn't in the new model? Huh?), adjust her color to have more darker redish tint or accents to make her more menacing? She is an assassin, it's also called blood moon right, like blood not a red district prostitute right? :-0 Perhaps that red thingy going of her sleeves and back of the kimono into the game as an blood moon line effect, just a tiny bit to make the skin more worth of the blood moon theme? 3/ Smoke bombs - This one is an opportunity which nobody took or decided not to (?). - Could there be variations in smoke bombs on different skins? Doesn't this effect just begs you to make it happen? :-) - Here are a few suggestions from my previous post: -- 3.1/ Blood moon could have dark (!) redish color, to make it more cool there could be a few large dark sillhouettes here and there to make it mroe menacing or perhaps even look like they are entering (or eaten) by the smoke. If nothing else the dar kred color should be fine plus perhaps another darker one here and there to make it more menacing. -- 3.2/ Silverfang could have a whiteish smoke perhaps? -- 3.3/ Sting could have yellowish. -- 3.4/ Well I guess we could go on and on with this right? ;-) 4/ W bug. I think this is a bug. I go practice mode, select interm. brand against me. Lvl up. Go to the enemy turret with brand following you. Use smoke bomb and hide. Turret stops attacking you but brand will keep using all his abilities as well as ignite on you. I saw a post yesterday that somebody encountered this problem in a game against a friend so it's probably not related to bots only. I pointed out just a few things which I think would make it a better VGU. I talked mostly about blood moon skin but that's because all other skins are of a way higher quality. BM is just yeah, kind of ... yeah I'm not trying to be rude here, really! Overall I love the rework. How you added a possible skill requirement so you can explore her more. The kit is just great. I like the skill effects (though the are all strikingly similar over all skins, especially the smoke). There was quite a number of bugs yesterday hopefully these will get ironed out. How she moves, the lines are funny and cheesy at times just perfect ;). I pray just for four things, BM skin getting better, varied smokescreens, you don't give in to pressure and remove the W + turret mechanic (like honestly I'm 90% sure that after it gets live you will remove it but I can dream right? ;)), you don't give in to pressure and remove the second part of E (global?) - again I might be dreaming. If you could please give a shoutout to people who made this, reworks are lately so good. Is the same person responsible for Zoe (perhaps even Irelia) base splash art responsible for Akali? Whoever made this huge shout out to them too! TL;DR; Great overall, few bugs, Blood Moon skin is sadly a poor prostitute, smoke bombs deserve some color variations. E+R movement is akward. Thematic and design (the kit as well as looks) is perfect, who is responsible for her btw? A possible marriage proposal to the splash art artist! Have fun guys I'm going to see if I can take akali for one more ride! EDIT: Forgot a link with a picture: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/sihjJmQp-could-we-get-tint-on-akalis-smoke-for-skins-at-least-blood-moon-could-get-something-for-a-vibe EDIT: Oh now when I see it, you can certainly hit with your champs at my sweet spot and my hate spot at the same time. xD
: From the little i messed with her on the pbe I definitely agree. I feel like its an easy cool addition to make to the skins, at least for the pricier ones
Yeah certainly, I'm pretty sure that even 950 skins could have this it seems as a procedurally generated part of VFX so the change shouldn't be so costly as Irelia's skins never ending adjustments. :-) If you can upvote the original message so more people see it pls ;-).
: From the one game I've played with her (but having seen every skin in action via youtube) it's disappointing that they all have the same smoke effect. I'm not really sure how to make them unique beyond "tints" but there could definitely be something different to them. Infernal could be ash instead of smoke. The cookout skin could look like grill smoke with Akali commenting on the smell of fresh steak or something while having a sizzling sound fx.
Yeah I think it's not a difficult change for them to make, definitely sounds less intrusive than changes to Irelia's skins that were made. For example: 1/ Blood moon could have dark (!) redish color, to make it more cool there could be a few large dark sillhouettes here and there to make it mroe menacing or perhaps even look like they are entering (or eaten) by the smoke. If nothing else the dar kred color should be fine plus perhaps another darker one here and there to make it more menacing. 2/ Silverfang could have a whiteish smoke perhaps? 3/ Sting could have yellowish. 4/ Well I guess we could go on and on with this right? ;-) Some more advanced adjustments could include adding some other visual to it (batman would have some bats flying around or in and out so something of similar striking could work). If you can upvote the original message so more people see it pls ;-).
: [Visuals] Blood Moon Akali
I second this. In game it's a prostitue. No need to walk around the bush here. Blood Moon is a huge downgrade. How could they give her that tight skin suit instead of a kimono. It's Akali she doesn't need a spandex. :0 There should be visible some flow in the cloth.
: Akali W Placement Inconsistencies/QOL?
My guess is it's intentional. It probably helps with a counter play because Akali will always be at one psot of her shroud at the beginning and you know where it is.
: > [{quoted}](name=murmur,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=Xp8d94cQ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-07-18T08:14:40.498+0000) > > Where is the akali one? There isn’t a skin feedback thread for Akali, rito only makes them for new skins really. So akal skin feedback just goes under Feature Feedback. There’s an Akali thread for bugs though.
Yeah I meant where is the akali feedback overall threat nto just skins but I guess they don't create these :0.
: Heya! It's better to report Akali bugs in the stickied [Akali Bug Report Thread](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/EblZMfMg-akali-bug-thread).
Yeah I found it too and posted there just to be sure too :0.
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: [VISUALS] Akali skins looks decent at first glance, however things are lacking.
https://i.imgur.com/e3G3dTe.jpg W comparison on two skins.
: Akali Bug Thread
Practice Mode against Brand bot in bot lane. Bring Brand wiht you to enemy turret, W under turret. Turrets stops shooting at you but brand can freely use all his abilities (inlucding point and click ones) on you whe nyo uare in shroud and do nothing. Weirdly he does not aa you (?). It's easy to reproduce. Happened to me all the time.
: PP Zoe!!
Yeah I have no idea what that is but it's weird. I don't like it :(. It doesnt' look like anything, basically somebody forgot to add a texture at least I guess?
: Post it [here](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/Mp97jVcQ-pool-party-zoe) instead. Every new champion, skin, game mode and other big content has their own bug and/or feedback thread which can be found as a sticky thread in one of the subboards. It is recommended to place bugs and feedback there :)
Where is the akali one?
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: [VISUALS] Akali skins looks decent at first glance, however things are lacking.
I'm second this. The skins are nice as models but VFXZ are basically not different (except a little bit of color here and there for a fraction of a second). I also feel that the Blood Moon skin feels poor. The other skins look like they take larger portion of space (volume) and are much more wholesome.
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: Pool Party Caitlyn
It's a nice skin. I mentioned it in Zoe thread that the water effects look weird. They are too watered down (pun) not kidding here. It's dominant with Cait considering it's all her AAs and abilities. There is no interesting distinction. I know you guys tried new water look compared to Nami but this feels so blunt without any depth or interested.
: Pool Party Zoe
First a bug: In Practice Mode I went bot lane against graves bot. I used my Q near the bottom of the map (it went voer the boundary) and the secon Q (reactivation) didn't bring Q from it's position to my cursor but from outside of my screen on the left. It was weird because I was on the right side of the screen just a teemo or two away from the red sides brush (around middle of it) and I certainly wasn't even clsoe to have Q reach the other side of my screen. I can't recreate it I don't know how it just happened once and was completely weird (the reactivated Q hit minions so the projectile was there it just came from hell I guess?). Skin feedback: It's kinda lacking :0. But I'd say mainly the water effects and very watered down (pun) which applies to Caitlyn as well. With Zoe it doesn't seem as bad as Caits considering the weirdest/worst one is her Q (while Cait has the same boring looking - not much as water honestly - effect to all her shots). Check the image, can somebody tell me what is that dark sphere of her Q? It looks so soooo weird. Her Ultimate pools look kind of artificial. Could they move a bit or something they feel out of place compared to the rest of the skin (probably too saturated colors too). https://i.imgur.com/3Quj6U6.jpg Her E when on ground looks a little bit weird too, like it's a really low poly or low detailed or both. Well overall it's a nice skin but ehh it feels kind of wrong in a few ways which really bother me (and I do own the other zoe skin on live) and makes me not to want to buy it. :'(
: We link to it mainly because they're site compiles PBE information & Riot doesn't have it listed somewhere else. :P reply to PS: She seems OK. Her win rate is decent & her ban rate has gone down substantially. reply to PPS: Unsure tbh.
Yeah, with that less than 50% ban rate I can even play her now in basically every game I have ;-). Reply to "reply to PPS": Is there anyone who knows? I'd assume that's the kind of stuff which is tested by someone at some time, isn't it? I can't really tell the difference between the pbe release, the pbe final form and the live release. So perhaps this point was silently left off? ;-)
: PBE Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.8
Hi, seeing you pointing to surrender@20, is the site in any way related to you guys? I thought it was a separate thing but well now I wonder is there a connection nowadays? Thanks! ;0 PS: How satisfied are you with current Zoe? Is she finally in a fine spot? I like where she is now. PPS: Did Irelia's base model receive the promised hair adjustments or not? It doesn't seem so.
: I updated the post with another design that matches the original frostblade irelia design . Would love to get your take on it!
Well I was never a big fun of original design which is on live servers. It's not bad but getting a little bit cluttered. I like it but I might more like it if you stick to one theme more. But I have to say I like how there is more contrast between colors or should I say it's more vibrant? Have you thought about white instead of yellowish/golden color there?
: Thank you. I updated the post with a back view as well! :) You can add it there if you'd like also I'd love to get a link.
Here I thought you were finished with retouch magic and you go even a step further. I already added it there. you Cna find at at story, art, concept section (or something like that). From the back view I'd definitely prefer this version over no collar. But I'd prefer more purple in hair especially above the fur. But that might be just me or perhaps it would feel a bit different with actual 3d model. Good job buddy. Now let your friends in Riot now because I have none ;-). EDIT: Overall I'd push blades saturation a bit down so it fits better the skin and doesn't feel so intrusive and then it's perfect.
: Turned out the best in terms of what? Hair? lol The best hair obviously goes to nightblade{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Yeah, that's her best skin now no doubt. Not jsut hair ;). That fluffy hair omg, nice :0
: I only have an EUW account. If you can post it it would be great! I posted it on the main reddit. I'll try on Irelia mains as well.
I see. I guess yo uare right. The front look should suffice ;). I still think this is a better compromise from what reddit/boards pushed riot to create. But hey perhaps next week will show something new again. Btw I don't think you need an account for na region to post on their board. Just log in to your usuall area and after that change in address bar the area part (so go to na.boards) or just go straight to na.boards log in and pick eu west for your account, it will log you in anyway. So far I posted it there too but just a heads up for next time.
: Yes i found that bug thread, but there doesnt seem to be an official gameplaye feedback thread. If you do have a link to that please send it to me
I don't think there is anything other than that. There is several feedback threads but they basically get created anew when another iterations of frostblade skin comes out. Basically they are made up as waypoints at this moment. :0
: Irelia Rework Gameplay Feedback Thread - - Post your Feedback in here !
I'm almost sure there is an irelia bug thread where rioter suggested to place all kind of feedback apart from bugs as well. EDIT: From me it would be hm.. I'm not sure how heal will work out on live. I haven't had time to test all kinds of combinations and well there are much better build builders. Apart from that W is probably a bit out of place but I think that's neccessarry for what it does. Honestly moving super high dmg reduction with close/mid range damage, we used to have that with poppy and that was hell of an annoying mechanic. So I think stationary is a decent weight to balance it out. (well it's not entirely out of place, considering you will jump in with Irelia so mitigating so much damage is great especially considering it's uninterruptible).
: I updated the post with images. Would love to get your take on it!
Can you add it to na.boards as well or should I? Perhaps even irelia reddit would like to see it.
: If you take a look at firecracker/mafia jinx, her hair was significantly shortened and her pigtails were removed. In place of the pigtails however, were long ribbons let helped make up for the lack of her flowing pigtails. Frostblade irelia's hair was shortened to the point that it didn't flow in the wind like the hair in the other skins. Maybe they could try something similar to firecracker jinx, adding like ribbons instead of fur? From what I understand, the fur was added to make up for the shortness of her hair, but maybe they could replace it with a headpiece or something? Just an idea :P
I kinda like the idea the shadowkaizer posted in his images now. But some other element if not the fur would be nice. :0
: It's wispy and beautiful in the splash but flat af ingame. I'm really impressed with how nightblade's hair came out, and I hope that the default skin will come to resemble that wavy-ness.
Yeah, I'd say nightblade, infiltrator (and perhaps eventualyl aviator) turned out to be the best ones (for me at least). Frostblade is still one or the other depending on where it will land.
: I updated the post with images. Would love to get your take on it!
Oh that actually looks nice. But do you have a back view? I think the back view was the most problematic, the front view was pretty nice. So far this would be pretty good (maybe more purple in her hair? xD). If there is someone with twitter acc to responsible people, tweet them. PM them. Throw an avalance of messages at them and let give me a link so I can join you!
: I feel like the fur was added to make up for the shortness of the hair and how exposed her back area was. The fur could still help both of these things even if it were adjusted so it didn't ruin the view of her back
Yeah no doubt, it was to balance the negative space. Apart from size from behind the way it was rendered made the skin less sharp and more disney princess like. For example if you check the woad scout quinn she has similar collar, sure it's huge (though it fits nicely) it has visible edges in texture of how fur is folded and combed in one direction which gives it sharper look. There are certainly ways to tweak it to suit the skin. Although I wonder what would it feel if it were smaller, wouldn't it be just a boring elment? Perhaps addinng some little things hanging from it downwards would make it more interesting as long as it doesn't hinder too much of a view of the character silhouette. I pray they revert the current one though. I'd rather have the collar if purple comes back than what is out there now. :0
: The hair was fine, the purple added such a nice touch to the rest of the outfit. The fur was a whole new problem though.. I'm not against it being there, but I think it's so bulky and slightly distracting.
Exactly. It was a great touch to the overall design. THe fur I'd say it like this, unlike Taric Irelia is not a Disney princess so the technique how the fur was made does not suit a warrior concept. It's jsut too smooth out of Disney wonder karma world rather than Irelia's frosty worrior. If anything going with sharper edges, darker shadows (as they started tweaking it with the first reiteration) and so on to make it less obtrusive. Though I'm not saying it would look perfect but it would be better than what we have now. If anything I acutally like the fur collar from the front I think the biggest issue was how it looks from the behind of the charcater (which is a major part of the view you will get in game). If that was tweaked it would turne great. Sure way different than original frostbutt skin but hey they already decided to go a way different road so it doesn't matter anymore in that regard. I wonder if irelia will get a new skin as well after the release (same as swain got ;0).
: Irelia Bug Discussion
Frostblade skin. The latest iteration is really bland. No character. Is there a possibilty of going back ot the purplish design she had when the rework was released but with tweaks to fur (perhaps more tweaks to it to make it look less eyecatching and perhaps even smaller)? You made a decision to change the skind in a major way but now with the feedback it's going out of hands. Basically all posts had a problem with the fur collar wrap rather than colors (there were quite different opinions on colors). Perception of colors changes with changes to the collar so might be a good idea isolating that as an issue and making other color changes later to see how it influences the overall balance first? Players are not professionals in this regard please stay a bit more behind your decisions in this matter (thought the fur was kinda too much ;-)). Considering there was a few changes so far is there an option of a chroma with purplish desing coming out with this skin? Original color balance was much better, I'd give more credit to people who work on the skin than some people on reddit and/or boards (though there is a raising number of people who prefer that variant). Aviator skin. Feels much more natural now, less obtrusive. I like the skin overall especially for the cost of it. PS: How are the adjustments of hair for the base model going, did I miss it in any update? EDIT: Check this guys post with possible option for purplish gradation and fur collar, it's pretty nice https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/RoaYrWJq-frostblade-irelia-latest-pbe-update-323
: Thank you for the long and detailed response. I can see a lot of thought was given to it. Yes Indeed they used the fur to balance the silhouette taking the place of the hair. I would forfeit the fur on the back seeing as most people I talked with didn't appreciate it. Fur can actually be used as protective gear, There's usually animal skin under it and when it's thick enough it can be pretty effective against general cuts, knife stabs and bruises and as extra padding when you fall or get hit. And it is light. Also this is a fantasy world so it would be a good armor in this world. :) I definitely see your point about the new concept not being faithful to the old concept. The reason I don't mind it is I never owned the original frostblade skin because I really didn't like the execution of her in game appearance. They did a really good job overall with the new design and it resonates with me a lot more. But I understand people feeling a bit cheated because it's not the design they paid for. Still if they can embrace the change they'd be getting more value overall in my opinion. At this point it is very unlikely Riot would scrap the whole design for something that would better reflect the old one.
I'm wondering if they tried an iteration when she had some kind of flowy more muffler like kind of furry thing around her neck. I understand the change they made, they decided to go in a different direction I just wish they stood behind it more thoroughly than how they keep changing it now. I'd start with making the collar smaller from her arm/shoulders to blade bones around her back and then up to the other shoulder and arm.
: Hey Riot I got a solution for you. Give us toggle for the fur. It's a 1350RP skin. I want my fur! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
For me they could throw the purplish iteration in it too ;0.
: Frostblade Irelia - Latest PBE Update 3/23
I'm saying the same thing for a while now too. Current iteration is a huge downgrade. Purple tones added interesting color balance, fresh air if you want to call it that way. I didn't like the initial fur collar wrap because it made her look like karma too much and was too eye catching but with a first tweaks it got better and if the size was slightly adjusted down to it would turned really good. Right now the skin is a mis-mash. If there is anyone from Riot reading this post and got here, guys don't jump to conclusions so quickly, you are professionals, color balance is not something majority of players even knows what it actually means. The whiteish huge fur colar as en element was stwisting the perception of colors. Right now it's just a bland school girl not a cool warrior.
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