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: Queueing for over an hour
: LoL! Something funny just happened while i was testing the new map in a bot game, i was playing udyr jungle so i can solo baron and easly kill any other monster in the jungle, so around 20 min i was already strong enough to kill baron nashor, so i went ahead and kill it, and i didnt immediately notice that I didnt get the buff cause I kept farming the jungle, but in a minute I saw that the enemy bots had the baron buff. So basicly what happened is I killed baron and the enemy team got the buff, im pretty sure that the bots didnt steal it.
You never no lol. They buffed the bots
: Thanks for the report! We're aware of the Baron and Dragon issue and are working on pinning down the issue.
Up-vote this everyone so it gets noticed so everyone just doesn't report the same thing every time. I didn't see this when I was reporting it.
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
Not sure if anyone has had this or its obvious but when I was doing custom game by myself. Dragon and Baron both don't attack me and I take no damage when I attack them. I was testing as Zed if that matters.
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