: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Rakan
just finished playing a game with him! pretty much ran home from work lol Gonna start by saying big congrats to the whole team, model, art, vfx, sfx, lore, voice actor, hope im not forgetting anyone, aaaa loved every second, some highlights were the "bubbly dark" sound effects, ult form with the cape is amazing, his dramatic idle and slapping poses, love the purple/green colour scheme, i wanted to stop playing and stare at him lol some immediate critiques: **splash skin colour**- i really enjoy how hes paler than xayah in game and how its only in corrupted form. I'll spare you me gushing about possible lore reasons for why that is and just say that it would be nice is his splash art also reflected that, he has like the same tone of skin as xayah in it if not darker. **w** - i really enjoy how you went for big, payoff momments with when him and xayah change back to "pure" forms, his heal looks amazing and i love how it makes sense thematically, but him changing to "pure" on his w is kinda way too quick to be really noticable? i know that you wanted it to be like a "using the darkness to knockback the enemies" but its such a quick spell it feels kinda wierd him changing colour schemes for a split second, i personally think the colour scheme change wasn't needed in this spell. **interactions with xayah** * **recall** - i love love LOVE the recall you did with the two of them together, full of lore and emotion and amazing. unfortunatly it seems either bugged or just not how i'd personally like it, everytime i recalled with my xayah the recall would end with them still hugging each other instead of going to the final part of the animation like it does with their other shared recalls. i love how they pose togheder with the wings and am kinda sad i never got to see it in game. * **quotes** - it feels both heartwarming and gutwrenching at the same time to hear their normal quotes in this new chaotic, dark world, and i'm sure thats the effect you were hoping for. however, some base quotes dont work with the lore, and i personally think should be removed. the one i remenber felling the wierdest was when xayah says "Everyone is depending on me." during one of their shared conversacions, which doesen't make much sense on their newfound lich star guardian forms. * **dance** - now this is REALLY nitpicky but i think some spotlights on their shared dance would be cool :D these are all super small and detail nitpicks because thats everything i got to critique! because you did such an amazing job!! thank you to everyone involved in this skin, its amazing, i love love LOVE rakan and the magical girl genre, and to see them both combined in such an amazing skin is bliss :') i've also been dreaming of star guardian villans since jinx/janna/etc came out lol (ps. i know this is all super rushed and not really formated well lmao i also dont talk about the chromas cause i didnt have time to try them out, this is just me rushing my feelings and thoughs out before i have to leave for work again ahah, ty if you read all of it!)
: If I am remembering correctly, Baolan specifically requested to not be as dark/fallen angel as the rest of the group. Instead, he wanted to be more rainbow/white/prismatic. I'm not sure it would be possible to add black in opposition to his request ><" Though I'm not sure if he would make an exception!
That's understandable! IMO, you might want to consider adding black details somewhere else in the skin then (maybe his fabric cape or vest?) for cohesion with the rest of the skins. Or just go all out and make his ears white as well, they look really silly lol (BTW, Rakan is one of my two favourite champions, and I'm quite glad he got a skin seperate from Xayah to shine a bit on his own. I understand its a special case and might be the last time it happens, but might as well add that i wouldn't mind them having skins that the other does not have in the future, seeing how a tematic that works for one might not work for the other.)
: please change the signatures so they fit in with the splash art more, the special loading screen is kinda ugly
i feel like a simple colour change on the signatures themselves would go a long way to fix this!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Invictus Gaming Skins
Hello! The Rakan wing cape being white instead of black kinda makes him look too different from the other skins, where all the wings are black. Plus all the white overpowers the skin a bit, and makes his ears look a bit silly since its the only black present on his skin. Would it be possible to have a a black cape or black details on his cape? Edit: just to clarify, i'm asking about the feather part of his cape, not the fabric cape.
: I haven't really done a hard look through her yet, but for first thoughts, her traps should be scallop clamp shells. Her tan is really nice though.
when i first saw her traps i though it was shark theeth (as if it was underwater with just its open mouth visible) and was confused when i realized it wasn't. i think i like your idea better now. they just look so out of place right now, and something more marine looking would be nice.
: He looks way too similar to Pool Party Graves.
Same. When i first saw the PP teaser i though it was wierd that Graves was getting another pool skin. It isn't too bad during idles (GP's gun over shoulder pose is pretty unique) but i worry if they will look too similar and confusing when running on the map, especially since PP Graves has a bunch of chromas that give him shirts. Don't know what can be done to fix this tho. Maybe give GP a more old-ish looking beard?


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