: I just played vel last night in a non team builder game and it was missing for me as well.
Hi Ava and Wrath! Although this is not a Team Builder bug, specifically, I've passed it on over to the Champion team so they can have a look. Thanks for reporting!
: Does this mean ranked ques are disabled?
Hi OzC, Currently, our other ranked and normal queues are disabled on the PBE while we're testing Team Builder. Kind regards, MissMechaZero
: Is it possible to search, Keep a player in the lobby change search parameters, then search again? (edit)Or to make it like that?
Hi Lahrst! Do you mean change the role / position you are searching for after you have hit "search?" If so, we currently don't allow the ability to change your search once you've already hit the "Search" button. You would need to quit out of your lobby and create a new one to change your search parameters. There are a few reasons for this choice, but we will evaluate how players are using the search over time.
: So i tested the builder and i finded a big bug: the game CRASH , when i wass 1vs1 in full combo the game crash, the chat haves some problems now u can see him now u can`t . And i didn`t was the only one with these problems..
Hi Clavd1o! We are investigating some of these crash reports presently. Could you let me know when the crash occurred, exactly? Was it prior to entering the game, or was it during the game, and which champion were you playing? Thanks! Kind regards, MissMechaZero
: just chilling in queue. Pretty much my worst fear for this system. How can you possibly test anything if the queue for midlane is 20+ minutes (my current wait time for now and only counting).
Since the PBE is a much smaller environment than any of our live regions, the wait times will be significantly longer than they will be when we go live. I know this is frustrating and we're sorry that this is an effect of having less players logged in simultaneously on the PBE.
: In the name of all that agree with me: #**Thank you \o/**
You're welcome! I know it isn't perfect since we can't leave it on all the time yet, but I hope more of you were able to test. :)
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: PBE has too many toxic members
Hi PBE Roobre, I'm sorry you had some negative experiences on the PBE. Please know that we take toxicity on this environment very seriously, and the environment itself is a zero tolerance environment. If you encounter toxic players, please report them immediately. For more information or support, please use the following guide on support.leagueoflegends.com - https://support.leagueoflegends.com/entries/22554724-Public-Beta-Environment-FAQ#account5 From that guide - "**How is Player Behavior monitored on the PBE?** - We monitor both harassment scores and reports made against PBE accounts, so if you encounter a toxic player in your game please use the report function. Testers exhibiting toxic behavior will have their accounts permanently disabled without warning or the possibility of appeal." Kind regards, Miss Mecha Zero
: On a queue as a captain after building full team and all "locked" after i hit start game team got disbanded for no reason.
Hi! Did you receive an error message when it was disbanded? This will help us to look into the issue further.
: Hi Holtymania! Could you let me know what "phase" you were in when you tried to change your summoner spell? You should be able to change the spells all the way up until you have clicked "ready" and the Captain has entered your lobby into matchmaking. Once you're in matchmaking you won't be able to change them any longer.
As for the unable to join group error, was this around 4 PM, PST? Team Builder experienced around 20 or so minutes of interrupted service around that time so it may have affected you. Sorry for the inconvenience!
: Joined the lobby and found a game. Tried to change summoner spells in the lobby and was not able, I received an error message. The other person left the lobby and I was placed back in the que. I clicked the red x to get out of que, but was still considered que and was unable to start a new game. I logged-out and re-logged and I am still getting an unable to join group error.
Hi Holtymania! Could you let me know what "phase" you were in when you tried to change your summoner spell? You should be able to change the spells all the way up until you have clicked "ready" and the Captain has entered your lobby into matchmaking. Once you're in matchmaking you won't be able to change them any longer.
: I can neither create nor join a teambuilder group. I either get the; **"We are not able to create a group for you at this time. Please try again later."** message or the **"We are not able to add you to the group. Please try again later."** EDIT: After failing to join or create a group, the find a teambuilder music still begins to play in the lobby background with no way to stop it.
Hi Kid Quasar, We experienced about 20 minutes of Team Builder unavailability at around 4 PM, PST today. Apologies for the inconvenience this caused! I know that the music persisting after your session was closed is a bug, so I've asked the team to investigate that further.
: Well, I picked Ahri and ''Foxfire Ahri'' but in game I was playing with the Classic Ahri. I think that is a bug! Extra information: I was the one who ''built'' the team. See ya!
Did you own the skin prior to your session, or did you purchase the skin right before you queued? We're working on a bit of implementation currently that will always bring your skin into game, regardless of if you just purchased prior to queueing.
: Skins that are selected aren't always showing up in game
Thank you for the report - did you own the skin previously or did you purchase the skin while in a lobby and then immediately try to queue? We're working on implementing a change that will make your inventory update instantly when you purchase a skin during a Team Builder session.
: Exactly the same problem.I've left the q for at least 10 minutes now still able to hear the music.Happened also the same thing with the "build a team" option.I dont know if thats relevant but before, i left a game before it beggins as a captain.
Thanks for the report - we are tracking this bug now and will look into it. Could you provide us with more specific steps to reproduce, if possible?
: Right now the team captain can only specify "any role" so you and up with two bot lane slots and you have to manually decide if you have the right marksman/support combo. When Team Builder goes live you'll be able to make one slot for Bot-Marksman and one slot for Bot-Support.
It's important to note, as well, that you can select any role you'd like for any position. I plan on rocking some awesome double jungle comps once we go live! :)
: [Team Builder Feedback] - Rune stats displaying too low
Thanks Txurio! I've forwarded this to Riot DoctahWayne (moderating our bug thread here: http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/8q2rFAmu-team-builder-bugs )
: [Team Builder] Small error with skin.
Hi Pink Cute Poporo! Thanks for the report! Luckily, this is a known issue. We do not yet immediately update your inventory when you purchase a new skin or champion. This is something we'll have fixed before we go live.
: Some Teambuilder ideas
Hi Zartonox! Just wanted to jump in and address your points. 1. You can change Summoner Spells once you're in a team, but only until you've clicked "Ready." If you had any issues trying to change them please let us know. 2. Since PBE is a smaller environment, captains can only search for "any role," but when we go live, a captain will be able to search more specifically for roles in each position. This means you could totally search for a 5 support team if you'd like :) 3. This is an interesting idea and I've seen quite a few players asking us to consider this feature. I will forward it to our team's designers for them to think about possibilities. 4. This could be neat, too, and something we might consider for the future. Thanks for the feedback! Kind regards, Miss Mecha Zero
: Could you make it able to let it be avaible one earlier times. Because its close to my sleeping time, or just make it longer avaible :).
We will continue to try to expand the hours. Currently we are restricted due to the active support required from our team to make it available, but we do want to try to make it available during a wider interval.
: I just had my first test run, and I gotta say the system is wonderful. I didnt encounter any bugs so far and everything seemed to have worked as intended. Of course due to the nature of PBE it took some time (30 min) to find someone to fill in the support role. However, that gave the teammates in the lobby time to have a healthy little chat. I quite enjoyed it.
Great to hear this! Yeah, the PBE is a smaller environment so there will be longer waits, but we're glad you had fun and were able to have productive team chat ahead of the game. We want the lobby to be a place where teams can strategize as much as they want ahead of clicking "play."
: And GMT for the most important semi-meridian of the world!
Sorry for the mixup on this. We tried to make sure the notification emails had multiple time zones called out, but it appears some of the emails didn't properly display local zones.
: The Email was effective, now I'm looking forward to testing on Monday.
We are glad to hear it! The PBE Team here at Riot tried to get better advanced notice out this time.
: And too much toxicity too :|
The PBE is a zero tolerance environment for toxic behavior, so please report players that are being toxic in the lobby or in-game. See the PBE Support Article for more information: - https://support.leagueoflegends.com/entries/22554724-Public-Beta-Environment-FAQ = "How is Player Behavior monitored on the PBE? We monitor both harassment scores and reports made against PBE accounts, so if you encounter a toxic player in your game please use the report function. Testers exhibiting toxic behavior will have their accounts permanently disabled without warning or the possibility of appeal."
: If it's only this weekend... I wont be able to test it... It would be next time.
There will be more testing times coming in the near future, so you'll get another chance to test :)
: Uhm...so how do we know when there's enough people on the PBE to test Teambuilder?
Hi Galexbeta, Wanted to stop in and speak about this a bit since I know it's frustrating to not know when Team Builder will be available. We are trying to make the queue consistently available between 6 AM and 4 PM on testing days, but we are unfortunately subject to interrupt when the environment is experiencing issues or when a deploy is planned. This morning, we are waiting for the PBE deploy to complete in order to turn the queue on for testing. Since this is the case, we are striving to make it available for several hours after the environment deploy completes. Barring any issues or deploys, I can tell you that our team is doing their best to make the queue available between 6 AM and 4 PM on the days that we're bringing it up for testing. If we discover we can leave it up on additional days and times, we'll try to make that information available in advance as much as we possibly can here on these forums. I know it's not a perfect answer, but thank you for being patient with us while we try to make things better. The Player Behavior team cares tremendously about getting players enough opportunities to test on the PBE. Kind regards, Miss Mecha Zero
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: hi, tried a game from germany a couple of hours ago. in the teambuilder lobby, there is a misfunction with german/english keyboard, i neither can type z/y nor any smileys or other characters built with shift-key. teambuilder itself worked without any problems, except an akf on our team but that has nothing to do with teambuilder itself ;) btw it would be nice to bring up an eu-pbe, because playing with 200-250 latency all the time is no fun. One thing to say is that the whole process on getting ingame (not as captain) is dependent of the mood of the captain, so u will often get dropped of group. if u want to start a game as fast as possible u always have to start as captain, so maybe there will be diversities between creators and joiners,because much more will start as captain instead of just joining a team. greeting Kalle
Thank you for the feedback! I am sorry that the PBE environment is more difficult to connect to from outside the US in its current state. We value feedback from players all over the world, so I really appreciate you sticking with it and sending us your thoughts. I've noted the issues you experienced with your keyboard and forwarded this on to the team. A lot of the feedback you've provided (regarding the process of getting into game as a captain or a solo) is user experience discussion that I think RiotVonburgermeister would like to hear. Have you been on his User Experience discussion thread at all? http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/gameplay/YWiIb9KA-ux-of-team-builder-discussion
: I was in this same game as Mr Mystical, and I remember the conversation we had about it in the lobby. I'm not sure on what caused the issue, but the visibility issue was not for the whole team. I played support Zyra, and I was not the teamcaptain. I could see Rivens ignite. The issue with Vayne was that she came in the lobby with the wrong summoner spells (heal/ghost), and changed this during the team builder lobby. Apperantly this change did not register for Mr Mystical.
Interesting. This sounds like some sort of sync issue. I'll add this follow up to the message I forwarded to rest of the team. Thank you for the added detail!
: [Profile Bug] After playing a Team Builder game my profile did not update. I waited 24 hours yet after my win the profile did not show a change in wins, cs, or takedowns on my profile. http://imgur.com/U5MWj2p (Match History photo) http://imgur.com/ayF1n59 (Profile Shot 24 hours later)
Thanks for the report. I've forwarded this on to the team and will ask Riot Seismic to update our list.
: Joined queue as solo, after the captain started matchmaking (i.e. everyone marked "ready") when the game was found, PvP.net didn't make any indication of it: the game client just started normally.
Hi Acidity, We haven't enabled a "Game Start Ceremony" yet so this is why it feels a bit disconnected between matchmaking and the loading screen. Sorry that the experience is a bit jarring! We'll have something in place there soon.
: Yeah I don't really get when it's either up on the PBE or not. It keeps me from helping out on here. There's 17PST but I'm practically checking all the time >_>
Sorry for any confusion! The available times were listed in a separate thread. We'll be online from 1PM PST to 5 PM PST Today (Sunday, Oct 27th) and that will conclude the testing for this weekend :)
: Every once in a while when I press the "Match me with teammates" button in the Team Builder queue a strange static sound will play for about a half-second before the music starts. This seems to happen only the first time pressing the button after I've finished a game, but I don't know any more than that in terms of how to reproduce the bug. I figured I'd get it out there to see if anyone else is experiencing this.
hmmm. Yeah this is an interesting one. We'll keep our eyes peeled to see if anyone else runs into this.
: yea, as soon our captain hit play it dropped us.
Noted. Thanks! I'll forward this to the engineers since they are investigating game start errors.
: Found a minor bug that I don't see listed on the known bugs list: I joined a game as a solo and the top lane, which had already been filled, showed some helmet icon instead of showing the champ icon: http://i.imgur.com/HuZ56WQ.png. I've been in 5 lobbies and this is the first time I've seen that happen
Thanks Telanor. I've forwarded this to the team to be added to the list for investigation.
: Test play on PBE Team Builder today(Saturday 10/26) noted the following bugs. 1. Our ADC Vayne had spell ignite chosen but it did not show to the entire team, it looks like the lobby captain could see it but I couldn't - the icon area was blank where ignite should have been. 2. Riven our top lane also had ignite chosen but the spell did not show on my pre game load screen and that spell area was blank. I thought they both had forgotten to chose a spell. I believe these were both in the first Summoner spell position. 3. I also noticed that there is not time estimate showing once you Q up to get a game started. It counts down how long you are in the Q but does not show estimate to get a game started like it usually does.
Hi Mr. Mystical! I believe the issue you are experiencing with Summoner Spells is new, so I'll work with Riot Seismic on getting it added to the list above.
: 2 bugs from one lobby. I invited 2 bot, 1 top and 1 jungle. I waited to accept the jungler until the time almost ran out. When I accepted him, I was told the player was no longer looking for a game. Then I got an ASYNC_TIMEOUT. Second bug came after our support left the lobby and we got a new support. Then after everyone readied and I clicked start, I got the error "Game Start Error" and the game doesn't start.
Thank you for the report. It sounds like a few players experienced game start and sync errors of this nature, so I've forwarded this info on to the engineers so they can start looking into it.
: I entered the game Solo and waiting to be matched with a group. In the chat section. Not only did it not let me write numbers, I also found out that if I wrote the words "Who, Why, What, When and Where" they will all start with a capital W even if I didn't press shift or have my uppercase on.
Thanks NouKii! This is a known issue and we're working on tracking down the cause of this presently.
: I found a bug where when we had all 5 members of team where ready, then instead of find a group it crashed with a "group doesn't exist error"
Thanks for reporting this. Was this right after the captain had entered your group into matchmaking (hit play)?
: Answer to point 1) Not only its impossible to select a skin, it seems like it disabels an currently selectet skin, so even if you played a game with a skin before it will reset you to classic.
Thank you for this! I made sure this is a part of our to-do list when we implement skin selection :)


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