: actually i was gonna post about this, i have a lot of friends who suffer from trypophobia and they find the shrooms annoying, i think they should change it
: Honest question as I don't have an issue with them, would putting more patches on top of those already there making a cluster elevate the issue?
For some yes, for others it'll be the same level of discomfort. It depends on how trypophobic one is.
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: [3.15] Verified Bug Reports (Updated 12/10)
This is great for when we are unsure of behaviour being a bug or just intended. I'll quote myself here concerning Yasuo: * So i just knocked up a {{champion:62}} while he was casting his Cyclone and even after getting knocked up myself i still could put all the damage on him without any interruption. I'm not sure if this is intended or not so i'm just reporting it here. You can easily reproduce it by ultying {{champion:62}} while he does so himself. *
: Snowstorm Sivir and Snow Day Singed Still Purchaseable in store after purchase
Got it just now, you can just click on another tab after purchase and come back to the skins' tab to find them as selectable.
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: [Bot AI] Bots not going to proper lane
This is it, the bots are starting a revolution.
: Team Builder Bugs!
I just started a game and all the champs were frozen, i could hear my moving sounds but everyone was just there standing
: [INFO REQUEST] "Unexpected plataform error"
IGN : Sauza I only had one game since i got this account, i feel useless without feedback D:
: After played a second game I wondered myself how to establish this mode on live server. Cause on PBE everyone is able to own every champ, but on live server u have to earn ur ip slowly. And I guess its a problem to find 5 players with same champ, especially when they just start league. Maybe this was already posted, but I didnt saw anything like that. So how u want to fix this? Access to any champ?
If the majority gets a champion you don't own you will play him. So basically all the champs are available in a way.
: One For All Enabled On PBE!
This might've been said before but it has to be voiced if not : The matchups in OFA have a pretty high probabilty to be autowins/loss if you take into account the map a match is played on. One game (and my only one, screw the net) had lux vs Wukong and it was nothing but a roflstomping from the monkey team, but then again if this was in HA it'll be the other way around with each lux having a 10/0/40 score. This mode is strictly for fun but when one can't do a thing it becomes just boring and even the ones that have fun will have to face their teammates trying to surrender and maybe get flamed if they didn't comply. It seems to me that a blind mode OFA promotes this kind of games since people can just choose fighters/assassins with high base damage and gapclosers, stack resists, and own most of the other champion roles with some rare champion exceptions in each role. But then again if you see the other team's pick you can just try and counter it which takes us back to a no fun game. I don't know if this is feasible but is it possible to ban roles and have each team ban one ? Like team X bans Marksmen and team Y bans Mages. This can be choosen based on the champions' primary roles we have in the profiles.

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