: Locked camera always locks on your champion, even it's just 0.1secs. Using manual camera should fix the issue.
I have trouble using the manual camera. I lose track of my champ easily. can the camera not follow her during ult pls.
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: They ARE doing something, they are banning them. But they can't just eradicate all toxicity in one day, it takes time.
I had an ascension game where everyone banned each others picks(luckily i didn't show my pick intent), and then proceeded to flame each other all game.
: It honestly went from one of the most busted runes to having no reason to pick it at all.
This rune's gonna be a balance nightmare
: Dark Harvest
Try shaco with this build: Dark harvest+{{item:3147}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3009}} you can legit kill people in 1 Q backstab and 2 autos when it's not properly stacked. Way too strong imo.
: For everyone to know: riot will be giving 8000 RP on a daily basis , but BE will not be given on a daily basis but much like on live servers. you earn it by playing games hope this answers some of your questions {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
when did they change the BE amount ?
: No Blue essence on PBE
i don't get any BE either. Only the daily 8000 rp. You are supposed to get 20000 be every day.
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: I know, I don't expect it to work perfectly, I'm just commenting to give an indication that it's happening to multiple people
I have no trouble saving masteries though. The bug only happens if i try to save with 31 or 32 mastery points i.e. once i get the error no matter how many mastery points i try to save it with it won't work. Then i need to restart the client to save them again.
: Can't connect to a game
Try restarting the client.
: How Is This Allowed?!
i doubt they will be able to make another account since the pbe account is connected to the live one.
: DJ Sona
its a bug with the practice tool
: Several Bugs
the huge of amount of RP and BE granted to players got removed. Now you only get 8000 rp and 20000 BE per day. Not sure about the server.
: the what now?
i think he means that alistar gets stuck in his animation like how nautilus does sometimes.
: { Fist bump ward skin} - Cost 99,999 rp
dunno maybe it's a thumbs up to old pbe testers.
: Is it just me or can i not get in practice tool on pbe?
: Hey folks who are getting this, can you give a little detail about your game? It'd be helpful to know what type of game, what champion and skins were involved, what your set-ups may have been, etc.
It keeps happening to me when i am playing trying to play in Practice mode as any champ.


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